Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1221

School of fish. In the sea the craziest thing. The fish, strength in water is very big, even if very small fish wants the full speed advance, that can lead very big current of water, once meets the school of fish, that trim current of water will be led, probably is the strong winds is the same. „It is not good, is the school of fish.” Dragon Xiaoxiao has gesticulated a hand signal to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian fast arrives at Dragon Xiaoxiao the side, afterward he draws Dragon Xiaoxiao to dive directly to the water. Dragon Xiaoxiao a little hoodwinked. She has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly must dive toward the water, must know that the submarine pressure is very big, on Xia Tian has not put on any equipment maintenance, to the water submergence is in itself very difficult matter. Moreover that tremendous pressure the skin extrusion breakage of Xia Tian. Whiz! At this moment, she felt suddenly own body starts fast to diving. Quick. To be quicker than the normal submergence speed. ! In a flash, Dragon Xiaoxiao felt the own head current of water had the huge change, the speed that if they did not dive a moment ago is fast enough, they now definitely by school of fish washing out, the current of water that will be led by the school of fish gives to wash away, was washed away by the current of water in the seabed, this is very terrifying matter. Here is Pacific Ocean. Once she were washed away by the current of water, that must die simply without doubt, in the sea, her oxygen cylinder could not insist how long, but Pacific Ocean so is also big, wants to approach shore is impossible.

She is even impossible to distinguish the direction. Narrow squeak.” Dragon Xiaoxiao can also feel to the end on school of fish at this time. If such school of fish of Freshman wave attacked a moment ago on her, she definitely cannot escape, in other words was Xia Tian had rescued her life a moment ago, when she looked to Xia Tian, she discovered a face smiling face visits her. Such deep submarine, Xia Tian unexpectedly can also smile. This simply was too terrifying. After two minutes, the school of fish diverged, Xia Tian draws her to flush away to the front directly. Quick. How possible? He not only can open the eye in the water, but can also swim is so quick, this simply was too terrifying.” Dragon Xiaoxiao looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, the Xia Tian speed simply was too quick. His body looks like the fish equally free rocking in the water. To have how possibly such terrifying person, worthily is Dragon Group vice- Leader.” Dragon Xiaoxiao more and more heart startled, because she feels the Xia Tian speed to be quick, really quickly to inconceivable. Also wants on quick several times compared with the situation of her full speed swimming. She believes that if Xia Tian attended the world swimming championships, that nobody can be quicker than the Xia Tian speed absolutely. About five minutes, they came ashore. Five kilometers distance, their unexpectedly has only used for five minutes Bang, average one minute one kilometer.

This speed simply was too terrifying. After coming ashore, the Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, he discovered that this island is not big, moreover some people go on patrol, but the people of these patrols are not earnest, because they do not believe that some people dare to approach this island, after all around this island has the searchlight. So long as there is ships to approach, the searchlight will discover the target. Only if some people swim, but wants to come from the distant place tour is not that simple. Do not move.” Dragon that the Xia Tian flash will lead the way directly deep and clear pulling back. How?” Dragon Xiaoxiao has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Has the land mine!” Xia Tian said. Land mine??” Dragon Xiaoxiao immediately one startled, was good had pulled back her because of Xia Tian a moment ago, otherwise she should now already exploded meeting a cruel death, once the land mine exploded, the people on island know that some people have invaded, their mission were also when the time comes defeated. This should be they most greatly has safeguarded, the people of these patrols are not no wonder earnest, moreover they also never approach here, because they know that here has the land mine.” Xia Tian understands finally the people of these patrols so were why lax. We what to do, it seems like here besides the harbor, other places should all be a land mine now.” Dragon Xiaoxiao depressed saying, she has not thought that this time mission unexpectedly so will be difficult. Follows my footprint, should not be wrong.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, afterward his cautious and solemn walks toward front, although the land mine of opposite party does not overspread here, the person but who puts the thunder obviously is Expert, the opposite party suspends the thunder the time the letting person who intentionally places must circle very big circle to pass. Good.” Dragon Xiaoxiao cautious and solemn followed. The mine field is not big, after all this seven levels of pirates roll are impossible to have many land mines. After Xia Tian crossed the mine field, has met the wire netting, these wire netting all are the circular telegram: Do not bump here, this above has the electricity.”

Em.” Dragon Xiaoxiao nodded, she discovered many that Xia Tian understands, he not only can find the mine field, but can also discover on these wire netting to have the electricity, her careful observes Xia Tian, actually she wants to have a look at Xia Tian to how do, since is the circular telegram, that wants is very troublesome. Sees only the Xia Tian right hand to wield, afterward she saw Xia Tian wire netting on hand to break large hole automatically: Looks for some obvious things, can walk the place that to spread out the mine field, such one will facilitate the hostage to escape.” What Xia Tian use is a day of cold sword. Although the day cold sword was inferior that [gold/metal] blade is sharp, but separates these wire netting not to have any issue, moreover he shears a hole, therefore the electricity of wire netting cannot be cut off, such opposite party is impossible to discover him. Good.” Dragon Xiaoxiao the earnest start completes Xia Tian to give her mission, most starts, she does not know that actually Xia Tian has any skill, at that time she also thinks that this time rescue mission must certainly leave can succeed fully. But afterward she discovered that her unexpectedly except for setting sail, any matter did not do. Now Xia Tian gives her with great difficulty mission, she naturally must conscientiously complete, although this mission is only one overcomes simple mission of hand, but she is very earnest does. Because she was really thoroughly is convinced to Xia Tian now. Before she can also think Xia Tian possibly had the trick the status, but she entirely has believed the Xia Tian status now. Careful, we two pasts quietly.” Xia Tian said in a low voice that afterward he starts to walk toward front, Dragon Xiaoxiao can obtain the military rank of brigadier-general, that naturally is not a vegetarian, the strength is out of the ordinary, they have dived quietly. The dark night of this island has very big sea breeze, the sea breeze blows is cool, they on island slowly sneaks the speed to be very slow, because in this island some people go on patrol, moreover some people are drinking everywhere, therefore Xia Tian they , if not careful, might be discovered very much. At this moment, Xia Tian and Dragon Xiaoxiao all squatted in the thick patch of grass, but a drunken guy was walking to their here, a hand was solving own belt.