Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1228
Dragon Xiaoxiao. Dragon Xiaoxiao unexpectedly hides on ship. Do not hide, I saw you.” Xia Tian helpless saying. I hide is so secret your unexpectedly also to know.” Dragon Xiaoxiao walked from the corner. You with?” Xia Tian helpless saying. My this did not deliberately consider that delivers you a regulation.” Dragon Xiaoxiao suffering from injustice saying. Good, but this time matter danger, therefore I am impossible to lead you to go.” Xia Tian very serious saying, this marine war, Xia Tian comes not to preserve with own life, say nothing of Dragon Xiaoxiao. If Dragon Xiaoxiao went, he cannot assure Dragon Xiaoxiao the safety. I know that I with, me do not want to deliver you.” Dragon Xiaoxiao also knows that own strength is insufficient, went only to Xia Tian to put to trouble, therefore she planned to deliver a Xia Tian regulation, then came back diligently cultivation. Good!” Xia Tian turned back the cabin, afterward starts to sleep, this time matter also has very big challenge regarding him, this time match can be said as Expert like clouds. Therefore he plans maintains most abundant stamina. Although is sees the one-eyed. However he must be well prepared, to guard to have any peculiar circumstance. Why since this has been Xia Tian can be saved from death, because he will not let off any detail, the restoration including stamina, he does not think one have combustion compounded drug card in a hand, he can unscrupulous has acted in a self-serving manner, in situation that can not use the card in a hand, he will be will not use the card in a hand absolutely, moreover he will not allow himself to have the slight general idea. In the battlefield, the fault of any faint trace, can cause the death, Xia Tian most likes the opposite party in the fight that to present the careless mistake, like this he can seize that opportunity, cuts to kill the opposite party instantaneously, does not give opposite party any time to regroup.

Why this is also he can jump the ranks the reason of challenge. He such deals with others, therefore he naturally cannot be used this method sneak attack by others. Xia Tian rested on the ship was very long, the middle got up time he has eaten a thing, then continued to sleep, he has rested for day, this came one is two days. Comes back for day, goes back for day. Happen to is the approximately good two days of time. Was good, delivers to here.” Xia Tian saw the distance to be similar, on the boat, he has not hoped that the navy directly delivered him, if like this were patted by others, thinks that the China navy had to collude with the pirate. Then is not good to the China reputation. Therefore the remaining that some Xia Tian yachts their passed. These navies on ship are the casual attire that wears, they have not saluted with Xia Tian, even a few words had not said that this is the Xia Tian arrangement, he does not want to leave behind any handle to others. On after Xia Tian speed boat, they leave directly, but Xia Tian also walks toward the approximately good sea area, here distance there only then ten nautical miles, therefore Xia Tian turns on the flashlight directly, three next dodge. This is also the one-eyed to the signal that he leaves behind. Quick, a steamship started. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Brother, you may calculate.” The laughter of one-eyed is very big, on ship also opened the speed boat channel. When Xia Tian entered the ship after the speed boat channel, the one-eyed greeted there.

Person has arrived in full, missed you, I believe person who you were one have the prestige, therefore I know that you will certainly come.” The one-eyed said. „, On the road is not peaceful, therefore comes was a little slow.” Xia Tian is also saying of unusual apology, actually they are all the way uneventful, but is Xia Tian makes the crew open intentionally slowly, this also in test one-eyed, if the one-eyed has not waited for him, he will not cooperate with this one-eyed pirate group, if the one-eyed he, that showed that the one-eyed attaches great importance to his. Like this after him, did not need to be worried about the one-eyed pirate group in his dorsal slotting tool. Benefit! Them links has the benefit, so long as Xia Tian also uses, they will guarantee that Xia Tian security, this will save Xia Tian lots of troubles. So long as you came, even if late comes again for day, I can also wait.” One-eyed very heroic saying. Em!” Xia Tian nod of slightly, has not said anything. Walks, our Captain happen to also wants to see you.” The one-eyed said. Xia Tian has not spoken, but followed directly, since he wants to make the one-eyed pirate group help him process troublesome, he naturally must see the leader who the one-eyed pirate rolls. Captain one-eyed king who the one-eyed pirate rolls but a marine overlord. Reason that he becomes famous is because he is ruthless enough, moreover under is good to person specially, some those people dare to kill their one-eyed pirate group, even if the opposite party is also eight levels of pirate groups, he will not die with the opposite party continuous. Simply is the disposition of mad dog. He breaknecks with the opposite party, only if the opposite party is nine levels of pirate groups, otherwise he will directly have the person to kill, because of his disposition, therefore the one-eyed pirate rolls the unusual unity, once they fight with others, that everyone dares to breakneck. In they rolled in the one-eyed pirate had found the feeling of family member.

They to protect these family members, coming out that any matter can make, because of this point, therefore other eight levels of pirates roll not to be willing to provoke them, sometimes saw they will directly even go round. Arrives at cabin above, there has many people to drink. Boss, he came.” The one-eyed is being the guy of one-eyed said to middle that similarly. That guy hears the words of one-eyed, has put down the cask in oneself hand, then has sized up Xia Tian up and down, afterward the right hand flings, a cask flung directly to Xia Tian, this was probing the Xia Tian strength. The Xia Tian right hand moves slightly, cask on calm and steady falling in his control, he has drunk a big mouth afterward directly: Really the marine liquor satisfies a craving.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, happy.” One-eyed Wang Daxiao was saying: Good, since came, that is brothers, sits down drinks together.” Here everywhere is the liquor and meat. These meat are the most direct meat, does not have what vegetarian dish and fruit, everyone comes up to eat with the hand directly. The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, these is counted the one-eyed enough 25 people . Moreover the here also his acquaintances, that is Captain that the shark pirate rolls, in other words, this sitting is big figure. The one-eyed sat in the right of one-eyed king, left side of the one-eyed king sat a facial color ice-cold person, he from just started not to smile to the present, and has not spoken. Captain that the shark pirate rolls saw that the time body of Xia Tian cannot help but shivered, afterward he stands up directly toward Xia Tian walks.