Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1214

Seven levels of pirate groups. The entire Pacific Ocean only then 50 seven levels of pirate groups, can become seven levels of pirate groups, that proved the strength that this pirate rolls is not weak. Xia Tian wants to cope with such pirate to roll to hit directly is not realistic, the opposite party when the time comes gives him a shell, that could not kill his person also to hit to sink his ship. The ship in Pacific Ocean was overturned, that Xia Tian is Earth Grade greatly is complete must die without doubt. Therefore wants to cope with this seven levels of pirates to roll is not absolutely simple. Xia Tian must do first mixes their side, then defeats from the interior. After the female brigadier-general nodded, completes the matter that Xia Tian told. Quick Xia Tian boarded a medium ship with the female brigadier-general, ship above has packed the box, afterward Xia Tian they set sail, time remaining two days, but Xia Tian they also anxiously. Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao will set sail, therefore Xia Tian has not wanted the boatman. This can also help Xia Tian omit much troublesome. After all are many a person on many one point of danger, many one point troubles. Hey, can you make a strategic planning or deployed that knows rests.” Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao very discontented saying, altogether on two people, Xia Tian has also been sleeping, moreover Xia Tian had not said his plan is anything. She needs to make anything. Does not have what plan, you at will, so long as drives the ship, do not let the ship turn on the line.” Xia Tian knocks a one leg on the other to lie down there. According to this speed, 67 hours, we should be able to bump into a Rank 5 pirate group.” Female brigadier-general Dragon Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian anything did not plan the appearance of control, she can only analyze the situation, after all she does not hope the mission failure. Cannot use, most three hours can bump into.” Xia Tian light saying.

You do not understand naval battle, front that sea area has the navy patrol frequently, usually the pirate rolls does not dare to approach there.” Dragon Xiaoxiao had the capital of speech finally, she has the self-confidence in naval battle, because she grows up in the seashore since childhood. She understands also be more than Xia Tian. Fool.” Xia Tian said one. You said that who is stupid, does not believe our two to make a bet.” Dragon Xiaoxiao to own suspicion very self-confident. Good.” Xia Tian heard to make a bet came the interest, he most liked made a bet: First said the gambling stake.” Ok, if I have won, later you must listen my, does not permit to press me with your military rank.” Dragon Xiaoxiao had the opportunity of turning over finally, she is the brigadier-general, Xia Tian is the lieutenant general, Xia Tian has been bullying her with the military rank. This lets her unusual not being feeling well. Now regarding this makes a bet she to have self-confidently, therefore she thinks the opportunity that she stands up from failure came finally. I won you to make me touch mew mew!” The Xia Tian color narrows the eyes looks at Dragon Xiaoxiao. Shameless! rascal, smelly rascal.” Dragon Xiaoxiao extremely angry saying. What's wrong? Does not dare to consider as finished with the gambling.” Xia Tian closed the eye to continue to sleep afterward: Brigadier-General Dragon, gives me to pour the cup tea.” Oneself go.” Dragon Xiaoxiao discontented saying. Brigadier-General Dragon, you with the manner that Senior Official did speak? Comes to pound the back to me.” Xia Tian said again. Good, I bet with you, have remembered, lost you to listen my.” Dragon Xiaoxiao clenches teeth to say directly. Good Ah! Xia Tian saying that continues to lie down there sleeps.

Saw that Xia Tian this appearance she is angry, Xia Tian lay down there anything matter did not say, as if all during his grasped is the same, she was absolutely more familiar than Xia Tian regarding here situation. But Xia Tian actually exhibited a chest to have the full appearance. Snort, waited a while you to lose, looked how I put in order you.” Dragon Xiaoxiao innermost feelings secretly thought. She more looked really Xia Tian more is not feeling well, especially the appearance of Xia Tian that young person who acts old, she could not get used to seeing, obviously is a brat, must fit out a mature appearance. She started to fantasize after waiting a while she to win, how started to incite Xia Tian. She must tidying up Xia Tian well. Meanwhile on the other hand, the corrupt wolf has been looking for Xia Tian recently. He heard that Xia Tian after Capital, wants to kill Xia Tian together. Because he knows that on Xia Tian has wound, regarding him, kills Xia Tian now is the best opportunity, once Xia Tian injured, on his opportunity once more small several points, but he looked for a long time had not found Xia Tian very much, but he actually bumped into was seeking for Xia Tian Chen azure similarly. „Are you corrupt wolf?” Chen Qingmu light ice-cold looks at the corrupt wolf. Right, the father is the corrupt wolf, which onion are you?” The corrupt wolf was also a custom act high and mighty person, he has thought one were the child of heaven, had the big destiny person, therefore he never paid attention to anybody. Xia Tian is an exception. He thinks that in this world besides Xia Tian, nobody can be fiercer than him, as for any four big Expert, waits several years he to be also same can defeat. I heard that you are person list third.” Chen azure expression light saying. Right, is I, your boy Lian Renbang have not gone.” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains.

Has killed you, the third position was I.” The great sword that Chen Qingjiang behind carry took. Boy, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” The anger of corrupt wolf has come immediately up, he could not find Xia Tian to be angry, has not thought that unexpectedly has bumped into a Chen azure such fellow, before Xia Tian was such speaks to him. Now Chen azure unexpectedly also dares such to speak to him. How this lets him to endure. Looks Chen azure time he felt one saw second Xia Tian, this made him be angry, he happen to had not found Xia Tian now, therefore he plans to be mad all leaves does not know person in front this. Remember, my name was called Chen azure, do not die does not know that was who kills.” Saying of Chen azure coldly, this time Chen azure looked like his master Wei Guang more and more. I do not need to know the name of deceased person.” The corrupt wolf right hand wields, the cloud penetration sword appears in his right hand. One is the great sword, one is the thin sword. They use is the swords, what is just different, Chen azure has not entered the person list, but the corrupt wolf is listed at person list third, at this time they are going to carry on a true fight. Above South China Sea. Xia Tian still sleeps there, but Dragon Xiaoxiao could not stay put, he looked shouts directly to Xia Tian: Hey, you lost, now the time arrived, we have not bumped into the opposite party.” Also remains for ten minutes.” Xia Tian light saying. „!” Dragon Xiaoxiao looked at time, really also misses for ten minutes: I wait for your ten minutes, after I do not believe for ten minutes , the opposite party will appear.” Dragon Xiaoxiao looked at radar, surroundings not any signal.