Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1226

Person list?” Captain that the shark pirate rolls immediately one startled: What you said is that was known as that the starch prophet hundred dawns do live the person list that writes? That person list made in the past noisily.” Right, is that person list, I have investigated these people, judges according to the age and characteristics, this person certainly was Xia Tian that the person list was listed second, moreover saved others this matter to look according to him, this person list altogether on four China people, this inside had one is the China Advanced military officer, he saved others, that showed that he certainly was Xia Tian.” One-eyed analysis rationally, and accurate incomparable. Thus it can be seen, he absolutely is not a simple person. Resourceful generals! The one-eyed is the resourceful general who the one-eyed pirate rolls. One-eyed king one of the two big trusted friends, he relied on is opening mouth, helping the one-eyed king fight to win the second half state power, the one-eyed king had made the appraisal to the one-eyed, he said that if did not have the one-eyed, he wanted to build eight levels of pirates to roll at least also takes ten years to 15 years. Person list second?” Captain that the shark pirate rolls felt instantaneously after one, carries on the back is the cold sweat, he walked one in Gate of Death a moment ago simply: One-eyed, this time calculates that I owe you a favour, if not you, I possibly really died a moment ago.” Was good, you prepare, I must go to the next pirate to roll, two days later goes to the golden triangle set.” The one-eyed nodded, this time mission must convince nearby all seven levels of pirates to roll and them goes to that place together. Relax, you have rescued my life, I also planned wanted to look, this times our shark pirate rolls will certainly use helps one another fully.” Captain that the shark pirate rolls strikes one's chest to say. Good, after that we were the brothers.” The one-eyed with the Captain fist that shark pirate rolls to the same place. This is the marine friendship. After Xia Tian brings these people were embarking, he lies down on the ship has rested, a moment ago he and one-eyed has made the time and place, but he has not known that this time matter is anything, moreover he must sending back of these fisherman safety. Then inquired that matter with here navy military officer. On the road, Dragon Xiaoxiao with the special signal relation in the navy, the navy has led the warship to greet Xia Tian personally they. Senior Official is good!” Greets their people to salute to Xia Tian, he is a rear admiral.

Xia Tian this time safe leads person, it can be said that saved the face of country, has set up the big merit, helped them solve one greatly troublesome, otherwise this time matter they definitely will send the senior general to go into action, moreover perhaps also will have the damage of personnel. This Xia Tian solution this matter without firing a single bullet, this has proven his status and strength. Em, brings to inspect the person, their present physical states are not very good, I must see your this Senior Official.” Xia Tian said. Good, Senior Official, our Senior Official already in that you.” That major general respectful saying. Has the cell phone?” Xia Tian asked. Has!” The major general has put out a cell phone: This cell phone is here special-purpose, the ordinary cell phone cannot make the telephone.” Thanks!” After Xia Tian has put out the cell phone, has dialed that telephone number, is the China No. 2 figure special-purpose number, entire China knows this number person not over five. I am Xia Tian, helping me meet Senior Official.” Xia Tian said that telephone that is not China No. 2 figure answers the telephone directly, but has under safeguards. Such quickly called me? Did mission complete?” „Does this have difficulty regarding me?” Good, your boy is extremely arrogant enough, but this can be joined to your strength.” Senior Official, this time I saw person who eight levels of pirates roll, he me told that Pacific Ocean recently had the important matter to occur, must work with me, I planned that looks.” Ok, the matter of seashore I do not understand, you went saying that with there person, I made them fully coordinate you, all were primarily your security.”

Many thanks Senior Official.” Attention security, you are the pillar of the state in country.” Many thanks Senior Official cared that I cannot kill.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, went to the warship with that major general. After the ship navigated for one hour, finally arrived at the China naval base, there has one team of people to stand there, is that person of head is tall, the skin is swarthy, the body wears the navy military uniform. General. Admiral. After Xia Tian disembarked, salutes directly. The admiral returns a courtesy. Afterward the admiral bowed to Xia Tian: Lieutenant General Xia, this time was really thank you, I thanked you for the family members of these fishermen.” Was needless to say these, this was I should do.” Xia Tian said. Lieutenant General Xia, above Senior Official made the call a moment ago, making me fully coordinate your following mission.” The admiral said. „, Does not have anything actually, was I hears recently in Pacific Ocean to have the important matter to occur, I want to know that was any matter, then sent for giving me to deliver to a place on the line.” Xia Tian planned one pass. You planned that you do pass?” Asking that Dragon Xiaoxiao has doubts.

Em! A person goes into action conveniently.” Xia Tian nodded. Dragon Xiaoxiao has not spoken, her first time had held the feeling of others hind leg, before she also thinks that own strength and experience also had the marksmanship is very good, before exited to make mission, she displayed unusual was fierce, others visit her with the vision of worship. But this time, proud strength also has the experience is a point on useless, moreover almost died in the school of fish. Takes a person to go on a journey including this Xia Tian, she also felt that cannot add on any busy, in her heart secret pledging, oneself must try hard cultivation, her life will open the new chapter once more. Actually this is not the secret, was big buried treasure in a legend wants the present world, but our China army did not facilitate the past, therefore this time matter we did not plan to mix, moreover buried treasure present world in legend, definitely greatly troublesome.” The admiral said. Big buried treasure!!” Xia Tian hears here time at present one bright, he most likes was the buried treasure, now hears the big buried treasure time, he possibly possibly was not how excited, the time that outside present range Heavenly Connection the hole opens were getting more and more less, he must before outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened obtain more cards in a hand. If can promote to be better to Earth Grade that all of a sudden. As for buried treasure anything, he does not care. Has this buried treasure appearance place to be perhaps disadvantageous to you.” The admiral asked. Yes?” Xia Tian asked that In Island Country sea area.” The admiral said.