Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1220

Dragon Xiaoxiao listened to the Xia Tian words to be also hot immediately: I told you, my brigadier-general position was I saves bit by bit.” Your how moon/month violent wind filled with dust high murder night does not understand.” Xia Tian helpless saying. „!” Dragon Xiaoxiao stared Xia Tian one: We usually exit to go on an expedition are large quantities of warships together send out, little has the fight of small scale, although before likely this mission, has, but majority are one crowd is lower than six levels of pirate groups to do, because over seven levels pirates roll not to be willing to provoke the navy.” Good, the enormous and powerful several warships start, who also dares with you for the enemy, the enemy, so long as sees your person's shadow, that definitely early ran.” Xia Tian helpless saying, in marine, who dares to battle with the navy directly? The navy has the warship, once fights, if that navy sets out the aircraft carrier. That solution could be imagined. Nine levels of pirates roll dare, the entire Pacific Ocean only then two nine levels of pirate groups, their strengths are terrorist, so long as is the coastal state is not willing to go to oppose with them, otherwise definitely will cause a marine war, this is weakening the national defense capability of oneself country without doubt.” Dragon Xiaoxiao said. „Do nine levels of pirates roll so are really fierce?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, unexpectedly can make each coastal state dread, thus it can be seen, actually nine levels of pirates roll are terrors how. Is very strong, these fellows majority are various countries fugitive and rebel navy, that inside Expert like clouds, moreover they have the battleship.” Dragon Xiaoxiao spoke of nine levels of pirates rolled the time is also the unusual heart is startled. Words of your saying, that truly was very so fierce.” Xia Tian can look a moment ago from that six levels of pirate groups of contact that in this Pacific Ocean has many Expert, six levels of pirates roll on have existence of Earth Grade Expert, that seven levels of pirate groups? Moreover their scales are completely different, Rank 5 and six levels disparities between so are big, Xia Tian does not excel at the naval operation, once he runs into the powerful enemy in the sea, that is also the unusual headache. He understands that in seven levels of pirates roll definitely have many Expert. Therefore his storm obviously is unwise, if all hits by these cannon and bullets, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, although he strength formidable, but he is also a humanity, flesh and blood. Once the bullet passes through the heart, or was bombed by the cannon, he instantaneously will definitely die.

But since this island is seven levels of pirates rolls the domain of shark, they definitely have the defensive measure, if Xia Tian such drives past the ship, that opposite party will certainly be blown to pieces him. Six levels of pirates roll five cannon, how that seven levels of pirates roll possibly do not have, moreover this island is not big, they want to defend are also very simple. The night falls. You prepare, met our two tours in the past.” Xia Tian said. Tour in the past?.” Dragon Xiaoxiao looked at to be away from, can only see the trail in opposite that island from here, in other words their here position distance that island were least also has about five kilometers. Naturally, you have set sail the past words, the person has not arrived, had been killed.” Xia Tian said. „Won't you fly? You looked they must fire off you flew directly not on the line.” Dragon Xiaoxiao looks very puzzled to Xia Tian. Xia Tian immediately a heavy line of face. He will not fly, reason that a moment ago he can make the movement that the qing gong aquatic floats, he also used the silver needle to borrow the strength, moreover this distance cannot be too far absolutely, otherwise he could not insist. But here distance opposite enough about five kilometers, but the opposite cannon firing distance will not be lower than one kilometer, even may also have a firing distance farther weapon, therefore they, so long as dares to pass, the ships certainly will be ruined. The situation is not when the time comes good, if Xia Tian were also affected, his situation also. I planned the tour in the past, your line of you flew.” Hand signal that Xia Tian has made invitation. Volume.” Dragon Xiaoxiao awkward flexure scratching the head: Ok, I prepare.”

She also understood, although Xia Tian truly in aquatic flew a moment ago, but this Martial Arts definitely cannot use, moreover had the limit, otherwise Xia Tian was really invincible. Even if she has seen super Expert in these navies does not have this grade of strength. But in the navy many Expert, these Expert strengths are very formidable, in the army the strongest person is the Northern Army ice virtue bosom, but in the navy the strongest person was admiral Dragon Huguo. His name is to protect country. The meaning must protect the country. He is most Expert in navy, Dragon Xiaoxiao also merely has also seen his one time, but is admiral Dragon Huguo impossible in aquatic to fly. Quick, Dragon Xiaoxiao finished on preparation. After she prepared to finish thoroughly, walked directly, when she and Xia Tian bumped into they were all shocked. You!!!” They all are puzzled look to the opposite party. Your how what prepares not to do, do you want such to swim in the past?” Dragon Xiaoxiao a face strange looks at Xia Tian. You are not grow up in the seashore since childhood? How to link such near distance unable to swim.” Xia Tian also very puzzled looks at Dragon Xiaoxiao, at this time Dragon Xiaoxiao a full armor, whole body diver's suit and oxygen cylinder. But Xia Tian is any clothes has not traded.

shit, here is the sea, how to swim? First did not say the issue of sense of direction, the sea may be different from the ordinary river water, here for a long time the body of swimming meeting to person has very big load, moreover this is five kilometers, how such do I swim?” Dragon Xiaoxiao discontented saying. Good, since you have prepared, our two.” Xia Tian said that plunged into water directly, saw that Xia Tian jumps directly, Dragon Xiaoxiao also can only with, her put on the entire equipment at this time, therefore she does not need to consume the big strength in the submarine swimming. When she launches, her unexpectedly discovered that Xia Tian is opening the eye in the sea water. This makes her feel that was too inconceivable, but here Pacific Ocean, the sea, Xia Tian unexpectedly can open the eye here, here is not the fresh water, in the sea water has the salinity, opens the eye in the sea water, this without doubt in autonomy. Being in effect it is not so. On the Xia Tian body most did not fear receives the injury is the eye, since Xia Tian had the X-Ray Vision eye, he discovered that his eye surface has probably a diamond membrane to be the same, anything cannot injure his eye, moreover he can also open in any environment. Thump! At this moment, the current of water had the change. „It is not good, is the school of fish.”