Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1222
No matter what everyone can look, that person is convenient. But in front of him is squatting Xia Tian and Dragon Xiaoxiao. Although that person is some feeling of being drunk, but if Xia Tian and Dragon Xiaoxiao moves aside, that will certainly alarm this person, then their sneaking plans were defeated. Hateful.” Dragon Xiaoxiao looks at that person wickedly, she knows that own today wanted miserably, but her anything scene has seen, at this time to guarantee mission can complete, she did not have chosen, can only endure. She can endure, Xia Tian may unable to endure, how Xia Tian can tolerate this matter occurrence, afterward his direct silver needle has shot at that person. Puff! The silver needle has shot at the lower part of that man directly, afterward that man there flexure. Well, how doesn't want to urinate?” Flexure that man has doubts scratching the head, turned the head to get out of the way afterward directly. Saw that man got out of the way, Dragon Xiaoxiao relaxed, she had completed the worst plan a moment ago, she thinks that person can urinate her, but she does not know why that person walked directly, but she understands that is certainly related with Xia Tian. How do you achieve?” Dragon Xiaoxiao feels mysteriously. On person body has one to be called under the kidney the hole, so long as seals up there, he does not want to facilitate for a lifetime, cannot withstand until the body, finally ‚’, blasts out.” Xia Tian answered. Volume!” Dragon Xiaoxiao the back is cold sweat. Xia Tian the was really too ruthless, that man also sufficed miserably, who made him offend the head of Xia Tian, that Xia Tian naturally cannot let off him, his fate perhaps will be very just miserable.

The lower part explodes to perish. This must defeat this class person compared with the east wind simply pitifully. Walks.” Xia Tian quietly dives to front. Their skills are good, therefore the speed of advance is also very quick, they go forward acts bashful is also very good, these go on patrol the person who and drinks not to discover them. Where was person hidden by them?” Dragon Xiaoxiao found several places with Xia Tian, but anything had not found finally. Do not move.” Xia Tian has given a peaceful hand signal. Dragon Xiaoxiao also instantaneously hid, afterward she looks following the Xia Tian vision that she saw a person is carrying two vats, barrel inside installs is food. Walks!” Xia Tian has gesticulated a hand signal, afterward they followed. How long has not walked, they went to a place, is the cage, that person envelopped from the place food directly but actually, afterward below transmitted has whooshed the sound. Called! TM asked father to make you attractive again.” That person of wicked saying. But under has the scream. Also said.” That person a little lost patience obviously, afterward he moved toward a nearby large-scale water tube directly.

He took the water tube to fire into the underground shackles directly, then he turned on the switch of water tube, took up the water tube to start to spray to basket inside person, the basket following person has sent out the pitiful yell immediately. Hateful, their unexpectedly is so inhumane.” Dragon Xiaoxiao is mad exits on the strategic place directly, but held on by Xia Tian. Do not impulse, there now are too many person of hand, if our two such pass, definitely will bring to the attention of opposite party, so long as when the time comes they sound the warning, in the entire island all person plenary sessions come, I had estimated a moment ago, in this island little said also 700-800 life pirates, even are more, moreover in this island also has the heavy weapon.” Xia Tian held on Dragon Xiaoxiao to say. Hateful, but cannot make them such bully our China fisherman.” Dragon Xiaoxiao is patriotic, she most cannot bear some people bully the China person. Therefore at this time she so will be indignant. Do not worry, I maliciously will certainly repair these fellows.” Xia Tian knows that now is not exits, he must think that means deal with here person, after all here heavy weapon were too many, although they likely are not Anonyme Island these Expert, what in their hands is the (spear|gun), a (spear|gun) threatens not in a big way regarding Xia Tian, ten (spear|gun)s are not big regarding the threat of Xia Tian, possibly 100 (spear|gun)s aim at him, so long as the topography convenience dodges, he possibly is also all right, is this inside over a thousand people, moreover that many (spear|gun)s, the heavy weapon and cannon, that Xia Tian on has to cautious and solemn. Now what to do should we?” Dragon Xiaoxiao does not know when from starts, since started to rely on Xia Tian, she discovered that regardless of meets any difficult Xia Tian as if to have the means to deal to be the same. Walks, we found place a moment ago time I discovered that here has fresh water processing place, we go to there.” The Xia Tian right hand dodges, in his hand presented ten vial bottles. Walks, is taking this thing.” Xia Tian has given Dragon Xiaoxiao five. What thing is this?” Asking that Dragon Xiaoxiao has doubts. Super laxative pill.” Xia Tian has shown cloudy evil smiling face, sees the Xia Tian smiling face, Dragon Xiaoxiao feels to rejoice that what she rejoices is own is not the Xia Tian enemy, otherwise that fate may. „In all turns on the water?” Dragon Xiaoxiao asked.

Water, liquor, food, so long as saw, puts one, in these vial, in each bottle ten laxative pill, so long as the compounded drug puts, he automatically will melt, our two separated motions, you, I go to fresh water there carefully, you go to other places, after a half hour, our two gather here.” Xia Tian said. Dragon Xiaoxiao is also a brigadier-general, now separates the motion, regarding her is not the difficult matter. Afterward Xia Tian hurries to fresh water there directly, reason that he choice fresh water here is because this nearby person are quite many, making the dragon come not to be good to start deeply and clearly, therefore she plans to begin personally here. When he arrives at fresh water there time 50 meters away, he has anchored the footsteps, afterward the right hand wields, the compounded drug flew directly, here person are too many, his direct past will certainly not put the compounded drug, throws the technique of silver needle by him, this small matter naturally could not baffle him. Afterward he moves fast, so long as he sees beverage bottle, cask and food time, throws laxative pill, quick, his compounded drug all threw, afterward he returned to that position. But Dragon Xiaoxiao after a while also hurried back. Walks, we break into a jail.” Xia Tian said directly. Goes directly? Doesn't need to wait again?” Dragon Xiaoxiao the meaning is these diarrhea pill manifests suddenly also needs some time. What? Now in this island over 80% people are having diarrhea.” The Xia Tian super laxative pill might is very big. Afterward they moved toward cage there directly.