Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1223

But around the dungeon many people guard. These person of some stand in very high place waits and sees, some people guard below, among them the distance is very far, this to avoid being killed together, the advantage that they such stand is once some people have an accident, other people can sound the warning. Dragon Xiaoxiao saw Xia Tian to exit, she also has to follow. After seeing only Xia Tian exited, both hands simultaneously to the different directions throw more than ten silver needles, afterward the bodies of these people, he started to be quick but actually. The flash he began to kill, moreover was simultaneously all has killed these people, this nobody can go according to the loud warning, Dragon Xiaoxiao by Xia Tian such technique also with shocking. But at this moment warning sound. Em?” The brow of Xia Tian a wrinkle, he confirmed immediately, around this absolutely did not have other people, but warning unexpectedly has made a sound, this is not normal, here nobody, actually that warning is loud? Was bad, I forgot to tell you, this was the sea most common sea breeze inductive alarm, so long as these people left their position, their surrounding warnings will sound.” Before Dragon Xiaoxiao, has seen this warning. However fight between they and pirate is relaxed, does not need to pay attention to any warning, therefore she, although has seen, but not careful studies this thing, has not been serious this thing. First saves others.” Xia Tian runs directly to the place cage. When he arrives at the cage front, right hand golden light flashes dodges, the iron basket had been broken by him directly, at this time this inside has closed more than 30 people, they noticed that some people save them, in the mouth keeps is shouting. Xia Tian has put nearby iron ladder, time that the iron ladder puts, these person of going all out wants to clash, they want to come up first, suddenly all people go all out upward crawls, some people crawl, the following person entrains that person.

When faced with crucial moment, these people already, no matter before , knew, they want to clash first. moda foka, gives on me, who dares to rush again on, the father has killed him.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout immediately, when he shouted these people have gawked for two seconds, then they continued to clash upwardly. The Xia Tian body leaps, the direct foot trampled in that others' person. Bang! That person had been kicked by Xia Tian directly. Sees such scene, other people do not dare to snatch. Brigadier-general young lady, above then.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his raises a person, directly these people 11 has thrown, Dragon Xiaoxiao stands above catches by the person who Xia Tian throws. Some people crawl upwardly, Xia Tian while throws the person, the speed of like this coming up was quick, the person but who the alarm sound has rolled the shark pirate has brought, all people who the flash shark pirate rolls all catch up to here. They came!” Dragon Xiaoxiao a brow wrinkle, periphery came dozens individuals at this time, is that person of head deeps frown, the vision took a fast look around in the surrounding these people, afterward his angry saying: Person? Which person did TM run?” Shark, is this your pirate groups?” Side the shark pirate rolls saying that a one-eyed person disdains. Was laughed.” Saying of Captain coldly the shark pirate rolls.

This is not laughed, your shark pirate rolls also really disappoints me, the warning sounded also came such to select the person, were other people decorate?” Shaking the head that one-eyed person keeps. One-eyed, I have said that so long as this time matter has succeeded, my pirate rolled can have the China warship, when the time comes I definitely will join your subordinates.” Captain of shark said. Now the Pacific Ocean influence is turbulent, I urged you should better early to prepare, moreover what appearance you had a look at your person are, the warning sounded such long unexpectedly to come such several people, your shark pirate rolled, but about thousand people, but came less than 40 people to the present, did other people do?” The one-eyed reproved directly. Captain of shark also thinks is not feeling well, according to the normal condition, these people should already come out, but actually has not come why out today, especially when the one-eyed discussed the matter. This is hitting his face simply, he still discussed the pricetag in that one-eyed a moment ago, said that his pirate group has many people, fight quality strong, is now his these unexpectedly so is not under powerful. Captain and one-eyed of their chat contents shark at the matter of shark pirate group personnel, they directly Xia Tian disregarding. You were chatting first, I walked.” Xia Tian said that must walk directly. Reason that Captain of shark disregards Xia Tian is because he only saw Xia Tian and Dragon Xiaoxiao two people, the headquarters base that but here the shark pirate rolls, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian and Dragon Xiaoxiao can live to walk from here. Therefore he has not gone to respond Xia Tian they. Now Xia Tian must walk, he naturally cannot let: „Are you China agents? Since you came, that together stays behind, happen to I can also a point with the chip that China negotiated.” Do not misunderstand, I am save others, does not stay here to live, therefore your good intention I declined with thanks.” Xia Tian said.

Em?” Captain that the shark pirate rolls a wrinkle, he has not thought that immediately today unexpectedly came one not to fear death, but he may, no matter Xia Tian did fear death: In my this island has over a thousand people, you think that you can save these people from over a thousand people?” Over a thousand people?” Xia Tian stretches out the finger to look up front these enemies. Saw Captain that the Xia Tian action shark pirate rolls was angry, the one-eyed also him told a moment ago this matter, now Xia Tian unexpectedly also visible, this simply was too excessive. „Do you court death? However you could rest assured that I will make you live to might as well die.” Captain coldly that the shark pirate rolls looked that said to Xia Tian. „, Was right, forgot to tell you, your other subordinates are having diarrhea now, perhaps they could not support you.” Xia Tian said. What? Is you do.” Captain that the shark pirate rolls an anger of face, he finally found the reason immediately, he said how the warning has sounded such a long time, came such to select the person, originally was his person is put the laxative by front hateful fellow. How this lets him to endure. He lost face in front of the one-eyed, threw the chip of negotiations, this is he most depressed matter, now he knows is Xia Tian dry, he naturally cannot let off Xia Tian. You walk first, here person gave me to be good.” Xia Tian very optional saying.