Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1213

rascal, shameless, degenerate.” The female brigadier-general scolded. Xia Tian just seriously said one at ponder matter, finally the nostril flowed out the blood, this who can believe that he hasn't peeped? Volume! Recently possibly has made up, who ate do not misunderstand, certainly has made up, you who ate visited me, as soon as blocked is good.” Xia Tian put out directly own left nostril blocking. At this moment his right nostril also started to bleed. His words were given PASS by his behavior. You.” The female brigadier-general has soon been wild with rage. That, female brigadier-general young lady, nobody told you to see Senior Official to need to salute?” Xia Tian starts to shift the topic directly. Who is Senior Official? You? The wool does not have long uneven.” The female brigadier-general does not think that Xia Tian is any figure, she knows that now the army is actually strict, regardless of you have the big background, an age is so impossible to have the big military rank. Female brigadier-general young lady, I can think that you were teasing your higher authority a moment ago?” Xia Tian very serious saying. Do not think that you are you who Senior Official sends can install Senior Official before me, your pig nose inserts the green onion, you feign ignorance with me not.” The female brigadier-general stared Xia Tian one. Female brigadier-general young lady, please note your words.” Xia Tian took own credential directly. Dragon Group vice- teacher, lieutenant general military rank. When sees the Xia Tian credential, the female brigadier-general has opened the mouth. Dragon Group teacher?

But Dragon Group in China strongest special troops, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is the Dragon Group teacher, this also inconceivable. Moreover he so was young is the lieutenant general military rank. Goes through the motions? May be goes through the motions is impossible to have such high military rank . Moreover the that Dragon Group vice- teacher does not enroll, even if Xia Tian is the national Senior Official trusted subordinate is impossible to have such high military rank. But the female brigadier-general absolutely does not believe that Xia Tian is so young can have that big war industry, must know that the military rank of lieutenant general in China is other most Advanced military rank scale, other youngest perhaps over 50 over years old, but Xia Tian will seem absolutely not over 20 years old. He these many meritorious military service of which from coming. Female brigadier-general young lady, please introduce that she, then introduced to me this time mission.” Xia Tian very serious saying, but eye very dishonest has swept several in the upper body of female brigadier-general. Saw the look that Xia Tian that very does not slip, the female brigadier-general has almost not irritated, but she does not have the means with Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian speech tone that proper, said is also the proper business, she also can only cover her upper body to report. Female brigadier-general young lady, you forgot to report that to the higher authority needs to salute?” Xia Tian serious saying. Senior Official is good.” The female brigadier-general salutes directly, but she just about to continues to report time actually discovered that Xia Tian looks at own upper body with his look, she covered her upper body hurriedly once more. Xia Tian is shameless. Too shameless. His unexpectedly abuses the authority, uses own official title superiority, flagrant peeping female brigadier-general.

My is not healthy, I such reported that my name is Dragon Xiaoxiao, is the navy 97 armed forces brigadiers-general.” Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao has first carried on self introduction. Dragon deep and clear brigadier-general, hello, I called Xia Tian, was the Dragon Group vice- teacher.” Xia Tian extended own right hand very in a friendly way, but female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao actually felt embarrassed, if she shakes hand with Xia Tian, that Xia Tian definitely also will peep she, if she does not shake hand with Xia Tian, that will appear she will not have the politeness. Reported Lieutenant General Xia, my was not healthy, disagreed you to shake hand.” Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao said. „Isn't healthy? Can I the medical skill, where your not be uncomfortable? Is the upper body? Comes I to help you have a look.” Xia Tian has exhibited a bad uncle's appearance, the female brigadier-general noticed that the Xia Tian appearance directly has almost not irritated. I do not need.” The female brigadier-general said: I directly give you to report the situation.” „, Good, but you , if really uncomfortable, can look for me at any time, I meet the medical skill.” Xia Tian also intentionally flew with the female brigadier-general making eyes, actually Xia Tian is very honest. At least he thinks that he is quite honest. He such does to maintain the relations with the female brigadier-general, although seems the relations are done well, but the Xia Tian starting point is good. This time pirate group is seven levels of pirate groups, their hiding places do not know, but they request to deliver to an island the battleship, then cannot the person track, finally they can release people.” Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao reported. Fart, how the warship possibly gives them, moreover they drove away the warship to release people damn.” Xia Tian scolded one directly. Sees Xia Tian so earnest cursing at people, Dragon Xiaoxiao was a little also in a daze, but she responded immediately that continued to report: Two days, two days later does not hand over the battleship, they will kill people, moreover they this news reported that has given the media of foreign country, in other words this matter we cannot block off the flow of news.” Em!” After Xia Tian nodded, asked: What meaning are seven levels of pirate groups?” „, This is pirate rolls the division, from Rank 1 to nine levels, the Rank 1 strength is weakest, nine levels of strengths are strongest.” Dragon Xiaoxiao said.

How that confirmed that the pirate group is several levels?” Xia Tian asked. Is very simple, on their flags has, several bars represent several levels, moreover cannot cheat, once some people counterfeit, other all pirates will roll will rally together to attack, will destroy completely that pirate group directly, now in Pacific Ocean altogether has two nine levels of pirate groups, 20 eight levels of pirates will roll and 50 seven levels of pirate groups, what this tribulation person will be seven levels of pirates rolls the shark.” Dragon Xiaoxiao answered. Originally is this, was right, I heard that your naval battle is good, you follow me.” Xia Tian said directly. Which goes?” Dragon Xiaoxiao puzzled asking. I believe that your here has certainly the news that the young pirate rolls, told me Rank 4 to the news that the Rank 5 pirate rolled casually, then our two looked for them.” Xia Tian said directly. „Were you insane? Our two do go facing the pirate group directly? Although I have also solved the Rank 3 pirate group, but the Rank 5 pirate rolled above Expert to have many.” Dragon Xiaoxiao thinks that the Xia Tian brain definitely is sick. World that in the sea is Expert is Venerable. Although also has individual combat formidable figure, but a person can destroy a Rank 5 pirate group, that definitely was above Expert. Right, he is in one.” Dragon Xiaoxiao thinks suddenly. Simultaneously lets out to me a news, said that the navy must declare martial law, recently in that route had a large quantities of antique to want the process.” Xia Tian had an excellent idea.