Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1208

About hundred Profound Grade greatly complete Expert get rid together. In common custom this was considered as on is the big weaponry, if three months ago, this 100 individuals can definitely relaxed killing Xia Tian, but now, Xia Tian is not beforehand Xia Tian. When gentleman don't three day has increased respect for somebody! Xia Tian early is not under initial that Wu Amun. Do not say that is this about hundred Profound Grade is greatly complete, even if will be about hundred Earth Grade Expert he will not fear, so long as has not arrived at the Earth Grade late stage strength, that is unable to shunt his day cold sword. The day cold sword is an invisible sword. Has Earth Grade late stage Expert to feel the crisis of day cold sword. The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day strikes the technique to launch instantaneously. In addition Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. The person of this rank radically is not his match, at this time the Xia Tian speed has drawn near the limit, probably is the immortal descends to earth to be the same, the enemy of his place visited turned into the ice piece directly. Good. Quite fierce.” At this time stood on the entrance Chen Grandfather face has written all over inconceivable, he saw the matter that this whole life could not forget, about hundred Profound Grade greatly complete Expert completely turned into the ice piece within less than a half minute. Everyone is Insta-kill. They do not even have including the opportunity of revolt. No, this is impossible.” On the head of the clan face of medicine has written all over inconceivable, he has a dream cannot think that about hundred Profound Grade greatly complete Expert unexpectedly like this were cut to kill by Xia Tian. Regarding me, not having anything not to be impossible.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly.

At this time on all faces of medicine appeared panic-stricken, they are living now in the boundless fear. They think best medicine elite unexpectedly after taking has been reborn in paradise pill also by front monster such relaxed has killed, they? Actually are you who?” The head of the clan vision of medicine is blurred. Personal enemy that many of your medicine, I revenge for one, today your medicine was doomed to turn into the ruins, I have said that the woman and child I can not kill, but I only gave you five minutes, after five minutes, I ruined here, if which man wants to run away, I will dismember a body him directly, if you want to separate to the different directions run, I advised politely you to lose heart, only if he were takes plane to run away, otherwise could not escape from my palm absolutely.” Xia Tian now is superior, the King. Hegemony. At this time he can judge that others' life and death, reason that he understands himself can judge that others' life and death is because own strength suffices. Initially if were not he has rescued Bai Family, that Bai Family all people will die, including woman and child. This world is this, law of the jungle. Therefore he must become formidable, like this he can protect the person who oneself must protect. Medicine all people obey orders, the woman leads the child to walk, the man no one must walk.” The head of the clan of medicine loudly shouted to clear the way, he knows that today medicine is going to face the crisis between life and death, therefore he has to make such decision. He knows, once the family men escape, that possibly brings in venting anger of Xia Tian. When the time comes if Xia Tian real face woman and children kill, medicine in their Capital really must exterminate the clan. However so long as now these women and children escaped, their medicine has the opportunity to stage a comeback, when the time comes they naturally will revenge for the person of medicine, all people of medicine year to year accept the brainwashing, regardless of everybody, they are very loyal in Yaojia. Even if were these women remarried, they never will also forget to hate.

Time.” Xia Tian has opened own both eyes slowly, afterward his body vanished in same place. Walked?” Sees this time all people is asking of doubts, but they heard a bang immediately. Bang! House but actually, house of their medicine but actually. Bang! Also was two small building but actually. Bang! Rumbling! Houses one after another start to collapse, after ten minutes, Xia Tian returned same place, at this time these people of medicine all are the both legs become tender, they had witnessed in this world a moment ago with own eyes of most inconceivable matter. Some unexpectedly people stiffly building opening. This simply was the pseudo-science. Actually this matter is Earth Grade late stage Expert cannot achieve, but in the Xia Tian hand has [gold/metal] Dao, so long as he destroys using [gold/metal] Daojiang first, then the building naturally also will damage. I had said that will put down your medicine, certainly will live up to one's words.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at the people of opposite these medicine. I make trouble will not let off your.” The head of the clan of medicine looks angrily to Xia Tian. Did not have, his these many years efforts have all been in vain, medicine such ended, in the house of medicine has many antiques, these antiques are these years the medicine manner see a doctor to want, naturally also some are seize by force to make.

These things are an enormous wealth, but the house collapsed now, these things definitely have destroyed. Actually he does not know that these things took in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons by Xia Tian, otherwise relies on the Xia Tian speed, that eight buildings already tore down. Was a pity opportunity that you make trouble did not have.” Xia Tian light saying. No, the boy, you underestimated our medicine.” The head of the clan of medicine shows a faint smile, at this time the background of these medicine all stood in the medicine head of the clan, finally their hand placed one behind, connected completely after the medicine head of the clan carries on the back. Thump! The head of the clan of medicine has swallowed compounded drug. Super is reborn in paradise pill, the property is reborn in paradise pill's ten times, moreover it also most special functions, that is.” On the head of the clan face of medicine has shown the gloomy smiling face, at the same time, he behind the vitalities of these people all flowed in his within the body. Em? Ten times of properties, that side effect should also be ten times is right, by your strength radically impossible so many life is right.” A Xia Tian face strange looks to the medicine head of the clan. „Does boy, you also stare is doing? Run, his body has the life jade pendant, the life jade pendant can reduce the loss of vitality, can reduce 90%, moreover super is reborn in paradise pill to absorb others' vitality to use for oneself, then his strength will promote 100 times, that strength has gone beyond the category of humanity.” Chen Grandfather of entrance place shouts hurriedly. The life jade pendant, is a weak treasure, because it besides the loss of reduced life, without any other functions. But after the white robe appears, the life jade pendant became the most precious object, because the life jade pendant of white robe can reduce the life, draws an analogy, must reduce ten years of life the compounded drug, so long as you are bringing this life jade pendant, after you took the compounded drug, only will reduce one year of life. Anyone of you do not want to run away.” The head of the clan of medicine hissing exclaimed.