Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1215

After ten minutes. The radar does not have any demonstration. You lost.” Dragon Xiaoxiao proud saying. No, was you loses.” The Xia Tian opening eye slowly, has arrived by the loudspeaker directly. „Can't you lose?” Dragon Xiaoxiao disdains looked at Xia Tian one to continue saying: Now on the radar does not have the demonstration to have the person.” Your radar was fudged before embarking, does not believe you to inspect.” Xia Tian has taken up the loudspeaker directly: „The surrounding person you listened to me, you had been surrounded by us, do not attempt to know that here had many people, but my rumor in South China Sea was tightest, I will not tell you us to have two people absolutely.” Rumor is tightest also tells others to have two people.” Dragon Xiaoxiao inspects the radar time discovered that really the discovery radar was fudged, at this time she also understood, some surroundings definitely people. Two people? Ha Ha Ha Ha, two person unexpectedly dare to have these many treasure to go to sea, is really is courting death.” The opposite party also started to speak with the loudspeaker, at the same time their ships appeared in Xia Tian around their ship, but was less than one minute, Xia Tian their ships by more than ten boat and an intermediate vessel surrounding. Outside person listened to me, you had been surrounded by both of us, quickly came out to hand over the arms, I can forgive your life.” Xia Tian shouts with the loudspeaker. Idiot, he certainly is an idiot.” Dragon Xiaoxiao must collapse simply, she took up the (spear|gun) to prepare for action directly afterward, she has not seen Xia Tian this, told the opposite party to have two people directly, moreover said that has surrounded the opposite party with two people. Ha Ha Ha Ha, two person unexpectedly dare to say surrounds us, the brothers, go on board, I do not live, I want the goods and ship.” Captain that pirate rolls shouts directly. Over a hundred pirates built board directly together in Xia Tian on their ship. Afterward they started to go on board. Xia Tian puts down the loudspeaker in hand, then must walk toward outside directly. Why do you want to go? Our two are defending here dozen or has the opportunity.” Dragon Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian must exit to be puzzled, Xia Tian goes out not to have what difference with the living target now. I ask their eldest children to chat the life, chatted goes ideally.” Xia Tian has shown his symbolic smiling face. Kyoto.

After the corrupt wolf runs into Chen azure, these two people may be big on the fire. Chen azure indifferently and made the corrupt wolf remember Xia Tian indifferently, therefore the corrupt wolf planned that Chen azure regarded is the Xia Tian substitute. Before corrupt wolf strength increased wants to look for Xia Tian snow , the shame, his skill increased the sixty year cycle, now he is Earth Grade late stage Expert, in his method, in addition the Earth Grade late stage strength, he has the confidence to cope with Xia Tian, especially when Xia Tian is seriously injured. This time had not found Xia Tian he not to be feeling well. Now Chen azure unexpectedly dares to provoke he, he is will not let off Chen azure absolutely. Kill! Great sword in Chen azure right hand pounded directly to the corrupt wolf, very quick, although his sword was very big, but this did not affect his speed, saw that this sword punctured the front of corrupt wolf. At this moment the body of corrupt wolf as if turned into the fog, unexpectedly has twined the great sword to put on directly to Chen azure. Cloud penetration swordsmanship. This was the corrupt wolf just the skill of society, although he learned was only the superficial knowledge of cloud penetration swordsmanship, but cloud penetration swordsmanship but was broad and profound, therefore was the superficial knowledge also enough has coped with ordinary Expert. ! The cloud penetration sword pierced Chen azure shoulder directly. This is only one round fights, Chen azure fell Xia Tian, outflow that at this time his blood on shoulder keeps, at the same time, Chen azure both eyes instantaneously become blood red, afterward the great sword in his hand patted directly on the body of corrupt wolf. Bang! The corrupt wolf to pull out the cloud penetration sword, has suffered Chen azure this stiffly, his entire body was flown by Chen Qingza directly. Hateful, how his strength increased these many suddenly.” The corrupt wolf has criticized one.

But at this moment giant sword air/Qi directly pounded to him. Whiz! The corrupt wolf foot steps on cloud penetration Movement Technique, has shunted this together sword air/Qi directly, but he hides very distressed, finally rolled one to hide to set forth the blue sword on the ground. Kill! In Chen azure mouth put out one to kill the character, afterward the great sword in Chen azure hand pounded directly to the corrupt wolf. On this sword braves blood light. Mammoth. The corrupt wolf body has not come to a stop Chen azure the sword to fall, he lifts the cloud penetration sword in right hand to resist hurriedly. Bang! The body of corrupt wolf flew once more, this he feels own within the body vitality tuck dive, if were not he just increased the sixty year cycle skill, that a moment ago that he definitely was the severe wound. What's the matter? He acted like a different person with unexpectedly a moment ago.” retreat that corrupt wolf very puzzled saying, he starts to keep afterward, but Chen azure attack also wave after wave raids. Suddenly, the corrupt wolf has occupied leeward. Hateful, words that such gets down, I lost.” The corrupt wolf does not have to think one have not seen Xia Tian actually to by Chen azure defeating, how this he can tolerate, he has stopped the body of oneself retreat directly. Afterward the right hand wields in the air. Cloud penetration swordsmanship first! This first type in the small unique skill of cloud penetration swordsmanship earlier period.

Entire body unexpectedly of corrupt wolf fluttered directly, afterward he and sword melt for a body, has fired into opposite Chen azure. Chen azure is also a sword punctures. The sword apex of sword point and cloud penetration sword of great sword in one, at this moment, on cloud penetration sword sudden thrust augmentation. Bang! The tremendous strength has thrown off Chen Qing's body directly. Good opportunity.” How the corrupt wolf possibly lets up such good opportunity, his whole person directly flushed, afterward the cloud penetration sword punctured once more above Chen azure right arm, so long as he discarded Chen azure right arm, Chen azure naturally cannot revolt. This he selects Chen azure hand muscle directly, at this moment, around Chen azure body erupted intense blood light suddenly, this blood light will covet the wolf to collapse to fly directly. In South China Sea. Dragon Xiaoxiao looks at Xia Tian to walk, only wants to scold Xia Tian is the idiot, in opposite party that over a hundred people of team the larger part people have the weapon, this looked that is that Rank 5 pirate group that they must look. Xia Tian such exits, is courting death simply. She believes soon, she can hear the pitiful yell of Xia Tian, then she must face outside these people, under this type of terrain, the assurance that she has not won, therefore she has left behind a hand grenade for herself. If she could not defend, the detonation hand grenade, certainly cannot die in the hand of opposite party. Well, how didn't outside have the sound of gunfire?” Dragon Xiaoxiao has doubts looks to outside.