Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1230

Large quantities of sea boats?” A one-eyed king brow wrinkle. The one-eyed large bowl inside liquor will pour in periphery these bowls on average, he has not given Xia Tian but actually. Brothers, should be the people who other eight levels of pirates roll, after we drink this bowl of blood liquor, goes to be able they.” One-eyed Wang said that drinks to start directly that bowl of liquor, then falls the bowl above the cabin. Other people also one after another fell the bowl above the cabin. The blood oath has been completed. Brothers who from now on they together will risk one's life. Then, they must go through the remaining difficulties together, what enemy regardless in front of them has, they will fight to the last drop of blood. Large quantities of sea boats appear, this only then a possibility, that was other eight levels of pirate groups appeared, the entire Pacific Ocean only then 20 eight levels of pirates rolled and 50 seven levels of pirate groups, although they not necessarily all knew, but many have also listened to each other reputation. Xia Tian already rolled to understand to these pirates, this is also he in the place that the one-eyed is interested, altogether on 50 seven levels of pirate groups, currently here has more than 20 people are the captain or vice- captain who the major pirates roll figure of rank, they altogether are the representatives who 12 pirates roll. In other words the one-eyed relied on his glib tongue to convince one-fifth seven levels of pirates to roll and them cooperates. In person of Xia Tian understanding, perhaps also only then Yu He and Zhuge Wanglang had this skill. These people enormous and powerful walks toward the direction of bow, the one-eyed king directly has issued afterward the order, approached these sea boats the ship, the opposite party also had as if discovered the one-eyed pirate rolled was. They are also driving the ship. The ship of both sides starts quick, actually their goals are to see the opposite party are, has not arrived at the buried treasure, among them will be will not have the war absolutely, only if will be that mortal enemy.

Otherwise before seeing buried treasure, they are not willing to consume the military strength absolutely. Quick, the fleet of both sides met, the one-eyed pirate rolls here to have a steamship, 50 intermediate vessels, the steamship is the ship that present Xia Tian they stand, the scale of this ship is not inferior to the warship. This is why the shark pirate rolled wants the warship. Because had the warship, they became half eight levels of pirates roll. The opposite also has steamships and 12 intermediate vessels. Snort, I also think that is, this is not the coward who that can only escape.” The one-eyed king noticed that the opposite that pirate rolls Captain disdaining of time whole face, in his words has been full of the taunt, hears his words, opposite that person facial color is cold. Smelly blind person, you do not think that I have feared you, I just do not want to be mutually wounded.” The opposite that person is also Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, was such shamed by one-eyed Wang, how he possibly can bear. Especially was in front of these many little brothers to be said that that naturally did not have the face matter. Captain that eight levels of pirates roll reason that does not want with roll regarding the one-eyed pirate spells hardly is because he does not want to fall a mutual wounds finally, once two eight levels of pirate groups hit, they have won finally, meets the vitality to damage severely, finally will even turn into the scale that seven levels of pirates roll, both sides will directly possibly disappear. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The one-eyed king was such scolded by the opposite party, not only has not been angry, instead laughs. „Does smelly blind person, what you smile?” Captain that the opposite that eight levels of pirates roll also very obscure. I like looking at your this breathless appearance, the mossback, how is it? Or do we embark together how is it?” One-eyed Wang said. Hears the words of one-eyed king, Captain that the turtle pirate rolls stares slightly, he first time listens to one-eyed Wang such politely spoke to him, before he had also seen one-eyed king several times, but the one-eyed king, the one-eyed kings were one must each time with the appearance of his bloody battle, therefore he has also exercised forbearance.

This time was but different, one-eyed king unexpectedly so friendly spoke to him. The person of this one-eyed king obviously be more than him, seven levels of pirates who under brings roll also many, but this one-eyed king unexpectedly in occupying superior situation, with he such polite speech. Smelly blind person, your can unexpectedly with I such polite speech, what plot have?” Captain doubts that the turtle pirate rolls looks that one-eyed Wang said. Mossback, you also are really a you despicable thing, I did not scold you you not to be happy.” Xia Tian scolded one. Smelly blind person, I am disinclined to respond you, our goals are the same, said again I do not believe you.” Captain that the turtle pirate rolls said. Mossback, the name is very interesting.” Xia Tian said in a low voice, his voice is not loud, in the normal condition the opposite cannot hear absolutely, to speak conveniently, one-eyed Wang Shenbian has a loudspeaker, one-eyed Wang Gang speaks has been useless, but Xia Tian stands in his side, his position is in front of a loudspeaker. Therefore his words, the opposite person hears clearly. The Captain mossback that the one-eyed Wang Jiao turtle pirate rolls, that opposite person will not say anything, because he is the one-eyed king, similarly is also Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, this is in the status coordinated situation, can therefore say. But who is Xia Tian? Nobody knows. His unexpectedly also dares to call the Captain mossback that the turtle pirate rolls, the person who the turtle pirate rolls unable to endure immediately. Brat, your unexpectedly dares such to speak with our Captain, your TM live is impatient?” Vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls stands to scold. Xia Tian has not spoken, but shows a faint smile.

Captain that these seven levels of pirates rolled a moment ago is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, the opposite party this is speaks to scold Xia Tian directly, but Xia Tian unexpectedly smiled, anything had not said that this also lost face. They also think a moment ago Xia Tian was very likely big figure. However was now different, they started to doubt the Xia Tian identity, if Xia Tian were really big figure, impossible to be scolded one not to have any response by the opposite party. Young animal, I spoke to you.” Vice- Captain that opposite that turtle pirate rolls saw that Xia Tian had not answered, therefore scolded one again. Xia Tian had still not answered. Captain that this these seven levels of pirates roll was more disappointed. Their this time thinks that Xia Tian certainly had been installing a moment ago, but everybody does not know that he has used the figure, rolled and one-eyed king the shark pirate fooling, but he has exposed now. Sees the powerful enemy truly time, his ignorant. They think that Xia Tian certainly has feared now, has feared opposite that eight levels of pirate groups. Snort, is really useless waste, my words do not dare to return.” Saying that vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls disdains. Has anything to say with a deceased person.” Xia Tian very optional saying.