Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1229

You are Mr. Xia.” Captain that the shark pirate rolls arrives at side Xia Tian to ask. Em!” Xia Tian has not gained ground. „The previous time matter, I apologized to you, I ensure this matter our shark pirate rolled will not do.” Captain respectful saying that the shark pirate rolls. Sits in this person is Captain that the major seven levels of pirates roll, they have their status in Pacific Ocean, they saw Captain this response that the shark pirate rolls time, again sized up Xia Tian. Before saw the one-eyed the time that he brought, everybody has not cared, afterward asked him to drink including the one-eyed kings, everybody noted Xia Tian, they think that Xia Tian definitely had own uncommon place, otherwise the one-eyed king was impossible to ask him to drink on own initiative. Must know that one-eyed king has not asked here any person to drink. This has represented the uncommonness of Xia Tian. Captain that now the unexpectedly shark pirate rolls continually also on own initiative apologized with Xia Tian, this sufficiently showed that the Xia Tian status origin was not simple, this made them bear in mind Xia Tian firmly. Should better not to occur, otherwise I did not mind that killed you directly.” Xia Tian calm saying. Although his expression is very tranquil, but the content in his words is not simple, the meaning in his words was saying that I momentarily had to destroy completely the strength that your shark pirates rolled.

Has saying that the Xia Tian words are wild, the shark pirate group is seven levels of pirate groups, his unexpectedly said that must extinguish the shark pirate group, moreover listens to his tone as if to be able very optional kills the shark pirate to roll to be the same. However the following matter made them obscure. Normally, Captain that the shark pirate rolls will hear this words certainly to be angry, because this will be the dignity issue, Captain that but the shark pirate will roll not only will not have the meaning of any vitality, but also on the face has piled up with the smiling face: Many thanks Mr. Xia is broadminded.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but has drunk liquor in hand. Since the person were in attendance, that says that this buried treasure matter, this time buried treasure is a super big buried treasure, I want to hear Pitt king name in the person of life at sea.” The one-eyed king looked at people one eyes to say. Pitt king? Is 500 years ago that stretches across Pitt kings in Pacific Ocean?” That is a legend, it is said that he has conquered the entire Pacific Ocean, has never defeated, he is the King in Pacific Ocean.” Right, we have heard this name, but afterward the pirate of Pitt king rolled on thoroughly vanished, some people said that dies in the Bermuda Triangle.” Captain that surroundings these seven levels of pirates roll open the mouth to say.

Right, is that Pitt king, in the past after he has conquered the entire Pacific Ocean, he had the person to go to the Bermuda Triangle, finally was living the person was few, the majority of people died there, he thinks that he was the King in Pacific Ocean, where has not been he cannot take, therefore he planned that conquered Atlantic Ocean, then the integrative force intruded the Bermuda Triangle once more, what a pity before he went to Atlantic Ocean, his pirate group had the situation, all buried treasures and person all disappeared.” After the one-eyed king looked at people , to continue saying: All people think that they were separate their auspicious day to go, after all they had conquered the entire Pacific Ocean at that time, which regardless of they arrived, can natural going on living, be one month ago, some people had discovered a secret, a secret of concerned Pitt king buried treasure, this secret has spread quickly, Pitt king had conquered the person in Pacific Ocean in the past, his buried treasure added the rich enemy, moreover at that time in Bits pirate rolled is also Expert like the cloud, what there will perhaps have to promote individual strength or promotes the pirate group overall strength the thing.” Hears here time, all people all are two shine, although the buried treasure sounds to be terrorist, but that many people snatch, finally can arrive in their hands how many? The ordinary men are innocent, talent can arouse jealousy. They obtain becoming a fugitive that the buried treasure only has also been able to carry on to flanerie, if they obtain thing of promotion strength not to be different, so long as when the time comes they looked a place hid after some time, the strength that their entire pirate rolls completely will be increased. When they come out also who dares to offend them. Therefore regarding these people, the genuine buried treasure is not that may richly the buried treasure of enemy, even if they obtained unable to install, the buried treasure of Pitt king definitely was not several ships can install. I think that you also understand, this time buried treasure presents the place is Island Country, therefore Island Country definitely will send the fleet, we can snatch the valuables and money the probability not to be big, person many mixed, we probably will obtain when the time comes some valuables and money, but cannot take away absolutely completely, regarding us, only then the promotion strength can continue free the navigation above this sea, therefore our goals are the treasure, the treasure of promotion strength, or Pitt king dominates the secret of Pacific Ocean, I promise you, regardless of obtains anything finally, I according to establishing the size assignment of merit, this point I can set up the hemorrhaging oath.” One-eyed Wang said that cut open itself saying that then blood drop in middle that large bowl. The blood vowed, was among the pirates the most faithful pledge. Because they believe that in the sea has existence of sea god, if has violated the blood oath, their ships can turn, the sea god will retaliate them, finally dies like a dog.

Afterward surrounding person 11 own blood drop in middle that large bowl, when is one's turn Xia Tian, Xia Tian looked the own white and tender hand, is not cruel enough to shear , the surrounding these people is a face strange visits him. That.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head: „Do I use the blood on maternal aunt turban to be good?” Hears his words, on surroundings these faces is the heavy line, in the so serious situation, Xia Tian unexpectedly can say such words, this simply was too ridiculous, no matter what he will be one by one-eyed Wang Zhudong to the person of liquor, unexpectedly is also also feared the pain. What is main was his unexpectedly said that must use the blood on maternal aunt turban. He is one male, unexpectedly must take the maternal aunt turban, this has saying that Xia Tian some were ridiculous. Mr. Xia, you do not use, this is the custom in our sea, you are not the person in sea, therefore you do not use, your reputation and prestige we may be like thunder reverberating in one's ears, therefore you do not need to handle any matter, we still believe you.” The one-eyed said directly that he worthily is the brain truster of one-eyed king, regardless at any time, him can the neutralize awkward atmosphere. Boss, the front searched large quantities of sea boats.” At this moment behind some people reported.