Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1240
Surrounding gathered increasing number of people. Bets the liquor! This is everybody the liveliness that likes looking, especially figure of this rank bets the life and death. Captain that two eight levels of pirates roll and one team of Island Country navies, is that naval officer strength of head is not weak. Today I make you have a look, our Islander alcohol capacity is how good, the person who even if your China all can drink all came, cannot compare my hair.” Liquor king very extremely arrogant saying in that legend. However all people think that he has that extremely arrogant capital, because his is the liquor king in legend. Has created liquor king of clear wine record. Your Islander besides the Samurai spirit, boasted B to be fiercest, started.” Xia Tian said directly. Since your both sides have prepared, we start, simultaneously surrounding friends, so long as you can drink the next bottle of clear wines, that directly enters the step first round competition, if can with two bottles, that directly enter the step second round finals, drinks over three bottles to enter the final directly.” The person of organizer simultaneously exaggerates atmosphere, surroundings these people have called out immediately. They drink the clear wine changes to liquor Wang Dujiu with legend now. Although liquor Wang Duishou in others legend has a person, but they, if can also drink, that definitely can also be budding. Suddenly, these people have taken up oneself front clear wine. Liquor king in Xia Tian and legend has taken up one bottle. Puff passes! Liquor king in Xia Tian and legend has not opened drinks already some people one after another but actually, they had just drunk less than one bottle but actually. Thus it can be seen, actually the clear wine has the how big might. „!” Saying that the liquor king in legend disdains, his left hand inserted the pocket afterward, the right hand takes up the clear wine to drink directly.

Xia Tian is also opens drinks. Spicy! Very spicy! Xia Tian gets into the stomach to feel own whole body resembled the burning feelings, the internal organs as if has burnt, at the same time strong liquor air/Qi flushed away to his knowledge sea. However that liquor air/Qi has not arrived in his knowledge sea, extinguishing has killed by his Spiritual Force, Xia Tian Spiritual Force is very terrifying. After the liquor air/Qi dissipates, Xia Tian understands finally clear wine might, this type of clear wine is the soul of direct impact person, therefore the might so will be big, but does not have what fault to the body, instead can also let person sleeping well. He directly drank one bottle, afterward he looked up to the liquor king in opposite that legend, he discovered that a liquor king unexpectedly matter in this legend did not have, resembled his liquor not to drink to be the same. The surroundings have gotten down but actually a big piece of person. This made Xia Tian have doubts, the might of this type of clear wine was not small, even if were he also can only reluctant acceptance, but liquor king unexpectedly in this legend with drinking water to be the same. „It is not right, where is not right?” Xia Tian deeps frown. The liquor king in that legend has taken up the second bottle, sees him to take up the second bottle, Xia Tian is also refusing to admit being inferior has taken up the second bottle. Thump! They drink once more, surroundings but actually get down a piece, now drank in the person of clear wine has also been able to stand was few, surroundings these people were the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Before they saw Xia Tian fair and clear, delicate, likely cannot drink, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly one breath one bottle, has drunk two bottles continuously, can drink two bottles of people continuously, that is unusual extraordinary. Good!” Saying that the liquor king in legend ponders.

He is a matter does not have. Xia Tian smelled with the nose, on the opposite party really has the liquor air/Qi, that showed that he has drunk , but how drank the person of clear wine possibly also to look like him to be so tranquil, but the liquor king in that legend has not given the opportunity that he pondered, took up one bottle of clear wines to drink once more. Three bottles! They have drunk three bottles. Humph! Scene has seethed with excitement immediately, the liquor king in legend can drink three bottles to be normal, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also drink three bottles, this little was scary, after all Xia Tian seems absolutely likely is not the person who can drink. Smelly blind person, which you from look for the fellow who such can drink.” Captain surprised saying that the flying fish pirate rolls. He fiercest does not drink.” One-eyed Wang Dandan saying. „? Your, therefore is.” Captain doubts that the flying fish pirate rolls looks to the one-eyed king. But the one-eyed king does not want to continue, therefore changes the topic directly: However, he can drink really very much, one breath one bottle, such drinks to drink slowly is more difficult, moreover now his condition is good, in other words, he has not reached the limit.” Em, truly so, but he occupies now leeward, you have a look at that liquor king, his present condition be much better compared with your brothers.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. That fellow truly is a monster, how Island Country may present the alcohol capacity such good person.” The one-eyed king frowns saying that previous time they also such lose to the legend liquor king. One bottle of then one bottle of drinking. They absolutely do not have opportunity of response. Third bottle of getting into the stomach, this has to enter the qualifications of final.

Actually that boy is, he seems delicate, but his unexpectedly can also the next three bottles of clear wines.” He comes with the person who the one-eyed pirate rolls together, he should be the person who the one-eyed pirate rolls draws on newly, before had not heard the one-eyed pirate group has such No. 1 figure.” Although he seems the alcohol capacity is very good, the words that but compares with the liquor king insufficiently looked, when the liquor king with has not drunk now is the same.” Surroundings these person of surprised Xia Tian alcohol capacity good also thinks that Xia Tian definitely could not win the liquor king in that legend, after all now the condition of that liquor king may be much better compared with Xia Tian. The liquor king in legend has taken up the fourth bottle of clear wines. At this moment, Xia Tian has discovered the clue: „It is not right, even if to play commander-in-chief, is insufficient maintains this posture.” In a flash. The X-Ray Vision eye opened, Xia Tian looked to the vision looked at the legend liquor king to place the hand in pocket, there this time has soaked, but on his finger was also having the liquid flow. Sees here time, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he finally yes what's the matter: Originally is this, has not thought that this means are also good.” Xia Tian has not thought that liquor king unexpectedly in this legend used this means to arrange the liquor. Hey, does the Island Country pig, you then meet the drink to death you to believe?” Xia Tian took one bottle of clear wines to arrive in front of that legend liquor king, then drank.