Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1211

The deicides hide in these students, actually then the deicide is who? In these people of homicide basic on nobody can the feeling of his deicide, by Ning Xiaoyu eliminating? But Xia Tian also has fought with Ning Xiaoyu, Ning Xiaoyu is not that powerful person. Person like deicide how possibly by Ning Xiaoyu eliminating. Although Ning Xiaoyu was called Beijing versatile school beauty, but Xia Tian with her also calculates that has handed over several hands, she most is also a strength of Yellow Grade intermediate stage, with Xia Tian completely is not a rank, say nothing of deicide. Only if the deicide is eliminated by Ning Xiaoyu voluntarily. At this time here only remaining Xia Tian and Ning Xiaoyu two people. Good, this school beauty unexpectedly has eliminated these many people, eliminated us to win her.” Xia Tian started to search for Ning Xiaoyu was, Ning Xiaoyu hid unusual was covert, Xia Tian looked for one not to find. It seems like was hides.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, he understood, Ning Xiaoyu hides certainly in some place waits for gains without pains, waited for that his appearance, when the time comes happen to can hit his one to be caught off guard. Found.” After opening the X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian had found Ning Xiaoyu is, has to say the place that Ning Xiaoyu finds is really covert, his unexpectedly hides in three a wall of blocking, moreover he is hides in a box, in other words Xia Tian passed by there definitely not to pay attention to that box, when his careful looking all around Ning Xiaoyu can sneak attack directly. Has saying that Ning Xiaoyu the strategy is good. She had been anticipating can carry on a fight with Xia Tian, currently finally has this opportunity. Where Xia Tian pretends not to know is the same, afterward his both hands took two (spear|gun)s, when he arrives there does not have the slight hesitation, the (spear|gun) in both hands aims at that box is the crazy bang randomly hits. Ten groups of teams kill one person, a point, 40 points, the competition ended, ten groups first.” The sound of broadcast conveys.

Box inside Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu very depressed, all her are planned, but she does not have to think one such were eliminated, Xia Tian as if knows that her hiding place is the same, comes to box to open fire. Has not given her any response opportunity. Meanwhile another. After Vasily since by Xia Tian being cut off arm, has been healing from a wound, he pledged that he must report this to break the enmity of arm sooner or later, his original manuscript thinks one relaxed after oppressive corrupt wolf, copes with Xia Tian to be also easy, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly loses such miserably. Moreover almost died in the hand of Xia Tian. Now old Butler returned to homeland to report this matter, and exhorts him do not wander about aimlessly, for these days he was uncomfortable, today him who lived in the hotel plans to exit to transfer the extension, has been short of an arm, he can only outside western-style clothes, this not need to worry that was looked. Pinches sleeve that emptied, Vasily whole face is the look of hate, he must revenge, he must revenge, looks at the completely empty arm, he only wants to kill people, he must kill Xia Tian, he must make Xia Tian tear to shreds. Vasily walks on the avenue strolls, he felt that he this time is really very depressed, minuss a arm regarding him who comes China to come, this simply is the shame, moreover his strength also dropped much. He has not thought that the disparity between corrupt wolf and Xia Tian so will be big. He can easily defeat corrupt wolf, but is actually not able to defeat Xia Tian. With that flash of Xia Tian to war, he was pressed completely is hitting, a strength of hitting back does not have, the battlefield had been controlled by Xia Tian completely, but such several moves of he defeated. Hateful! Hateful!” Vasily thinks that here he very depressed, this regarding his life is a shame, he thinks each time here time is the unusual angers. Vasily had not discovered that at this time he was tracked, now to the dark night, he had not gone back quickly, because he felt that in the hotel was really too aggrieved.

Therefore he did not plan already to go back. When Vasily plans to go back, his front presented a person. Corrupt wolf, your unexpectedly also dares to come out!” Vasily noticed that on the time face of corrupt wolf is the expression that disdains, because the corrupt wolf is his defeated, therefore he can look down upon the corrupt wolf. In his eyes, the corrupt wolf radically is not his match. Even if he has been short of an arm, he can also relaxed oppressive fall the corrupt wolf. The corrupt wolf sees Vasily's expression is also unusual not being feeling well, previous time Vasily is injured while him to him gets rid directly, making him very distressed, this enmity he has recorded, now on Vasily's face unexpectedly also presented the disdaining expression. This made him not be feeling well. Vasily, my this time will certainly not let off you.” Saying of corrupt wolf coldly, he is not couple days ago that corrupt wolf. Snort, your defeated, unexpectedly also dares to be so wild with me.” Saying that Vasily whole face disdains. Right? Your previous time was injured to win me while me, now my wound entire was good, I must teach you surely well.” The corrupt wolf must report the previous time enmity today absolutely. Depends on you? He he!” Vasily coldly smiles. Today I must make you taste to despise my fate.” The corrupt wolf said that has fired into Vasily directly, at the same time he meditated one to open, in his right hand presented a sharp knife blade, was the cloud penetration sword. !

The sword in corrupt wolf hand is quick, Vasily dodges hurriedly. Well, your unexpectedly has been cut off a arm.” The corrupt wolf had also discovered at this time Vasily has been short of an arm. Snort!” Vasily cold snort had not spoken. „, I understood, you definitely were look for Xia Tian, ha ha ha ha, really laughed at me, you think after you have won injured me, can cope with Xia Tian? Really laughed at me, even if I of heyday not necessarily were the Xia Tian match.” The corrupt wolf knows Xia Tian fierce, he to the present does not think one can certainly win Xia Tian. His present strength has been increased to Earth Grade late stage. Moreover has learned the cloud penetration swordsmanship. Snort, your defeated.” Vasily can only retrieve with these words now self-confidently. Good, I do not kill you today, since Xia Tian broke your arm, I break your another arm.” The corrupt wolf moved, at this moment his sword in hand very quick, cloud penetration swordsmanship first. The cloud penetration strikes! The corrupt wolf felt own whole person had been led by the cloud penetration sword, at this moment, the speed of sword has surpassed him. The might of this sword very big.