Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1237

(Spear|Gun)! Used the (spear|gun). That person used the (spear|gun), at this time his on the face was the mixture of blood and tears, he thorough stalemate, once he surmised the dream crazily, wanted into that super pirate group, free navigated in the sea. But their unexpectedly was insulted by these Islander, the formidable self-respect keeps them from enduring. I must kill you.” That person angry shouting. These Islander turn the head to look at that person, the facial color that they just started is very cold, but is quick, they started to laugh: Ha Ha Ha Ha.” What do you smile?” That person soon fell into crazily, shouts directly greatly. „Will boy, you play (spear|gun)?” Person who was that Islander of head moves toward that to take the (spear|gun) step by step. Do not come, I can to open fire.” That person crazy shouting. to open fire.” A that Island Country leader face despises continues saying: Waste is the waste, takes the (spear|gun) also similarly is being the waste.” Hears the words of Island Country leader, that person time completely could not control own mood, his direct buckle began the trigger. Bang! The sound of gunfire transmits, all people were all shocked. That person unexpectedly dares really to Islander to open fire. But then they saw more inconceivable one. The flash, the sword in that Islander Chief hand came out of the sheath. Bullet unexpectedly was broken out directly. Breaks out the bullet with the sword.

Actually this is how formidable skill. What?” On the face of that person has written all over inconceivable. Since to open fire, that.” That Islander corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Puff! An arm high flies. Ah! The pitiful yell sound sends out from the mouth of that person. Snort, the waste, depends on your pirate unexpectedly also to dare in Pacific Ocean to navigate, was the navy too waste of several other countries, therefore met to ignore your pirates to run amuck, if you have met our Island Country navy, you definitely already died.” Saying that Island Country naval officer disdains. His these words have it can be said that caused public indignation. Presents these people majority is pirates, this Island Country military officer words all insulted them simply, immediately many people all looked angrily at to them. But nobody dares to go forward, because here was away from the Island Country domain to be too near, once made war, the Island Country navy definitely will support, has troubled when the time comes, has not arrived at the buried treasure the place, how they possibly died in this. Then, I will make you die.” A leader sprint of that Islander, has fired into that man instantaneously, his speed is quick, his blade is also quick. dāng! When his blade distance that person, be only less than one centimeter, suddenly had been blocked, at this time a that person face smiling face visits him: Islander, leaves is too dissolute, Pacific Ocean is a free man, but is not your Island Country.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls. Captain that the person flying fish pirate of getting rid rolls. Eight!” Island Country Chief angry looks Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls.

What's wrong? To fight? I momentarily accompany.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls has after death stood several people, these people are the flying fish pirate roll on the strongest several people, their is taking the pistol, is taking the long stick, but in the Captain hand that the flying fish pirate rolls is taking the broadsword. A pirate spoke several words near that Chief ear low voice. Em?” That Islander Chief brow wrinkles looked afterward to Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls: „Are you eight levels of pirates roll Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls?” Right!” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Humph! When hears his words, when surroundings these people all visits him excitedly. Eight levels of pirate groups. In Pacific Ocean is that is the most formidable representative, usually they absolutely do not have the opportunity to experience the person who eight levels of pirates roll, in their eyes this is figure in legend, that type super exists. figure of idol rank. Now this idol such living standing before them. Snort!” After that Island Country leader cold snort , to continue saying: How do eight levels of pirates roll? Can you also be able to block the attack of our Big Island empire warship?” He opens mouth must cope with the flying fish pirate group using the warship, thus it can be seen, he is not absolutely low in the Island Country military rank. Right? Must try, having a look at me to kill you first, your warship has killed me first.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls has lifted the broadsword in oneself hand. Meaning that momentarily can begin greatly. Eight!” That Island Country military officer cursed angrily one, afterward he also prepared to get rid, the training of Island Country was to fighting never flinches, moreover they had their Samurai spirit. That over a hundred Island Country person is also entire simultaneously has arrived at their Chief side, the appearance that momentarily battles against greatly, side over a hundred people, a side has three people. However that Island Country Chief actually very anxious, although the match has three people, but these three people are Captain rank figure that eight levels of pirates roll.

Smelly fish, you are also a little strength of spirit.” The one-eyed king walked from side, Xia Tian and one-eyed also followed. Is you.” Sees one-eyed king and the others time, a that Islander Chief brow wrinkle. Smelly blind person, you come out to join in the fun.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Is he, isn't that person Captain that the one-eyed pirate rolls, the one-eyed king?” One-eyed pirate group? One-eyed king who that eight levels of pirates who you said roll?” unexpectedly all of a sudden Captain that comes two eight levels of pirates to roll, this simply was too inconceivable, my unexpectedly saw all of a sudden Captain that two eight levels of pirates rolled.” Surroundings these person incomparably excited saying. Hears eight levels of pirates roll time, on that Islander leader face presented the incomparably surprised look: He has not thought that unexpectedly presented two eight levels of pirate groups all of a sudden, Captain that eight levels of pirates roll enough his headache, now unexpectedly presented one, this absolutely is not he can resist.” This time Xia Tian was walked, he who a face badly smiled came up to raise up the thumb: „The Island Country pigs, were really too skillful, you in act high and mighty.” Sees Xia Tian to his friendly raising up thumb, that Island Country leader relaxed and nodded said in English thanks. When hears his thanks, the person who surroundings these speak the China language has laughed. Xia Tian scolded him, his unexpectedly also thanked Xia Tian. This was really too comedy, just started that Islander leader also to think that Xia Tian was showing good will to him, but recognized in the vision of ridicule from side these he discovered that is not right: Eight, you dares to play me.”