Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1238

You had a look at you to misunderstand, I described that your true colors, right I have thought that very appropriate words, the dog walked you, the dog stopped you to be shaky.” Xia Tian continues to say. Eight!” Although Island Country Chief does not know that Xia Tian was saying anything, but he knows that Xia Tian definitely has not spoken the word of praise. His vision places the surrounding these people, he noticed that a man titter there, therefore he overran directly, has drawn that man, the sword in hand has placed on the neck of that man. Gives me to translate, he said anything!” Island Country Chief angry continues saying: You, if dares to deceive me, I want you dead without the burial ground.” That person saw Island Country Chief blade skill a moment ago, can break out including the bullet, his neck possibly is how harder than the bullet: He said that the dog walks you, the dog stops you to be shaky, this is the dog basket.” Dog basket! This called everybody people should not be strange, at this time an abusive language in China. Although Island Country Chief is not quite clear, but he confirmed that Xia Tian really insulted him, he was the military officer of Island Country navy, but front the fellow unexpectedly dares to scold him at this time. This simply is the provocation to Big Island empire. You are courting death!” That Island Country military officer thorough was angry, here is recent from the Island Country sea area, to facilitate their this motions, at this time here nearby all sea areas everywhere are the Island Country battleships, even goes on patrol in the nearby including the aircraft carrier. In front of the aircraft carrier, these ordinary battleships simply are the small fish small shrimp. „To fight? We accompany.” The one-eyed king also refuses to admit being inferior, he understands that he does not offend these Islander, that Islander definitely also will treat as the enemy them, he might as well directly with these person of bars on.

He remembered himself blindly that eye on vitality, his eye destroyed in Islander. Now he has prepared to get one, then destroys completely these hateful Islander. Captain that the one-eyed Wang He flying fish pirate rolls they simultaneously forward one step. Captain that two eight levels of pirates roll now thoroughly with the Islander bar on. A war may breaking out anytime. Everybody, friendly disposition leads to wealth, friendly disposition leads to wealth.” The person of organizer ran over hurriedly, they do not hope that these two sides hit here, once starts, their this may probably be destroyed has looked awful, although they definitely will compensate finally, whose but ran away in fear the customer to calculate. Saw that the organizers have acted both sides simultaneously cold snort. Everybody, if you agree, we do come neutralize grievances to be what kind of the liquor?” Organizer's person proposition said. Good!” They also said. We do not want the neutralize enmity, but bets the life, who lost, whose person all commits suicide, do you dare?” That Island Country saying of military officer coldly, his words made the surrounding person seethe with excitement immediately. unexpectedly must bet the life.

Moreover bets the life of both sides. Has anything not to dare.” But one-eyed king confident, although these times liquor king competitions he has not participated, but his alcohol capacity became famous good, here has a custom is each time in the first ten ten years of competition does not allow to attend the second competition, words that otherwise a super liquor king comes year after year, that definitely is makes one's own way to rush well-off, gets married white, rich, and beautiful, moved toward the life peak. Good, here has these many people to make the testimony, if which side did not acknowledge, after him, do not want to mix in Pacific Ocean.” What these words of Island Country military officer said is very good. Regarding the pirate, Pacific Ocean is their families, if did not make them mix in Pacific Ocean, that simply and died not to have what difference, moreover they were various countries' most wanted terrorists, so long as left Pacific Ocean, will immediately be apprehended by various countries' navy, will kill directly. However this Islander is different, at the worst after him, did not step into Pacific Ocean to be good, adjusted a position on the line. I thought that if you dare to renege on a promise, I have killed you, thinks that the organizer will not be blocking.” At this moment saying of Xia Tian coldly, his words have brought to the attention of surrounding all people, including Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls, Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls carefully has then sized up Xia Tian. Xia Tian scolded Island Country Chief a moment ago time, he noted Xia Tian, he and one-eyed pirate group has had the inferior social dealings, does not know that had Xia Tian such No. 1 figure. That is natural, since is the gambling fights, I will certainly not manage.” The person of organizer said. „, Depends on you!” Very that Island Country Chief disdains has sized up Xia Tian one, in his eyes only then on the body and face have the scar talented person to be possible be Expert, moreover must get old. Year to year will be exposed to the sun in person skin of life at sea very black. But Xia Tian has not stained, he seems delicately looks like a handsome boy, on the face does not have any wound, seems is not older, he does not believe that Xia Tian can be any Expert, even if Xia Tian starts cultivation from mother 's womb, is impossible to have the too formidable strength.

Right, depends on me.” Xia Tian said that who he is, if he said his name, then opposite that naval officers definitely met the chin to fall the ground, but Xia Tian Island Country top war criminal, once the opposite party knew the Xia Tian status, that opposite party will certainly call the battleship support. „The China person really very much will also boast.” Saying that Islander disdains, especially when he said the China person. Was good, rubbish, you have several are several, on together.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls was impatient, this competion population has not limited, however test drinks most that people, therefore he plans and one-eyed Wang enters the war together, if his condition is good today, perhaps also really can drink, therefore he also wants to come up to try. Since you such worry to bring death, I help you.” Island Country leader corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward he waved to behind person, sees only in the crowd to walk a person, this person of facial features terse, wears neat clothes, he is also one of the Island Country navy. A such person is nobody will care, but at this time, the surrounding several people have all opened the mouth. Captain that one-eyed Wang He flying fish pirate rolls is also surprised of face, this person they were too familiar. They have simultaneously looked at each other one, afterward nodded, they believe that they will not be absolutely wrong, their saying with one voice: Is you!!!!”