Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1231

At will! The Xia Tian manner is really optional, probably is being run over and dying an ant. The opposite party is eight levels of pirate groups, vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls, the Xia Tian words probably are momentarily can be run over and die he to be the same. Captain that Xia Tian these words, the surrounding these seven levels of pirates roll is strange looks at Xia Tian , is a little small excitedly, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian how to end, after all Xia Tian spoke to kill the opposite party. Naturally, he had not said that directly must kill the opposite party, but the meaning in his words is this. Everybody understood what is heard. Depends on you?” Vice- Captain coldly that the turtle pirate rolls looks at Xia Tian to say. Kills you, I do not worry, however in my you are a deceased person, earlier is late I not to care.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls. Smelly blind person, your what meaning?” A Captain face that the turtle pirate rolls angry looks that one-eyed Wang said. I do not have any meaning, he now is my brother, if my brother said that starts, we start.” The individuality of one-eyed king is this, in his eyes, now Xia Tian is his brothers, if that Xia Tian hits with the opposite party, the one-eyed king certainly will help. Also because of the disposition of one-eyed king, therefore these talented people are willing to cooperate with the one-eyed pirate group. „Does smelly blind person, you want to make war?” Captain angry saying that the turtle pirate rolls. Captain these words that the turtle pirate rolls, god gunners of both sides will lift the (spear|gun) in oneself hand directly, the war will soon have launched. The warship of both sides strength separately has also made the combat readiness. A few words. Now so long as were Captain start to talk a few words that the both sides pirates rolled says makes war. Then the both sides pirates roll will fight in the same place.

Nobody spoke, the ship also stopped, peaceful. Sea level wave sound reached in the ear of people. Once makes war, will present the death instantaneously, moreover was large quantities of deaths, this was two eight levels of pirate groups, eight levels of pirates rolled the war, that will be a war, over seven levels the pirates in Pacific Ocean will roll rarely will occur to fight, only if presents some new influences. Rolls as for eight levels of pirates, that was almost more impossible to occur to fight, because they had their domain. Pacific Ocean is very big. Here pirate rolls very many, these 20 eight levels of pirates roll are famous in Pacific Ocean, but this did not have not the famous influence to be able on behalf of the sea compared with them. Therefore they are not willing to make war. Almost must coagulate in the both sides atmosphere, these people must buckle the time one-eyed of trigger to arrive around the loudspeaker. Turtle king, your recent anger also is really bigger and bigger, our eldest children had not said that must start, moreover our brothers said that he also said a moment ago, does not have the meaning of now beginning, but my this friend temperament is poor, if he has gotten rid, we cannot block.” Warning. One-eyed this is in warning turtle king. One-eyed, your unexpectedly also dares to threaten me, you think really I do not dare to make war with your one-eyed pirate group!” Saying of turtle king coldly, no matter what he is also a King, now under these many people look that he is impossible to recognize instigated. The Xia Tian right foot in the cabin, the whole person directly fell on the bow of opposite party pirate ship, distance enough about 100 meters between their two ships, but Xia Tian unexpectedly fell from their ships on the bow of opposite party directly. Fly! Xia Tian unexpectedly was flying a moment ago. Saw that this all people have all been shocked, the one-eyed king also has been shocked, on the scene is the people of practicing martial art, they understand, even if will be Earth Grade in legend is greatly complete is impossible to fly, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was flying a moment ago.

100 meters distance, his unexpectedly flew directly, this simply was too inconceivable. Suddenly all people on two ship all were shocked. Was suspecting a moment ago still Captain that these seven levels of pirates who Xia Tian strength rolled also hoodwinked, they also think a moment ago the Xia Tian anything skill, had not been scolded has not dared to talk back, was the present is different. Now Xia Tian action already thorough shaking they. In their mind presented an idea, is Xia Tian Heaven Grade Expert? It is not but right. The one-eyed Wang He one-eyed knows that Xia Tian status, Xia Tian is the list second, absolutely possibly is not Heaven Grade Expert, but why will he fly? This may really be the legend. This. How is this possible?” Vice- Captain whole face that the turtle pirate rolls inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Present Xia Tian stands there probably is peerless Expert is the same, sea breeze blowing gently on his clothes, the clothes hikes up. At this moment. Vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls felt one saw the devil is the same. On Captain and vice- Captain that the Xia Tian vision in the turtle pirate rolls took a fast look around one, afterward frames on the body of that vice- Captain: „Do you think dead now?” You. Do you want to do?” retreat that the vice- Captain body that the turtle pirate rolls keeps. „A move!” Xia Tian stretched out a finger. What were you saying?” Vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls puzzled looks at Xia Tian. I said that kills you only to need one move.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, cold air appears from his hand.

Day cold sword! Day cold sword presented Captain and vice- Captain that the time turtle pirate rolls they felt that a murderous intention and cold air, they are Earth Grade late stage Expert, Expert like them not in marine, moreover is other country, they also absolutely are great Expert. But their present unexpectedly felt a fear. But those who take to them this to fear is front this seems about 20 -year-old men. Mr. Xia.” At this moment the one-eyed shouts suddenly. He knows that was the time stops this matter, he knew fierce of Xia Tian, once made war, that absolutely was not fights between two people, but was two eight levels of pirates rolls presents these seven levels of pirates to roll in addition the war, although their present influences seem very big, if made war, that final situation nobody can determine. Em?” Xia Tian turns head to look. Now is not fight time, you were also very tired, I called them to give you to prepare the good food a moment ago, is in the sea has food that.” The one-eyed said. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, afterward the right hand flings, the day cold sword vanishes, the cold air also dissipated. Tread! The tip of the toe of Xia Tian to the front point, several silver needles also projects afterward, his speed overtook the front silver needle quickly directly, therefore he achieved from the sky flew, but the time cannot be too long. Bang! In Xia Tian just about to falls on ship, nearby sea level suddenly fierce rocked, a Xia Tian foot made a false step has fallen into the water directly.