Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1227

Island Country sea area!!!” Xia Tian brow immediately a wrinkle. Also is Island Country. That has truly troubled, Islander sees him, that absolutely is two red, Xia Tian has destroyed completely Island Country that many Expert, and has ruined the Island Country air-defense base, this regarding Island Country is the massive loss. So long as Islander knows to see him, even if did not know coming out that also guesses, because after publishing that person list, Xia Tian is a celebrity, regardless of analyzes from any aspect, can guess that obtains the Xia Tian status. Therefore Xia Tian is to hide identity not to be good. Once Islander sees Xia Tian, that naturally did not die continuous, let alone buried treasure appearance place or Island Country sea area. Islander momentarily can transfer army, as soon as when the time comes they the discovery is Xia Tian, might come one artillery very much directly, will then extinguish kills Xia Tian. Xia Tian is the Island Country top war criminal. They are impossible to let off Xia Tian. Although Xia Tian strength formidable, but also merely on land, if were hit in Pacific Ocean, he must die without doubt, how after all side his Inner Strength deeply is impossible the tour to arrive. Because Pacific Ocean was too big. In other words this time he went to the probability of being killed is very big.

However, he must go. So long as has the opportunity place, he will not miss, even if the tremendous dangers and difficulties he also dares on, he does not hope after one, regretted. Outside Heavenly Connection hole opening nears. This can be a war absolutely, when the time comes world all Expert will enter inside, what Expert in inside will have, even if the people of Wei Guang their this rank is also common. Therefore Xia Tian most at least must have the ability of maintaining life. Right, is the Island Country sea area, there is dangerous, your reputation is too big, Islander must know, once they discover you, you.” What the admiral wants to say is Islander will certainly not let off Xia Tian. All right, arranges a ship to me, is quick, delivers to this Coordinate.” Xia Tian has put out a sea area chart, he had looked, this is here, the one-eyed told his place. Marine situation you had not found that but in Pacific Ocean many extraordinary people, above the sea, have the different conditions every day, person that the sea beast, the hurricane, the Tsunami wait / etc., can in this case live is not simple, especially that two nine levels of pirate groups, their population have even been several thousands, inside is Expert like clouds, there are many came from from all over the world the super criminal, is various countries navy Advanced military officer, has on our China military officer, our China once had a general to hire oneself the pirate, at that time I was also only a brigadier-general., Now I am a general, his strength fears the promotion was higher.” The admiral said. „? Such fierce, he now also in two big nine levels of pirates do roll?” Xia Tian asked. Em, he now is vice- Captain that the Black Tortoise pirates roll.” The admiral said. Black Tortoise pirate group.” Xia Tian has remembered this name silently.

Right, in Pacific Ocean has two nine levels of pirate groups, one is the Black Tortoise pirate group, above another is the evil person pirate group, the Black Tortoise pirates rolls the majority is the navy cadre in each country, but the evil person pirate rolls is in the world the most well-known criminal, but they never get rid to the fisherman and country, this is the marine custom, the normal seven levels of pirates will roll will not get rid to the fisherman, because that will encounter our retaliations, this will not be they want to see that the pirate will have the custom between pirates, they in marine will gallop, will not hope. Makes war with some country.” The admiral answered. This time matter, that pirate rolled me also to use.” Xia Tian said. Since he must with the one-eyed cooperation, that naturally unable to destroy completely the shark pirate to roll. Good, but we will carry on big sweeping, when the time comes extinguishes several young pirate groups, this can play the role of deterrent, otherwise also will have the pirate group to dare to catch our fishermen next time.” The admiral said. I understand.” Xia Tian nodded. Person who nine levels of pirates roll is not affable, the person who these eight levels of pirates roll is not affable, I know that you are Expert, but is careful, the sea is different from the land, the little fault possibly ruins there.” The admiral reminded again. Em, Expert strength that these eight levels of pirates roll how?” Xia Tian asked. Is Earth Grade late stage above Expert, moreover everyone has different methods.” The admiral said. Earth Grade late stage.” Xia Tian nod of silently, this strength is good, but Xia Tian can cope, but the sea is truly different from the land, Xia Tian is strange to the naval operation, therefore happens any condition, Xia Tian also possible because of inexperienced dead. Em, Captain that two nine levels of pirates roll even can compare favorably with the strength of admiral.” The admiral said. Good, the situation I knew, helping me prepare the ship.” Xia Tian the pirate has rolled the approximate strength, but has saying that these pirates roll are really not simple, if two nine levels of pirates roll simultaneously attack the China defense area, whom that China might use to have the fleet of sea very much to carry on the defense to be good.

Good, I will send the quickest battleship to send you to the, then you ride the boat to be OK in the past, this can also assure your security.” The admiral understands that Xia Tian goes to that place to do, that place is the pirate presents the frequent region, Xia Tian goes to that is sees certainly the pirate, if he such flagrant delivers Xia Tian, that is not good. Definitely will annoy to Xia Tian troublesome. Good, now.” Xia Tian said that his procedure to this admiral is satisfied. Ok!” The admiral told directly, after five minutes, Xia Tian has embarked, he did not even have including the time of rest, once more has boarded the ship. After having boarded the ship, Xia Tian looks to the distant place. This time situation is quite special. This is Xia Tian first time carries on the naval operation, he must be careful, otherwise he might die in very much marine . Moreover the marine these pirates will roll have can compare favorably with a national marine power the powerful strength. Xia Tian is only a person, he cannot absolutely positive contended with these strength, otherwise he might die in very much really marine, moreover had Island Country these people in eying covetously was staring at him. So long as he appeared, these Islander definitely will collaborate to cope with him. Well!” The ship opened later Xia Tian suddenly to discover that on the ship had an acquaintance.