Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1210

The left hand five fingers of Xia Tian and make three. Seizes dragon. Burns 100,000 compounded drugs. Flash Xia Tian has burnt 100,000 compounded drugs. Afterward his left hand grasped directly above the shoulder of medicine head of the clan, his right hand touched in the medicine head of the clan waist, the jade pendant to his hand, his left hand has made an effort to fling, directly body pounding of medicine head of the clan maliciously above ground. Bang! The body of medicine head of the clan was smashed in the ground directly, afterward a sharp knife blade penetrated his heart directly. Death! The head of the clan of medicine died thoroughly. The war of enormous and powerful medicine such ended. This time medicine already thorough perished, medicine in Capital completely crush, medicine in Capital are the central zones of national medicine, now medicine in Capital, at the same time, medicine in nation all disappeared but actually, industry originally sells off directly, afterward they disappeared in the line of sight of people. Medicine no quick, because they know that their enemy were too many, before had Capital medicine to support, therefore nobody dares to move them, but is now different, medicine in Capital but actually. By youngster extinguishing. Without the Capital medicine support, these enemies will start to retaliate them, therefore in other cities medicine all disappeared. Meanwhile. Medicine extinguishing this news passed on noisily by youngster.

These women and children who medicine escapes are also cross not well, they wanted to go to the relative and friend, but medicine usually abuses power was too serious, when they look for the beforehand these so-called friends, these friends also all taunted, some were drove out them directly. Goes down in the world. But manufacture all these Xia Tian in wearing the situation of jade pendant took internal injury pill directly. After taking internal injury pill, the Xia Tian strength fully restored. Internal injury pill is really marvelous precinct, quickly his wound all was so good, after injuring, the white robe also looked, the white robe really knew him, after the white robe has given Xia Tian, three compounded drugs walked. For these days, Xia Tian their trainings simply were good, every day was natural outside, but every day was the perfect scores. However last day came. The training must end immediately, today they must develop the final simulation to match, this competition is very simple, is all people all in a giant factory, then, carries on to the war, that inside has the monitoring, first eliminated team score is lowest, has not struck to kill a person to obtain a point. Hey, do you have the confidence to win, we leave are eliminated on the line first.” Chen Yuan was also natural for these days, because they were too natural, therefore their anything has not learned. Your moon/month one will find a place to hide with me on the line.” Xia Tian very optional saying, his numberplate is 10 th, in other words they are ten groups of people. Big Bro Tian, others believe you.” Saying of face worship allow Xiao. After Xia Tian they enter warehouse inside, looked for two boxes: You hid are here good.” Before coming, these people taunted to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian they had not taken part in the training recently, therefore these people think that Xia Tian definitely could not win them, therefore they there said that Xia Tian can be first is eliminated. You are listening to me, after going, gave to find that boy, let his first elimination.” Elder Brother Feng told to these people, after these days time, Elder Brother Feng has subdued this group of people, now this group of people are Elder Brother Feng use thoroughly. Elder Brother Feng told that now their matters are first kill Xia Tian.

Previous time matter he also records to the present, he has wanted the report previous time enmity, his first eliminates Xia Tian, can shame Xia Tian well. Good!” That several because of losing to Xia Tian were also ready to fight by the face-smacking person. They planned that this lesson Xia Tian well, they must make into the hornet's nest Xia Tian, then seizing the chance shames Xia Tian. Good, moves to me, has remembered, do not let off him, makes an effort to hit to me, his whole body that hits is a bullet.” Elder Brother Feng face mean saying. Therefore all people all started to carry on to seek for Xia Tian mission. Ten groups of teams kill one person, a point, one point.” The sound that at this moment broadcasts has conveyed, time all people who hears this sound stare, this was also too quick, ten groups of unexpectedly quickly have such eliminated a person. They know that Xia Tian is ten groups. Hateful, how such quickly to have been eliminated one person by him?” Elder Brother Feng has gotten hold of fist angry saying. At this time two boxes were also talking. His unexpectedly quickly has such eliminated a person.” Box Chen Yuan said. That was natural, that night he was imposing, he definitely is very extraordinary figure.” Box allow Xiao said. Do not violate sex-madly, the person like him is impossible to marry your.” Box Chen Yuan attacks to say. I want, said again I have not made him marry me, so long as he remembers that my such individual, I satisfied.” Box allow Xiao said. Ten groups of teams kill one person, a point, two points.” At this moment, Xia Tian they the team has scored points once more, hears Xia Tian to score points once more, Elder Brother Feng has almost not irritated: Hateful, how like this, to inform, their one team, making them should not be separated.”

Nine groups of teams kill one person, a point, one point.” Also has spread a news of team score, nine groups of team everybody are not strange, because that is the Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu team, her unexpectedly also scored points. The order of Elder Brother Feng just under exited he to hear the recent news soon. Ten groups of teams kill them, two points, four points.” Nine groups of teams kill them, two points, three points.” Does not need to guess that also knew, together the teams of two people are the teams that he just sent the set, but the teams of two people they with ease were also eliminated by Xia Tian. Then broadcasts the sound to be unceasing, but Elder Brother Feng is also shouting'mother-fucker' that keeps. Hateful! Hateful! Hateful!” Elder Brother Feng stands is scolding, because his person who keeps there already all by Xia Tian and Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu eliminating. Bang! At this moment, the body of Elder Brother Feng presented paintball. Has eliminated, he also eliminated. Ten groups of teams eliminate to kill one person, a point, 39.” Nine groups of teams kill one person, a point, 38.” Has blamed, now the person was almost eliminated, is actually the deicide who?” Xia Tian deeps frown, now besides his team three people on only remaining Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu people.