Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1212

Puff! The flash, Vasily's another cell phone flew. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from Vasily's mouth. Broke, His second arm also broke. The tour of this time China, he directly delivered his two arms, was cut list second Xia Tian, another was placed the third corrupt wolf to cut the list. This is the harvest of tour of this China. I do not kill you, I must make you live on last legs, I must make you see with one's own eyes between me and you disparity am getting bigger and bigger, you also can only follow for a lifetime in my behind, you are just I move toward the life peak a stepping-stone.” A corrupt wolf foot kicked on Vasily's body, afterward walked toward the distant place directly. On the dark street has only left behind a Vasily person. Ah! Ah! Vasily's mouth has exuded the unwilling whooshing sound. Before the corrupt wolf is not, in that 30 moves lost to his corrupt wolf, this corrupt wolf only used one move to break his arm, although on him also had the wound, moreover little after going to an arm, his strength also once more dropped. However he has not reduced to letting a person move of defeating region. He discovered that the corrupt wolf changed. This time corrupt wolf had the earth-shaking great change from strength or imposing manner. Looks form that the corrupt wolf goes far away, Vasily whole face is the virulent look. Corrupt wolf, I must defeat the bone to raise the ash you sooner or later.” Vasily clenches teeth the eyeful capillaries. After Xia Tian their training had ended, commendation Xia Tian that leading keeps, but Xia Tian also success asked for leave, after he thought asked for leave, he can well rest, but he made a mistake.

His cell phone ring tone loud. „Does Senior Official, what have to tell?” „Is your boy present body of how is it? Can fight?” Senior Official felt relieved that frequently is preparing.” Good, now had a matter, South China Sea there, had the fisherman fished by the pirate is seized, the pirate set the request, wanted us to use a warship to exchange the hostage, you also know, once we have exchanged, that represented the dignity of country to lose, moreover they definitely will have the second time, the third time.” Good, this time mission is a little troublesome, definitely cannot take them in marine me, but wanted to find their dens also to be definitely difficult, even if had found, how to save the person is also an issue.” I helped you look for a naval battle expert, when you arrived in South China Sea she to aid your.” Good!” Xia Tian nodded. He went to Dragon Group, chose two full members from Dragon Group, and has given them the weapon. Afterward Xia Tian solitarily rushed to South China Sea. After taking internal injury pill, his wound was all good. Before Xia Tian heard in Pacific Ocean everywhere has been a pirate, even some pirates also founded a nation, but that pirate was very careful, because of the words of their high-sounding talk, the navy will send the battleship to go to battle. Ten battleships carry on bombing to an island together the words, then the entire island will be razed. Therefore the pirate is engaging in guerrilla warfare generally, they have several islands as the shelter, but these specially covert islands will be little are also discovered. Even if the navy cannot an island island such searches, that searches for several hundred years unable to search, moreover you search for the complete human family to land again, you could not find. The pirates in South China Sea are nearby Pacific Ocean are quite rampant.

The naval battle strength, China is not best, this is also the reason that Xia Tian donates the aircraft carrier, at the World War II, Island Country and America had the naval battle, Island Country with two aircraft carriers to fighting the American more than ten aircraft carriers. Finally also won. Thus it can be seen, the naval battle is also a technology. But the pirate part that these sea drift is the navy that the past years retreated. When Xia Tian arrived in the destination. Wore the female front surface of military officer uniform to walk, her vision took a fast look around one on Xia Tian, Xia Tian has also sized up her one eyes, her age should about 30 years old, long unusual be attractive, has not melted any makeup, a Qing was fine to the person. Her symbol is a brigadier-general. In other words she is a naval officer of brigadier-general rank. The strength does not belittle. „Are you person who above sends?” That female brigadier-general asked. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Also not much!” That female brigadier-general said. Article can on the bed An wife, be possible to raise the buttocks to welcome the numerous bases.” Xia Tian has thrown a coquettish look to the female brigadier-general directly. Does not understand how really above to send your this rascal to come.” The female brigadier-general stared Xia Tian one. beauty, do not get personal to me, I was just the color a point, my which rascal, my rascal your what?” Saying that Xia Tian is not convinced , this time both hands fork waist, in the hand is also taking a pink inner clothes clothing. The vision of female brigadier-general has placed in the hand of Xia Tian: Well, how such to look familiar, is not right, the upper body so is why relaxed.” You said actually, my how rascal you.” Xia Tian feels is not feeling well, oneself how on rascal.

What in your hand is taking is what?” Female brigadier-general facial color cloudy and cold looks at Xia Tian. „, You said it, solved a moment ago from you, do not shift the topic with me, I for your me how on rascal?” Xia Tian threatens looks at the female brigadier-general. At this time the facial color of female brigadier-general is getting more and more cold. Smelly rascal, I must kill you.” The female brigadier-general soon had been wild with rage. She has not seen Xia Tian such person, in the hand takes her cover unexpectedly also to ask her rascal anything. Anger should not be big, I am Senior Official send to carry out mission, if you have killed me, who saves others.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Your smelly rascal, how Senior Official will send your this person to come.” Female brigadier-general angry saying. Senior Official is definitely wise, but you should make concrete with me brief the situation.” The Xia Tian vision has placed the upper body of female brigadier-general, at this time there does not have the fetter of inner clothes clothing, had the thing to print on the military short sleeve. The X-Ray Vision eye cannot help but opened. The present scenery is infinite. The entire eye of Xia Tian was straight. Smelly rascal, you are looking at anything, looked again that I dig your eye.” Female brigadier-general angry saying, she has not seen the so shameless person, in her eyes Xia Tian is through smelly rascal. Your this is unfair to me, I have been thinking the matter, how I have been wanting to save others, a moment ago thought was enthralled, has not looked at anything.” Saying of Xia Tian righteousness words. But has flowed out a blood line in the nostril of this time Xia Tian.