Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1233

Confuses the trace island? What is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is neighbor a biggest transaction island, in the entire Pacific Ocean the biggest trade center, here master is it is said mystical, nobody knows that actually here master is, but this confuses the trace island to be able in Pacific Ocean to be so natural, can see that it is not simple, sometimes in the entire Pacific Ocean will roll including nine levels of pirates also will trade there, moreover various countries' some navy also frequently people here will trade.” The one-eyed said. „?” Xia Tian has lifted the head, he has also had the interest to this fan trace island, in Pacific Ocean unexpectedly will have such unique place. According to the truth, this place definitely already stared, even these people will attack this island, robs the money and goods on this island, but this island unexpectedly will become the trade center of Pacific Ocean. This was too unthinkable. This is just like is placed is the same in one crowd of malicious ghost front cakes. Confuses the trace island to be mystical, although also some people fight above frequently, what regardless of makes into, will not affect to confuse the trace island, if above some people dare to go to rob the shop owner directly, that person absolutely will die on this island, although nobody knows that is hand that who moves, once eight levels of pirate groups, think own strength is very strong, after they had a liking for a treasure, begins to snatch directly, finally that pirate group was destroyed completely directly, that was snatched the treasure was also placed in the original position next day.” The one-eyed said lightly. Eight levels of pirate groups!” Immediately the brow of Xia Tian a wrinkle, eight levels of pirates roll is formidable he is knows that if makes a Xia Tian person cope with eight levels of pirate groups, only if the sneak attack, the opportunity that if the frontage combat, he wins almost does not have, although he can in aquatic fly looks like very fierce, but in fact, so long as were hindered, he will fall to the water. Like a moment ago such. He by a wave vibration, is unable to board the ship successfully. However is such skill, entire China also only then Xia Tian and white jade can achieve. Right.” The one-eyed said: Some people had said that rather offends nine levels of pirates to roll absolutely do not offend to confuse the trace island, because nine levels of pirates roll possibly because you too will be disinclined to respond you weakly, but will confuse the trace island to be different, they will either not get rid, so long as will get rid, that absolutely in secret will get rid, will then destroy completely the match.”

unexpectedly also has such interesting place, it seems like I must well looks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he remains to like this interesting place. There is goes to mysterious region last to stop over, now there person are definitely many.” The one-eyed said. Last does stop over? That feared all people who this time looked for buried treasure to pass through there recently, such an important goods person gathered together, did not have lively damn.” Xia Tian felt that the matter became more and more interesting. Good, when the time comes all careful is on.” The one-eyed said that leaves directly. Xia Tian lay down there starts to study the day to strike the technique, the non- character book from heaven was the rare treasure, but regarding present him, is very difficult society finally that wrap Tathagata god palm, he wants before outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened, spies on access that a Tathagata god held. Like this, if the opportunity came, he can half a loaf of Kung-fu that learns the Tathagata god to hold, perhaps had to be able with the influence of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert resistance, although the Xia Tian method were many, but these methods dealt with the Earth Grade late stage following person to be many, but faced Earth Grade late stage Expert time, he must use other sneak attacks and hands breaks. Although similarly is Earth Grade late stage Expert, but the disparity between Earth Grade late stage is also very big, some people Xia Tian moves can Insta-kill, however some people strengths actually be very formidable. Before Xia Tian had also bumped into several these Expert, that wrestler including Rome, Spartacus. Also some person of list first deicides. Although these people are Earth Grade late stage, but Xia Tian copes with the deicide not to have any opportunity, the deicide will not even use any style to defeat Xia Tian. Therefore Xia Tian must promote own strength.

He several Martial Arts can be considered as now is copes with Earth Grade late stage Expert Martial Arts, Finger of Consonance, seizes dragon, the day strikes the technique. Although these Kungfu are extraordinary Kungfu. However the Xia Tian cultivation time is very after all short. Therefore he cannot these Kungfu cultivation to highest Realm, if gives him 50 years, in these Kungfu casual same can be greatly complete that rank Expert to fight with Earth Grade, will have the superiority. But Xia Tian that time, his enemy will not have given him that long time. Talent, once after the true Expert fight together, that is absolutely is unfair, Xia Tian goes to fighting these old monsters, this in the time is unfair, because Xia Tian is less than 20 years old, but these old monsters are 40-50 years old, even over a hundred years old. However the true fight absolutely does not have to say fairly, match not because you will let young off you. Even if Xia Tian has stepped into a person of list now, he does not dare to have the slight general idea, after all person Bang Zhishi said, becomes Expert, but is not the present turns into Expert. Moreover he is only the person list second, on him also has the person list first deicide. One-eyed Wang Hai robs the moving velocity of group to be quick, because their ships were too many, therefore neighbor has the pirate group to appear also immediately shunts, the fish frightened off. One day later, the ship stopped.

Xia Tian also opened own both eyes, the destination arrived, therefore he also needs to prepare. „Did Mr. Xia, get up?” The one-eyed knocks on a door. Got up.” Xia Tian said. We, this on island the person happen to supplies food and inferior wine, we can well stroll with the Boss going island, but in this island many treasures, does not know that they from which lane, where special product here has, in the sea most precious on is on these land has food that here can buy, but price very expensive, general will be few pirate group flowered that much money buy land food except for eight level above pirate groups.” One-eyed proud saying. This is his glory, although the pirate group on Pacific Ocean has, but the food on land here is very luxurious, even if will be seven levels of pirates rolls only will buy generally also really few part, will be the captain is used to entertain the distinguished guest. Really is the thing vaguely is expensive.” Xia Tian anticipation mounts to confuse the trace island now, actually actually he must have a look at this fan trace island is where sacred. Vice- captain, the Boss makes me ask that now can land? The money of our aback has handed over.” Under a famous artisan said in the entrance.