Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1235

Xia Tian discovered that these walk person who threatens, is actually the people who some new people and preliminary pirates roll. But large number of elderly persons generally is four Rank 5 pirate groups, although their large number of elderly persons, the majority of strengths are however not much, moreover they are fully-armed, probably momentarily will make war to be the same, about 20 people are six levels of pirate groups, the person who although they come are not many, but each is the skilled people, or various countries' most wanted terrorist. Although they also carry the weapon, however their weapons are very simple. Generally seems the team that 78 people make about, that was seven levels of pirates rolls, they will come out few people to carry the weapon, but once carries the weapon, that was fearful figure. Their majorities have wound, some are on the faces, some are, they do not cover up their scabs, because these scabs regarding them are the victories. They use these scabs to tell all people, they have experienced the person of life and death. But the person of go it alone are also many, their status were mystical, Xia Tian in their three, the one-eyed and one-eyed kings have been short of an eye, on the one-eyed any weapon does not have, but the waist of one-eyed king is putting a pistol, the pistol is not the ordinary goods, but after the super pistol after modified, the rate of fire is quick, the firing distance is far, the might is strong. He little leaves the (spear|gun) generally, is he, once (spear|gun), that is also few individuals can hide. Treads! At this moment one team of person entire simultaneously walked from behind, this team of person probably about 100 people, they walk are neat. Snort, Islander.” One-eyed Wang coldly snort, although this team of people have not worn the military uniform, but the one-eyed king was one looks, they lived in Pacific Ocean, therefore nature understanding various countries navy. Especially the Island Country navy, the Island Country navy will cope with the pirate to regard the exercise, their marine power very formidable, pirate who once stared by them, that was definitely more unfortunate than fortunate.

The Island Country navy is not the army that planting and cultivation Sir, each of them undergoes the severest training, the individual battles fights, they are an idea, that is their Samurai spirits. At the World War II, the Island Country navy has beaten the naval fleet of colossus America by the close ten times of strength disparities. This and they usually train cannot be inseparable from. Reason that the one-eyed king cannot have a liking for Islander is because his eye was hit by the Island Country navy blindly, that is more than ten years ago matters. Ok, the Boss, here is their spheres of influence, is not cost-effective to words with them.” The one-eyed consoles saying that he knows his Boss' temperament, so long as each time sees the Island Country person, that wants to kill. When several Island Country aircraft carrier inspection sea, his also strategic place comes up to spell with others, finally was the one-eyed has also held on him. Bah!” One-eyed Wang Tu a spit, the whole face disdained has swept these Islander, general the language in the sea majority is the English, naturally , some pirates are proficient in the several languages, after all these pirates are from world. Em?” That Island Country military officer felt the hostility of one-eyed king, saw the expression that one-eyed king that disdained, the anger came up immediately: Eight!” Eight NMB.” One-eyed Wang Zhijie scolded. Xia Tian and one-eyed block the one-eyed king hurriedly, saw that Xia Tian also blocks, the one-eyed king was puzzled, by the Xia Tian disposition he should not block his is right, moreover Xia Tian is a China person. The China person may hate Islander.

A one-eyed king face strange looks at Xia Tian, only sees a smiling face of face, then looks to the opposite party: Excuse me, my friend drank.” Em?” That Island Country military officer has not understood the Xia Tian language obviously, but he from the face of Xia Tian can notice that Xia Tian is apologizing, his anger also immediately disappeared. One-eyed king this was more puzzled. But Xia Tian China person, but his unexpectedly apologized with Islander, this was makes him too obscure simply, but heard the Xia Tian following words, he understood. Saw only a Xia Tian face smiling face to raise up the thumb to these Islander, saying that then in the mouth kept: Your father died, your mother died, your family died, your Islander has the son not to have the Pi eye, lives daughter to exit to sell, your uncles are your biological father, your grandfathers are your latter fathers.” Although these Islander could not understand Xia Tian to say anything, but they noticed that Xia Tian raised up the thumb to them, smiling that then kept, thinks that Xia Tian was praising them, therefore that Island Country military officer said in English thanked. Xia Tian sent regards a moment ago his family, his unexpectedly also said to Xia Tian thanks. Saw such result, the air/Qi of one-eyed king has all disappeared, the one-eyed was also a smiling face of face, has saying that Xia Tian the move has really damaged, scolded the opposite party, the opposite party must thank him. SB said goodbye.” Xia Tian waved to that Island Country military officer. The Island Country military officer also waves with Xia Tian, then walked, that Island Country military officer now was very happy, generally, they, so long as pedalled has confused the trace island, that many person will be virulent to them. But today unexpectedly presents a pirate to notify them, but also so polite speech.

This makes him have the sense of achievement. The distant place can hear sound that laughs, because there was the host of cocktail party. After arriving at the host of cocktail party , an entrance person opens the mouth saying: So long as your some people can drink up these three glasses of liquor, goes in can be free, otherwise person of 10,000 dollars admission.” 10,000 dollars. This may really be the lion big start to talk, goes to drink is uncertain, opposite party unexpectedly started to ask for money. Your liquor we may unable to drink, gives you 30,000 dollars.” The one-eyed throws 30,000 dollars directly, afterward they entered this cocktail party, here cocktail party the China these anything beer festival wanted style were more, moreover the person were also many, here area was also very big, so long as you liked drinking, here you can certainly find to conform to oneself taste. Smelly blind person, you also came.” At this moment, Xia Tian they behind some people shout. Smelly fish, how I cannot come, is previous time kicks your buttocks has forgotten sorely, unexpectedly also dares such to speak to me.” Saying that the one-eyed king disdains, his opposite person is also Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls. Smelly blind person, you also dares to put on the inferior matter, good, that today we again everywhere how?” Saying of Captain provocation the flying fish pirate rolls.