Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1234

Prepared.” Xia Tian stands up. Since the ship stopped, that Xia Tian naturally must come ashore to look, actually actually he wants to have a look in this island what people, if really with legend is same, perhaps that he can also bump into the China navy cloth on the island. However he estimated that saw the opposite party definitely not to expose the status, here after all also in the Island Country sea area boundary, China navy, if came not to be definitely good flagrantly. Although everybody clearly knows that in this island definitely will have the China navy, but they will not see through an affair, after all here may not only have the China navy, some navy people in nearby all countries here hide. Even the navy of majority of countries also has the sound on this island, this matter is nobody manages, where regardless of you come from carry on your trade here, moreover here master also very much supports them. Because of the navies of these countries, can use own relations with ease, sneaks across the special product. They construct their business to not to make money here, but to receive firsthand news, here person are specially many, is in Pacific Ocean exchanges most places. However here tax is very high, regardless of you have any business here, here master will collect you 50% taxes. Under such tax of high quota, the average person cannot insist. Yesterday Mr. Xia, you rested good?” One-eyed Wang Weiwen said that another vice- captain of his side that coldly appearance, Xia Tian , since stepping this ship, has not seen him to smile. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. We strolling well confuses the trace island, this island is very big, on this also has own resident, so long as we do not go to intentionally residence and shop owner of doing odd jobs resident, that nobody we will be what kind.” The meaning of one-eyed king is very simple, although this island is a little truly fierce, so long as they do not move here business, that nobody dares to provoke them. These words said unusual is self-confident.

He is Captain that eight levels of pirates roll. He naturally had the confidence not to fear anybody. Was good, have not followed, I know that you definitely have yourselves the matter that wants to handle, goes busily, one day later here gathers.” The one-eyed king looks at Captain that these seven levels of pirates have rolled to say. In this island may not only have food, in this island also has various types in other profession of national breaking a prohibition. They arrived here naturally to play well. Good.” These person of responses said that afterward they started to walk toward the different directions, they were not first time come to here, but their also not Chang to come, because this road was not peaceful, on this road had black eats the black person. Sees their actions, one-eyed king helpless shaking the head of, a moment ago before they walked, the one-eyed king has given them a signal flare, this signal flare was used to provide against contingencies, if they on the island to have the conflict with others, that other people will immediately overtake the help. They have eight levels of pirates to roll the one-eyed pirate group to support, they are usually fearless, now had the one-eyed pirate group to support, that did not need to fear. If some people dare to provoke them, they are will not let off absolutely. So long as also in Pacific Ocean, which regardless of arrives, eight levels of pirates roll are the colossi, even can be said as the marine overlord. Person who because nine levels of pirates roll almost will little appear, they usually probably very busy appearance, but actually nobody knows that actually they are busy at anything. Another vice- captain who the one-eyed pirate rolls not, but kept on the ship, he as if little will be interested to be the same in any thing, the one-eyed king has not demanded, he brought Xia Tian to move toward the roadside directly.

Automobile. Xia Tian unexpectedly saw the automobile on this island, moreover is the uniform being used hiring, confuses in the trace island not to permit the personal automobile, regardless of in other words you have any method, you also can only take the taxi on this island. Here person is very probably good.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surrounding person. He discovered that lands to here person is the appearances that gains ground to throw out the chest, their vision despise all, as if not pay attention to be the same anybody. Majority is some new people, they have the different ideas and procedures, they hope after one, turns into Captain that a super big pirate rolls.” The one-eyed answered. Do not despise these new people, in these new people frequently presents some extraordinary fellows, the years dolphin pirate did not roll like this destroy completely, eight levels of pirates well rolled like this are substituted.” One-eyed Wang Tixing said. In the sea, the new person will never lack. These some people are surmising the fellow of dream. Although they the possible temporary strength is too not strong, however five years later, ten years later. It seems like your status are not quite reliable.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that one-eyed Wang said. That is natural, here is the sea, is Pacific Ocean, here has in the world the richest buried treasure, perhaps which person had found the buried treasure in legend in the sea, then reaches the sky in a single bound, looks like this time buried treasure is the same, even if were the person who a Rank 1 pirate rolled obtained, I believe that can exceed us in less than the strength that 20 years their this pirates rolled.” One-eyed Wang said. Really is the law of the jungle.” Xia Tian nodded.

How many gentlemen, you are travel? But here many playing facilities, so long as you like, I can deliver to any place you, hiring on this island does not need to spend.” That driver very polite saying. What interesting matter recently in the island had?” One-eyed Wang asked. Has, cocktail party, a treasure display auction.” The drivers said. Said that looks.” One-eyed Wang said. Xia Tian also started to listen carefully, because he heard the treasure auction. Cocktail party started now, there has the liquor from world, moreover there is a situation of gambling liquor, everyone can put out the best liquor, so long as is better than the opposite party, that can win the money of opposite party.” The drivers said: As for that auction, are not many, I who I understand only know that is 12 : 00 pm starts to auction, has any thing I not to know specifically.” Good, first leads us to go to be able.” One-eyed Wang said. At this time nearby wharf: Told the captain quickly, they also here.”