Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1232

This Xia Tian has not thought. Here is the sea, once he as soon as treadons spatially, that does not have any borrowing point of force, now threw the silver needle already without enough time, therefore his body has fallen into the sea directly. The captains of two sides also shout: Is sea beast, all people do not approach spread over, draw in the ships.” The sea beast, the Sea dragon volume and Tsunami are the sea biggest crises. These three types of crises are fatal regarding the pirate, reason that now the surrounding pirate rolls rocks is because has the large-scale sea beast under the ship, this causes the hull to rock. All people saw Xia Tian to fall down, they think that now Xia Tian is more unfortunate than fortunate, although Xia Tian a moment ago seemed very fierce, if fell, on entire was different. The sea is the world of sea beast, the strength of sea beast in water is terrorist, but humanity is different, regardless of strong person, once the launching strength will be limited, and has not borrowed the strength the place. But at this time, water surface unexpectedly subsided. What situation has?” A one-eyed king brow wrinkle, the sea beast comes out definitely to shake around the ship generally is very long, when the time comes they need to deter the sea beast with the shell, the sea beast naturally can diverge finally. Only if bumps into the sea beast or super sea beast that lives in groups, otherwise they will not have the too big danger, once the person falls to the water in different, once falls to the water, that was miserable. In the water is the world of sea beast, will fall into the water and will deliver to the monster mouth not to have anything to distinguish. That person had fallen down a moment ago probably, that must die without doubt, transmitted the wave that to see from the ship a moment ago this time certainly is the sea beast, regardless of he is strong, impossible to defeat that the Freshman sea beast in the water.” Turtle Wang Hai robs Captain of group to say. Good, died is good.” Turtle Wang Hai robs vice- Captain of group to open the mouth to say. Although Xia Tian let off his one time a moment ago, but he may not have to feel grateful Xia Tian, he instead was praying Xia Tian can die unusual is miserable, the bone had been bitten by the sea beast, then the flesh and blood was torn into shreds by the sea beast. He fell in the water!” The one-eyed complexion immediately changes, he understands that what sea beast the monster in water is, even if one-eyed Wang Diao is impossible to live coming up to inside, in submarine, how the manpower possibly resists the sea beast, especially large-scale sea beast. The sea beast that can make such big wave certainly is a large-scale sea beast.

Thinks that he understood, Xia Tian this time perhaps was more unfortunate than fortunate, he together cooperated with Xia Tian with great difficulty, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly such died, he a little regretted now, he did not call Xia Tian to be good a moment ago. Puts the string.” The one-eyed king shouts one. Hears the words of one-eyed king, near the surrounding these people's has all put ship strings. Since comes together, that is brothers, everybody gets down together the life-saving.” The one-eyed king gives a loud shout, this is very dangerous matter, is periphery these person of unexpectedly nobody retreat. They not only do not have the meaning of any complaint one-eyed king, instead was on the face presented the look of admiration, they even more admired the one-eyed king. They believe. If have the danger, that one-eyed king certainly will also rescue their. Bang! At this moment, the water surface has raised wave, afterward all people saw inconceivable one. Their chins must fall to the ground. First three zhang (3.33 m) long sea beast unexpectedly leapt the sea level, naturally, it is not jumps intentionally, but was thrown, this this time man **** the upper body, the left hand was assuming a very strange posture also to exceed the water surface. Afterward his right foot one tramples on the body of sea beast, the sea beast once more rises. This male scabs, body very strong, he is Xia Tian. Rub! The 11 of right foot of Xia Tian on the one-eyed king front bow of borrows the strength, afterward has fired into that sea beast once more, in his right hand golden light flashes dodges, afterward his steady falling side one-eyed king.

Dismantles blade skill, moreover what Xia Tian this using is Gold Thread. Extinguish! Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Afterward the sky had blood rain, that sea beast unexpectedly was dismembered instantaneously. After the hashed meat falls to the water, splashed the water splash. But the blood is scatters everywhere is. Quick, nearby water surface was dyed the blood red color. Presents these people is the overlord on Pacific Ocean, but now they all present all was shocked. Some unexpectedly people so will be big a head the sea beast killing in the water. Moreover broken corpse! Captain that the turtle pirate rolls has swallowed saliva, his present unexpectedly does not know that should say any was good, the present all have surpassed his cognition, he does not understand that actually the opposite this young boy is, why will have such formidable skill. Vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls is the heart startled, he was still cursing a moment ago Xia Tian, but now Xia Tian not only has not died, instead has killed a such big sea beast, must know that is makes their entire pirate roll gets rid not to be impossible to kill the sea beast of such big head together. Because they do not dare to launch, but the movement of sea beast in water is also very keen, even if is also very difficult to hit it with the torpedo and cannon. But now this sea beast unexpectedly directly by Xia Tian killing. You are all right.” The one-eyed goes forward to ask hurriedly.

I am all right, but you must look for clothes to me, here is quite cold.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, my this goes to make to you!” The one-eyed said. Xia Tian nodded, afterward looked at a one-eyed king eyespot the nod, his anything had not said that but these nodded has actually represented his meaning, the one-eyed king also understands that his action Xia Tian definitely saw. Therefore Xia Tian now has been regarded as the together person them. Although is also not life and death brothers, but they have difficult, Xia Tian certainly will get rid, Xia Tian had proven to them a moment ago his strength, had a Xia Tian such formidable person help, their this time opportunity Freshman will also select. Xia Tian returned to the cabin at this time. The Captain anything words that the turtle pirate rolls had not said that set sail directly by own person, he does not want to approach Xia Tian, he only wants to hide by far, frightened, he even felt a moment ago one are facing nine levels of pirates to roll to be the same. Nine levels of pirate groups, that is above the sea the genuine King. But he a moment ago unexpectedly felt nine levels of pirate groups to take to his destruction crisis from the body of Xia Tian. Has remembered to me, from now on, no one must provoke him to me, saw that he goes round to me.” Captain that the turtle pirate rolls has issued the order, other people also nod, they do not want to see Xia Tian this Evil Star. Mr. Xia, front did not confuse the trace island.” The one-eyed walked.