Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1239

This person they were too familiar. The five years ago liquor kings elect, although they darkly are also fighting, but they have lost to a person finally. That person is the super liquor king in legend. Has drunk the person of nine bottles of clear wines, ended oppressively them. They cannot forget the appearance of this person for a lifetime, but they have not thought that liquor king unexpectedly in this legend is Islander, initially one-eyed Wang admired the liquor king, but all of a sudden all respect all do not have now. Liquor king, you are five years ago that liquor king who breaks the record!” Person eyes of organizer have recognized this person, because the image of this person penetrated their body and mind. Once had a legend, most can drink is the Mongolian, they inherited Chinggis Khan's tradition, next is the China northeasterner, is the American, the Russian wait / etc.. Island Country placed setting the base position, the small cup that because Islander drinks drinks a day of also insufficient Mongolian to drink one. Therefore Islander is most is looked down upon by others. But now all people all are shocked. The five years ago liquor kings! That is figure in legend, has created nine bottles of this records, this record has broken to the present nobody, the entire five years of liquor king nobody has broken this record. Right, he is five years ago that liquor kings, our Island Country navy.” That Island Country military officer very self-satisfied saying. At this time but he confident, before the liquor king in this legend, Captain and one-eyed that king the flying fish pirate rolls is just the defeated, therefore he thinks that their this time won, once killed Chief figure that these two eight levels of pirates have rolled, he has contributed to the great merit.

Looks at the vision of surrounding these worships, he very crisp, at this moment he as if felt that liquor king is he is the same. However this was also similar, because that liquor king is his subordinate, initially was also he sends that person to ambush here to come, afterward that liquor king displayed too prominently, therefore he recalled the liquor king directly. What Mongolian, what China northeasterner, is the nonsense, in the face of our Islander alcohol capacity, simply is Insta-kill, whom in do your so-called eight levels of pirates roll are our Islander matches?” Saying that Island Country Chief disdains. This bet the liquor not to start the one-eyed king they to lose. Lose! Dies regarding them, they may be the men of being indomitable spirit, since complied, that will not deny that making them leave Pacific Ocean, this and dies not to have what difference, once they lost, they directly here will commit suicide. Wins? The opportunity almost does not have, five years passed by, their alcohol capacities also not necessarily have beforehand, because their ages cross the youngest stage, moreover is their most crest time, has not won this liquor king. That say nothing of now. At this moment, on the Captain forehead that one-eyed Wang He flying fish pirate rolls is the sweat, after they have looked at each other one, has made a decision, that has spelled, they are Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, even if will be dies will not admit defeat directly, although the alcohol capacity of opposite party will make them feel frightened. When they want to go forward. Heard that this liquor is very fierce? I want to try.” Xia Tian walked from behind. Mr. Xia, this matter has not closed with you, you are not our one-eyed pirate group, you first walk, this is the clear wine, will drink one cup to be drunk ordinary loses consciousness, even if will be the alcohol capacity good person also can only reluctantly and next bottle, after I had initially drunk five bottles, did not know own life and death.” One-eyed Wang Jimang said that he does not want also to involve Xia Tian.

The liquor king alcohol capacity in that legend he found the person , this arrogance soars to the heavens also has to be convinced. However makes him such admit defeat is impossible. He said a moment ago probably their Islander alcohol capacity does have well? Whose alcohol capacities my this China person must try we two to be better today actually.” Xia Tian most intolerable was insulted China, any aspect is not good. Now here few China person, therefore Islander wants saying that has been OK, he said that he is first under Heaven, was he really first under Heaven? That Island Country leader just started to hear the words of one-eyed king, but how also in wants to cope with Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian scolded him a moment ago, he naturally cannot let off Xia Tian, now hears the Xia Tian words, he naturally directly complied: Good, that you come.” He complies is very happy, probably is being afraid Xia Tian to renege on a promise to be the same. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, his vision has observed closely that Island Country person instantaneously: Next time will remember, has to plant goes to China frank and upright clamoring, but in this place did not say that our China is not good, depends on your this people also to match with our China person compared with the alcohol capacity, I medium am not in China inside alcohol capacity continually, today I must make you die am sincerely convinced.” Xia Tian said that walks up directly. Mr. Xia.” The one-eyed wanted to say anything. Was needless saying that this time matter was artistic with you, I got rid am because he insulted our China.” Xia Tian said. Surroundings these people have anchored their movement. Both sides that this time bets the liquor may be big figure. Represents the young boy who two eight levels of pirates are rolling, another is representing the legend liquor king of Island Country army.

They who loses, that must pay the deeply grieved price. Clear wine! Is here fiercest liquor, is here most famous liquor, the bureau match is held by this, but few people can drink many, even if after these super Martial Arts Expert drink 12 bottles, will lose consciousness. Spirit inside density is 99%, but in the clear wine actually content is 200%, thus it can be seen this clear wine is terrifying how. Naturally. Actually that lethality the clear wine may not have, if the normal person drinks the spirit, that quite therefore commits suicide, even if Martial Arts Expert is not good, is this clear wine is different, its ignition feeling, will not have injured the body of person, on the contrary, little drinks some also to be helpful to the blood circulation of person. Is liquor vigor is big. Drinks, I have not lost, today I must make you experience the reputation of my liquor king am not blow.” The liquor king in that legend arrives at the Xia Tian front, his is stronger than Xia Tian, at this time he stands in the Xia Tian front intentionally, can install simply Xia Tian. I ensure can drink you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.