Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1218

Comes to see by the dragon deep and clear experience. The vibration certainly was nearby sea level by the cannon hitting, will therefore create a moment ago the effect of that shock. The cannon indicates that six levels of pirate groups appeared. Because had the pirate of cannon to roll was considered as on is six levels. Above sea. The might of cannon is big, has the cannon in the sea and has the guns completely does not fall into the same ranking existence, the firing distance far might of cannon is big, so long as hits the ships of opposite party, that will cause the damage to the ships of opposite party. Once injures to the key position of ship, the ship will sink, a Rank 5 pirate rolled in the sea has begun to take shape, but if the drop were not good, might be destroyed completely directly. This is six levels of pirates rolls and Rank 5 pirate rolls the disparity. Once became six levels of pirate groups, that will have many pirates to throw in abundance, in the sea, only then with the Expert team, can live the time longer, but has the pirate group of cannon with one, that without doubt is very wise choice. Cannon? Was really getting more and more interesting.” Xia Tian walked directly, at this time the opposite presented five medium ships, on these five ships all has the cannon. Sees the cannon time. Hateful, unexpectedly will bump into six levels of pirate groups, when this sea area presented these many pirates to roll.” Dragon Xiaoxiao deeps frown, usually a time pirate of their warship here search rolls cannot see. But now here not only presented the Rank 5 pirate group, but also presents six levels of pirate groups. It seems like your traitor within incessantly.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hateful, after I go back, must discover in these Jian, in the navy does not permit existence of this type of thing.” Dragon Xiaoxiao angry saying, she has not thought that in the navy unexpectedly has Jian, moreover more than one, this made her be angry. However now regarding her, if in front of neutralize the crisis is for her more important. But their opposite five medium ships, moreover on these five medium ships has existence of cannon.

What is the cannon? Five cannon aim at their here, if not the opposite party is saving the ammunition, perhaps their ships already were exploded do not have. Dragon Xiaoxiao deeps frown: Hateful, actually should these five cannon how solve?” Is six levels of pirate groups, our time ended.” Ended, is six levels of pirate groups, they will not let off our.” How here possibly to bump into the person who six levels of pirates roll?” Xia Tian just tame these Rank 5 pirate group crew were panic-stricken saying, in marine, the pirate group bumped into other pirates to roll that fate, only then, that had a side to be killed or pursued. At this time reason that opposite this six levels of pirates roll have not begun are because they want the weapon, once they fire off, the weapons in that these pirate hands they could not obtain. Moreover their this time goals are the antiques on Xia Tian their ship. Therefore they naturally do not dare to open fire to Xia Tian their ships. Hey! We now what to do?” Dragon Xiaoxiao looked that asked to Xia Tian. Although she does not know why one must such ask, but she is to ask Xia Tian, she also hopes that obtains some useful means from Xia Tian there. Tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, their unexpectedly will work as the sickness cat father, the father only will not frighten the person.” Xia Tian has gotten angry, that Rank 5 pirate rolled him with frightening a moment ago, but this time six levels of pirates rolled are different. Xia Tian lost the patience . Moreover the time are not much, he has not planned to continue to waste the time. „Do you want to do?” Dragon Xiaoxiao looks puzzled to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, his right hand wields, afterward the whole person walks toward the edge of ship directly.

„The front pirate rolls to me is listening, puts down your weapons and that batch of antiques, then you can walk, I guaranteed, will not feel embarrassed you.” That six levels of pirates rolled on some people to shout propaganda. Hears his frontline propaganda, the person who these Rank 5 pirates roll has put down the weapon in oneself hand. They prepared to give up. At this moment, all people saw inconceivable one, some people in aquatic fly. What?” Dragon Xiaoxiao whole face inconceivable sees that form, he has a dream cannot think own unexpectedly saw such inconceivable one, Xia Tian unexpectedly in aquatic flew. The qing gong aquatic floats. Suddenly, she associated to this glossary directly, Xia Tian unexpectedly aquatic floated in the use qing gong. This simply was too inconceivable. At this time other people also saw the Xia Tian action, because Xia Tian runs to the ship of opposite party from their ships. The person who the Rank 5 pirate who these just about to give up rolls all was shocked. But the person who opposite that six levels of pirates roll also hoodwinked. They have not seen such terrifying matter, this matter only then in the legend has, but Xia Tian unexpectedly achieved. Firing off!” Six levels of pirates rolled the above person to be afraid. Rumbling! Suddenly, five cannon attack to Xia Tian together. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, tip of the toe directly fled medium ships, he used was not the qing gong aquatic floats, his Martial Arts, he just will not borrow the strength using the silver needle a moment ago, he threw to front the silver needle, then he used the tip of the toe to borrow the strength on the silver needle, in this Kungfu entire China perhaps also only then he and Bai Yu two can achieve.

Whiz! Xia Tian embarks instantaneously. When he embarks, person thorough hoodwinking on that ship, they are unable to believe that really their eye, some unexpectedly people can in aquatic fly, and has returned their ship. to open fire, gives me to open fire.” Suddenly these people all turned toward Xia Tian to open fire. But Xia Tian actually vanished. M. D, the father is not affable.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward the day cold sword in right hand cuts directly on the ships, although the day cold sword does not have the [gold/metal] blade to be sharp, but wants to cut open these ordinary pontoons not to have what difficulty. Moreover on day cold sword also has the cold attribute. On the same day the cold sword cut , on ships, the ship had been cut open from the middle by Xia Tian directly, because here was the sea, the might of day cold sword increased, the ships frozen lived by the day cold sword instantaneously. What?” On Dragon Xiaoxiao the face has written all over inconceivable. The person who these Rank 5 pirates roll thoroughly was also shocked, although before they do not dare to Xia Tian to open fire, but they do not believe that absolutely Xia Tian can be what kind of them, reason that they to open fire is not worried about their Captain safety. But now at this moment, they know that they made a mistake. A moment ago if their to open fire, they only on the person compared at present this ship die is more miserable. Then was one's turn you.” The Xia Tian vision swept to several other ships.