Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1209

The medicine head of the clan behind these medicine juniors of start to age fast, on their faces presents the fold, the hair starts to turn white, afterward all falls down, lived not to have. unexpectedly has such mysterious compounded drug, actually does the white robe how achieve?” Xia Tian regarding the white robe and Black Gown was really more and more curious, were actually their masters who? Actually is the how formidable talented person can train the white robe and Black Gown such terrifying existence. This super was reborn in paradise pill is really too terrifying. Not can only consume own vitality, but also unexpectedly can also absorb others' vitality to be used to burn, the combustion vitality most terrorist means that the Xia Tian combustion compounded drug has sufficed the terrifying, but opposite party unexpectedly started the vitality that burnt these to absorb directly. However what this makes Xia Tian curious is that life jade pendant, unexpectedly can 1/10 that the vitality of loss reduces, this regarding Xia Tian simply is the most precious object. If he took internal injury pill, definitely will lose least ten years of lives, but if there is a life jade pendant, he can reduce the consumption to one year, one year regarding him was really not anything. Jade pendant, I wanted.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the jade pendant of medicine head of the clan waist. You were insane, a bit faster ran away, now does not want the thing time.” Chen Grandfather shouts hurriedly, he had heard super is reborn in paradise pill fierce, for in the past this super was reborn in paradise pill, the head of the clan of medicine has utilized medicine all resources, afterward heard that had Li of life jade pendant to exterminate the clan. Now wants the thing time.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He has not thought that head of the clan strength unexpectedly of medicine can increase these many, his present strength rose to Earth Grade late stage, moreover around rising, his body had the incomparable Berserk imposing manner at this time. This Berserk imposing manner is different from normal Earth Grade late stage, it is substantive. The surrounding crushed stone also curled up. Earth Grade late stage Expert of this under control can also achieve, but some people will not do, because this way does not have any advantage besides act high and mighty, it too consumes Inner Strength. Boy, I, no matter you are, today I must defeat the bone to raise the ash you.” Head of the clan both eyes of medicine are red, Xia Tian has destroyed completely medicine all youth juniors in Capital. This medicine may be ends.

He accumulated this base industry laboriously for a lifetime, finally now all of a sudden all has been ruined by Xia Tian, all people who he cultivated also died, now entire medicine all destroys. All these all are the Xia Tian behaviors. Therefore he must massacre Xia Tian. Moreover must make unusual be miserable, this that he dies can solve hate of his heart, he must rip Xia Tian today while still alive. Strength, although sufficed, what a pity you cannot grasp your present strength.” Xia Tian looks that opposite that medicine head of the clan said that the present medicine head of the clan looked like a child takes a (spear|gun) to be the same, although the might of (spear|gun) was very big, but he actually cannot truly play the true might of (spear|gun). Boy, my present strength only needs a hand you to pinch.” Medicine head of the clan very self-confident saying, he is self-confident to his present strength. Hateful, so to be how strong.” Chen Grandfather has arrived at the Xia Tian side. Chen ghost, I knows that certainly is the ghost who you do, today I first have killed you.” The medicine head of the clan has fired into Chen Jia lao ancestor directly, he thinks that all these are Chen Jia lao ancestor arrange, Xia Tian is also Chen Jia lao ancestor looks, copes with their medicine specially. Therefore he must kill Chen Jia lao ancestor first. Saw that the fist of medicine head of the clan must hit on Chen Jia lao ancestor's body, the might of this fist is big, if in hitting, Chen Jia lao ancestor is either dead or wounded. Whiz! At this moment, Chen Jia lao ancestor's body vanished in same place. Is Xia Tian. You, stood see a play on the line here.” Xia Tian led Chen Jia lao ancestor behind. This.” Chen Jia lao ancestor felt that flash is not real, he probably carried on the space migration to be the same, the whole person baseless disappeared, that flash he does not remember that actually what happened.

Do not want to run away.” The medicine head of the clan has fired into Chen Jia lao ancestor here once more. The day strikes unparalleled! The Xia Tian right hand wields, more than ten sword air/Qi project, has shot at the front of medicine head of the clan directly. Snort!” Inner Strength of medicine head of the clan seems to be inexhaustible, his fist keeps hits, is Inner Strength manifestation, hit that these Inner Strength manifestation keep on sword air/Qi. In a flash, sword air/Qi all by neutralize. However at this moment! Whiz! Flickers the body technique! The body of Xia Tian presents in the medicine head of the clan directly: Although your strength progressed, but you have not used this strength the method, with Earth Grade above Expert fighting experience therefore you radically has not been my match.” The left hand of Xia Tian double referred to direct in the medicine head of the clan. Bang! The entire body of medicine head of the clan was struck to fly directly, afterward the Xia Tian right hand day cold sword flings once more. The day strikes unparalleled! Also is more than ten Sword Light projects, these Sword Light direct bang to the medicine head of the clan, the medicine head of the clan are also going all out resists these Sword Light with Inner Strength manifestation of fist, he before was only the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, now obtained such terrifying strength all of a sudden, he was beyond control. Only can use carelessly.

Bang! When he strokes Sword Light carelessly, a Xia Tian foot has kicked him once more, his body transferred three to stop in the ground, Xia Tian not to the opportunity that the opposite party panted for breath. Now he completely grasped war. Ka! The left hand of Xia Tian double referred to direct above the left arm of medicine head of the clan, afterward his body vanished in same place, turning back in order to help friendly forces of medicine head of the clan right fist was anything has not projected on, at this time his all movement Xia Tian knew from A to Z completely, therefore he was impossible to hit Xia Tian. Ka! When he takes back the right hand, Xia Tian selected his right arm once more. Is impossible, is absolutely impossible, I became such strong, I am impossible to lose.” The medicine head of the clan has fired into Xia Tian once more. You continually a wild animal was inferior now that the wild animal wants to catch the game also to think, but you will not actually think.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, his body vanished in afterward once more same place. The day cold sword cut directly to the waist of medicine head of the clan. Invisible weapon, I will not make you prevail!” The head of the clan of medicine felt the threat of day cold sword, dodged hurriedly, was at this moment, Xia Tian received own day cold sword, afterward the left hand has shown a very strange posture.