Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1236

Does not have the interest.” One-eyed Wang Hai robs Captain very optional saying of group. „, You feared.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said that direct stand forth, he has not continued the provocative one-eyed king, because he knows that the one-eyed king is any person, matter that if he does not care about, that did not need you saying that he will also kill, moreover did not die continuous that matter that but if he did not care about, regardless of you said that any he will not care. But in the eyes of one-eyed king, he only cares about own brothers. Generally, regardless of others are how impolite with him, he will not get rid, because in his eyes, person, so long as also lives is having the opportunity, as for shame anything, was not anything. However if some people dare to injure his brothers, that is not absolutely good, his disposition is this, exchanges with rolling Zhang Juan who the turtle pirate rolled like before. Captain that the turtle pirate rolls said him, he is not angry. The flying fish pirate rolls and one-eyed Wang Hai robs the group to do, both sides once had very big contradiction, finally by betting liquor neutralize, has many personal enemies in the sea is such neutralize. Looked quickly that front there is electing the liquor king!” At this moment some people shout. Liquor king! We had a look in the past, the big brother you are five years ago second.” The one-eyed said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, truly, because that time bets the liquor we neutralize and flying fish pirate rolled year to year to the war.” The one-eyed king nodded. That big brother you are really aggressive, in several thousand Challenger, you took second, these people very worshipped you.” The one-eyed thinks that at that time specially excited, several thousand people that he said are only the participating personnel, here person may select incessantly, most at least has tens of thousands people. However alcohol capacity incorrect person will not come up prior. The person who dares to come up to attend the competition how possibly does not have many skills.

In more than 20,000 people finally only then 1,000-2,000 have that confidence to attend the competition personally, their first round is everyone drinks ten bottles of organizer preparations the liquor, can drink ability not but actually to enter the next round. Before the competition, nobody knows that the organizer will put out any liquor, therefore everybody wants to try to pass through the first pass, so long as they have passed through the first pass, that very much will have the face. Moreover many pirates roll the person who is also willing to be able to drink, because becomes friends with the friendship in the sea by the liquor every so often, if you bump into a pirate rolls the time, does not think that the blood put together that only to be able with the liquor to spell, at this time lost one only then can lose very big face. Therefore the common pirate group captains will come to here to find the person who several can drink. The pirate who some have not organized can seek here own organized. That Boss you have drunk two bottles of clear wines compared with Captain that the flying fish pirate rolled, was really too extraordinary.” The one-eyed thinks that time matter thinks their one-eyed kings specially aggressive. Ha, actually I am also only second, the first that fellow, has drunk five bottles compared with me, the fellow is a monster, but afterward heard that he followed any person probably, am whose I do not know.” The one-eyed king still remembers that man. The final that clear wine is fierce, he also merely only has drunk four bottles, that person has actually drunk nine bottles. „The record of that person nobody has broken for these years, moreover he has not appeared again, I have looked up him, but has not looked up, probably was into thin air was the same.” The one-eyed said. Was good, we had a look in the past, has a look to present any extraordinary person this year.” One-eyed Wang said. They have pushed directly forward. Hello, we are the organizers of this liquor king big game, this time registration rule is simple, 50,000 dollars, final champion liquor Wang Jiang obtains 10 million dollars bonus, second will obtain 5 million dollars bonus, third will obtain 1 million dollars bonus, fourth to tenth will obtain 500,000 dollars honorable mentions.” The People sound of organizer shouts. !

Now an ebullition. When hears 10 million dollars bonus, the person was very excited, 10 million dollars are not easy to obtain, even if were six levels of pirates rolls is impossible saying that spent these much money to take. Obtains money the words of such, these young pirates rolled can purchase a steamship on this island. Also can purchase many weapons, must know that in small pirate rolls even the weapon not entire, their people are also taking the harpoon and so on weapon, so long as after they had the (spear|gun), after that saw again the enemy did not need to escape. „The Rank 5 pirate who 10 million bonuses, enough have equipped full Bian rolled.” One-eyed Wang said. Eight! At this moment Xia Tian broadcasts the sound that Islander has cursed at people. Bang! A person was kicked directly. Surroundings these people all made way a channel. A man falls down, that team of Islander leader feet stepped on a moment ago on his face, the surrounding person all made way, although there are a face angry looks at these Islander: Lets loose him.” These person ground that person of companions. Eight.” That Island Country leader noticed that these people dare to think so him, waved to behind person directly, his behind these people rushed instantaneously, is beating to that several people.

That several people want to revolt, but this team of people but the Island Country navy of genuine goods at reasonable prices, well-trained, how that several people possibly are their matches, revolts against several hit times could not breathe heavily to be mad thoroughly. Surroundings these people all hide by far. Strength weak fear was affected, strength strong is not willing to mind others'business, in Pacific Ocean is so, the law of the jungle, the strength weak person should have this fate. These Islander strength, therefore they can willfully **** these people. Snort, later saw that our people go round to me, otherwise sees you one time to hit your one time.” That Island Country leader scolded in English, in Pacific Ocean, the language that English most circulated, this point Xia Tian admires. The person majority in Pacific Ocean will speak English, these person in study, them will not study the speed of English to be possible compared with that any crazy English quickly, because their surrounding people were speaking this language. That Island Country leader said that also stepped on the face of that person with the foot. Bah! Saliva spat on that person of face. We walk.” That Islander waves, their directly stand forth. That the Island Country leader stepped on looks at that Island Country leader angrily in the person face of under foot a moment ago: Hateful, you halt to me.” That person took up the pistol, muzzle has aimed at that Island Country Chief.