Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1216
Dragon Xiaoxiao pokes head to look to outside time she saw inconceivable one. At this time outside that over a hundred people looked together to the opposite that steamship, Dragon Xiaoxiao also walked, at this time in the Xia Tian hand was taking a dagger, the dagger don't, in that pirate rolled on the neck of Captain. Come, Brother, we chatted the life, chatted the ideal.” Xia Tian looks that Captain said. You. Who are you?” Captain face panic-stricken saying that pirate rolls, he can feel in the Xia Tian hand the sharp degree of dagger, he believes that so long as the dagger in Xia Tian hand in slightly moves, he must die without doubt. I naturally was in South China Sea the most graceful man, you gave me honestly, the father was takes by force.” Saying of Xia Tian righteousness words. Takes by force?” Captain that pirate rolls has almost not collapsed, they are the pirate groups, but opposite party unexpectedly said that must take by force them, this simply is a joke, they are take by force obviously, but unexpectedly must be taken by force by others now. Right, quickly hands over on you all wealth, does not have the handing over wife of money to be also good, or I kill you.” Xia Tian looked that said to Captain that pirate rolls. Shameless, rascal, degenerate.” Dragon Xiaoxiao hears the Xia Tian words innermost feelings to scold. Xia Tian unexpectedly also makes the opposite party hand over wife. Ok, I do not want to take by force you.” Xia Tian light saying. Wise, Sir, you are really wise, we put on have not had money.” Captain that pirate rolls said. This, we make a transaction.” Xia Tian said. Anything trades.” Captain that the pirates roll really has been afraid now, because the Xia Tian strength was really too mysterious, he has not understood a moment ago what's the matter time, Xia Tian appeared side him, when he just about to revolts, Xia Tian was kicks directly his foot in the place, when he stood up maintained this posture. He does not dare to move now, even if tiny bit he does not dare to move.

You helped me find shark pirate to roll me to put you.” Xia Tian said. What? Shark pirate group?” Mentioned this pirate rolls time, the Captain complexion that pirate rolls immediately changes. Right.” Xia Tian nodded. „Were you insane? The shark pirate group is neighbor most overbearing pirate group, regardless of they noticed that any people dare to plunder, if I look for them, my pirate group will be extinguished by them directly.” Captain face panic-stricken saying that pirate rolls. If you do not go, now I extinguished your pirate groups.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. The Captain whole body that pirate rolls trembles. Brothers, raise the (spear|gun)s in your hand, at the worst our fight in which both sides perish.” Captain that pirate rolls most frightened is the shark pirate group, he rather perishes together with Xia Tian now does not want to go facing the shark pirate group. Dragon Xiaoxiao has also taken up the (spear|gun), prepares to get rid at any time. At this time on-the-spot atmosphere very anxious, more than 100 (spear|gun)s all aim at Xia Tian, Captain that so long as that pirate rolls issues an order, that Xia Tian has no place to go. In Kyoto. The corrupt wolf and Chen azure are carrying on the intense fight, the corrupt wolf believes that the strength large scale promotion, can definitely solve front this not to know the profound boy with ease. However he has not thought of opposite party unexpectedly to be able so fierce. They have hit for one hour, no one can defeat the opposite party actually.

Hateful, if I if comprehended the big unique skill of second type, he oh certainly can win this fellow, but I was really too impatient, now only comprehends the unique skill of first type to come out, now the unique skill of first type cannot deal with this fellow.” Corrupt wolf innermost feelings depressed saying. His original manuscript thinks so long as one have killed Xia Tian, that nobody matches, when his match, but he has not thought that the unexpectedly halfway kills Chen azure, this Chen azure unexpectedly has is not weak in his strength. Moreover Chen azure seems a lunatic is the same, whole body murderous aura, even if injured does not hide does not dodge. „Was he fascinated?” Saying of corrupt wolf innermost feelings doubts. Right, certainly is this, hateful, my unexpectedly was fighting a fascinated fellow was so long, he absolutely did not have the pain now . Moreover the strength also violent increased, now does not fight him cost-effective.” An eye revolution of corrupt wolf, afterward sword point and a Chen azure point, he with the aid of reacting force fast retreat. Ran away. The corrupt wolf ran away directly. The corrupt wolf does not want to continue such to get down with Chen Qinghao, reason that in his opinion Chen azure can resist with him because of the Chen azure fascinated reason, since a person were fascinated, that this person was equal to abandoning. Therefore he disdains in fights radically Chen azure. After the corrupt wolf disappears. Chen azure eye restoration gradually black. Whistling! Chen Qingda mouth is panting for breath, his single Xigui on the ground, looks that the corrupt wolf goes far away, he has not pursued, because he was unable to control the fairyhood now, a strength bigger fairyhood that he uses is more difficult to control.

Moreover a moment ago he and corrupt wolf has hit for one hour, this already quickly to the limit that he can withstand. If continues to hit, soon, he completely will unable to control himself, whom when the time comes he met with to kill anyone, thorough turns into a murder devil, consumes till his all strengths. Corrupt wolf! Has not thought that his unexpectedly is so strong, that person of list rank second Xia Tian? It seems like now was not only I progressed, Xia Tian also wanted to be fiercely more than before, present I should also not be the Xia Tian match, outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open, I must before outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened break through my strength once more, when the time comes before can snow, shame.” Chen azure is not a blind person, before he has thought one had and strength of Xia Tian resistance, when this time met the corrupt wolf to make him see own insufficiency. He can look, the corrupt wolf definitely has not exhausted fully, but this must force his limit. In the person list, the Xia Tian hazard index compared with the corrupt wolf high three stars, that Xia Tian strength naturally cannot be underestimated: Xia Tian, I must let you die in my hands, I can before like this blood , the shame.” Previous time Chen Qingshu is very miserable, moreover is in front of that many people to lose. This makes his self-respect receive very big setback, moreover in this person list did not have his name, this makes him feel that he is defeated really very much, so long as he can kill Xia Tian, he can regain all prestige. In South China Sea. „Are you frightening me?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks Captain that pirate rolls. Snort, our pirates are not affable, at the worst our two perish together.” Captain angry saying that pirate rolls. Since you court death, I help you.” The face of Xia Tian flickered the intercool.