Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1217

The face of Xia Tian becomes quick, a moment ago was he of face smiling face, all of a sudden became ice-cold. Young tree does not repair straight, the person does not repair funny valiant.” Xia Tian fights with the fists directly, in that pirate has rolled on the face of Captain, a fist rolled the bridge of the nose of Captain to break that pirate directly, the blood flew horizontally. Presented all people shocked. They have not thought that Xia Tian courage unexpectedly is so big, but at this time here more than 100 (spear|gun)s aim at him, but his unexpectedly also dares to begin. Come! to open fire Ah! Xia Tian gained ground, vision has swept in surrounding these people. These people do not dare to begin, because their Captain has not died now, if their to open fire, their Captain also died, killed their Captain? They do not have that courage, moreover their Captain, once died, they will not have the good end, other Rank 4 Rank 5 pirate groups can attack them. Therefore they do not dare to open fire. Bang! Xia Tian fights with the fists, in the pirate has rolled on the face of Captain, this time he rolled the tooth of Captain to hit to fly the pirate directly, at this time the pirate rolled the Captain mouthful is the mixture of blood and tooth. Also who refuses to accept?” Xia Tian stands up, the vision took a fast look around one in the surrounding these people. Such violence?” Dragon Xiaoxiao whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian, she has not thought that Xia Tian courage unexpectedly is so big, pointed at unexpectedly also to dare to hit the person by more than 100 (spear|gun)s, Captain that pirate rolls now already by the total collapse that he hit. Consecutively two fight with the fists on the face, any people cannot bear. You are T. M. D owes the repair.” The Xia Tian direct hand carries Captain that pirate rolls, afterward he walks toward his ship, when he passed by side these pirates. !!

Palm of the hand sounds transmit. These pirates of Xia Tian unexpectedly his two sides has all hit, moreover is a person of palm of the hand. Overbearing! Xia Tian simply was too overbearing, if in this case were trades to be others nobody to dare to provoke more than 100 people radically, because in their hands may take the (spear|gun), which people everyone guaranteed does not permit their one impulsive directly to make a (spear|gun) suddenly. You listened to me, I know that you can certainly find the position that the shark pirate rolled, I did not need you to bring me to their front, so long as nearby you brought to roll to the shark pirate me, so long as I confirmed truly was the shark pirate group, I let off you.” Xia Tian looked that said to these people. At this time these pirates look at each other in blank diamay. What to do they do not know should, their Captain are being carried by Xia Tian now, obviously has fainted. Also here does? I look up three integers, if after three integers, you also stand in this, I first kill you.” Xia Tian within the body emerged formidable murderous aura suddenly. These pirates may have seen the person of blood, they naturally understand that murderous aura was any thing. When saw when Xia Tian within the body presents such terrifying murderous aura, they were all shocked. Three!” At this moment, Xia Tian looked up three directly. Hears three times, these pirates all start to escape, they had feared Xia Tian, they understand that Xia Tian is the person who any matter dares to be, but Xia Tian said that looks up three integers, but he has not looked up 12, he is directly three. These people do not dare to stay.

Who knows that Xia Tian dares to kill people , and has killed them, not for them over, after all their Captain now in the hand of Xia Tian. This is also good.” Dragon Xiaoxiao has not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly such relaxed has handled these pirates. How she was worrying still to solve these pirates, that she has even prepared for dying, but she has not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly so relaxed shook these people, these person of unexpectedly nobody dared to open fire. Moreover Xia Tian also reaches out for a yard after taking an inch hit these him to pass by the palm of the hand of person. Hits one by one. Simply was too overbearing. So long as these people impulse one, that affirmation surrounding person also with to open fire. Hey, don't you fear their to open fire?” Dragon Xiaoxiao very puzzled asking. Because they fear death.” Xia Tian said. A moment ago their eldest children seemed very had the strength of spirit.” Dragon Xiaoxiao said that Boss also made one to a moment ago with the plan that Xia Tian perishes together. Thanks to you are Commodore, this issue does not think clearly, in the sea and on land different, these person of eldest children on the land died has also been able to run away, however, which they toward ran away? They are the pirates, definitely cannot land, will otherwise be caught by the navy, if they disperse, these preliminary pirates will roll will kill them, then snatched their guns and belongings, but words that they will walk together, that definitely will bump into the beforehand personal enemy, not having their eldest children to support, before them how these personal enemies will let off them.” Xia Tian continues to explain: As for their eldest children, that is one instigates the goods, he surface straightened up a moment ago unyieldingly, in fact he has the choices, he thinks that looks for the shark pirate group to be equal to bringing death, but bets words with me, he could live, so long as I have feared, he lived.” Originally is this, these people were afraid you to kill their eldest children, therefore they will fear your right?” Dragon Xiaoxiao is suddenly enlighted. No, reason that they fear me , because I have given them the way out, I have said that so long as nearby arrives in the shark pirate to roll, I can let off them, therefore they saw the fresh hope.” Xia Tian said.

You really will also act bashful the person at heart.” Dragon Xiaoxiao said. Does not need to think highly of me, won't you forget we two gambling to make?” Xia Tian is making eyes to Dragon Xiaoxiao one. You must do.” Dragon Xiaoxiao has covered own upper body hurriedly. You do not think that doesn't acknowledge mistakes?” Xia Tian doubts looked that is deep and clear to the dragon. What recognizes? What didn't I understand you to say?” Dragon Xiaoxiao the appearance that pretends anything not to know. Your unexpectedly is so mindless.” Xia Tian said. Does not reason with is the privilege of woman, I am a woman, therefore I have the mindless right, however, actually you how know that they will catch up?” Dragon Xiaoxiao very natural saying. Good, I must reach an agreement with you next time absolutely.” Xia Tian also can only suffer loss without redress: Is very simple, I embark discovered that the ship had been fudged, therefore in I guessed in your navy to have the ghost, but in that the ghost position was not definitely high, he does not know that the cultural relic of this ship was false, therefore this fellows can definitely surround us.” Xia Tian said. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian they hear a bang, afterward the entire ship rocked. Artillery, is a cannon.” Dragon Xiaoxiao the complexion immediately changes.