Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1241

The fourth bottle! They have drunk the fourth bottle at this time. The surrounding these people have burst with joy thoroughly, the legend liquor king can drink four bottles of them not to be surprised, but Xia Tian can also drink four bottles of this to make them feel that was inconceivable. Person who can drink four bottles of clear wines, that may be very extraordinary, but Xia Tian unexpectedly achieved. Good terrifying alcohol capacity.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Four bottles, looked at his present condition, at least drinks the next six bottles not to have the issue.” The one-eyed king noticed that the Xia Tian condition is good, he guessed the Xia Tian alcohol capacity. „The liquor king present situation of is also very good, his as if matter does not have, this is really one living the monster, has drunk four bottles of clear wines, unexpectedly also as if nothing has happened.” Saying of Captain admiration the flying fish pirate rolls. Xia Tian is standing in the side of legend liquor king now, among them distance , is less than several centimeters. Meanwhile, the Xia Tian corners of the mouth show a faint smile: I said that will drink you, that certainly will drink you.” „!” The legend liquor king has taken up the fifth bottle of liquor, front he was a little also sigh with emotion the alcohol capacity of this boy, he has not thought that the alcohol capacity of this boy so will be good, but he also had enough self-confidence to his means. He believes that regardless of the alcohol capacity of opposite party is much good, is impossible to win own. Xia Tian has also taken up the fifth bottle of liquor. This bottle of liquor are regarded as to you see off.” Xia Tian drinks directly the liquor, saw that Xia Tian drank the liquor, that legend liquor king also directly gained ground to drink the liquor. But at this moment, his complexion immediately changes, the look starts lax: Anything!!!” I have not thought that your body unexpectedly underwent the transformation, above the esophagus unexpectedly has connected a pipe, this pipe linked up your finger, the liquor that therefore you drank had pointed at discharges outside body, in this case, regardless of you drink many not to be drunk, like you can the person of the free switch esophagus and pipe also really be the monster, but a moment ago shit nearly your time will have connected the pipe of your esophagus destroying, in other words now the liquor all flowed in your within the body.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at the opposite party to say.

Moreover, Xia Tian also quietly his body sealing up, in other words him now all organs was unable to digest the clear wine, then this strong clear wine instantaneously will turn into the fatal toxicant. You.” On the face of legend liquor king has written all over unwillingly, his body pouring slowly on the ground. The vitality vanished. The people drink, reason that will have the drunk feeling because of the body in the digestion spirit, good that some people digest, can drink, some people digest few that is not good to drink. Some people think that is walks the spleen and walks the reason of kidney. Actually is reason that because digests. If the body digestion ability of person all vanished, that spirit completely will block in the body, turns violently poisonously, finally dies a violent death. The liquor king who now in this legend leaves behind record like this died in their front. Anything!!” On the face of Island Country leader has written all over inconceivable. The Xia Tian words, they heard a moment ago clearly, he naturally knows own this subordinate has transformed after the scientists, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has discovered this point. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly also destroyed pipe, making his subordinate die a violent death. The technique is inferior to the person, he is speechless. But now he must face a very serious issue, that is the gambling makes. What they just started to bet is life.

You lost.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Island Country leader. Attractive, originally is such a matter, I said why he drinks has probably not drunk to be the same, originally he arranged.” Captain excited saying that the flying fish pirate rolls, he saw on the under foot and pants of that legend liquor king is the water, usually in the situation some people will not note this point, because in the sea a little water was very normal, moreover one will be seasoned. But now after a Xia Tian such saying, they all strokes along. Any legend liquor king, any record, is deceives people, he uses the record that this method has left behind. Island Country Chief clenches teeth: We walk.” Wait / Etc., you made a mistake probably, what we bet was the life and death.” Xia Tian coldly looks to that Island Country Chief. Snort, I also said a moment ago, if some people renege on a promise, that never step into Pacific Ocean, I later do not step into Pacific Ocean and that's the end.” Island Country Chief very intelligent, he had completed the card in a hand a moment ago, his second words do not have any superiority regarding the pirate, because pirate, once leaves Pacific Ocean, then with dying not to have what difference, but if Islander has reneged on a promise differently. They leave Pacific Ocean same to live. I have also said that if you dare not to keep the commitment, I will have killed you personally.” Xia Tian said. Depends on you?” Island Country Chief has sounded the signal flare in his hand instantaneously. Called the person, this Island Country Chief called the person. Right, depends on me.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his right hand, afterward he moves toward Island Country Chief step by step. „Do you want to do? I warned you, this time we came several thousand people, a moment ago my sending a message number time, they have caught up . Moreover the nearby also had our warships, if you dare to move me, you absolutely were impossible to live are leaving this island.” That Island Country Chief warning said. Right? Several months in your Island Country set out in the situations of all military strength, I can still calm departure, then you can I be what kind of now?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains.

In the Island Country territory, he can departure safely, that say nothing in Pacific Ocean. Several months ago?” That Island Country Chief facial color immediately changes: Actually are you who?” I was your Island Country nemesis, Asura of death.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. You are Xia Tian!!!” That Island Country Chief facial color immediately changes, he understood finally, front person certainly is Island Country top war criminal Xia Tian, the Xia Tian terrifying he has heard. It can be said that Island Country all military officers have heard this name. Also is existence that all people hate to the marrow of the bones, Xia Tian destroyed the Island Country air-defense base, moreover gave back to Island Country to leave behind the deep shame. Right, is I.” A Xia Tian right hand forward finger. Xia Tian! Hears this name time, the Captain complexion that the flying fish pirate rolls changes, he knows why finally the one-eyed king spoke a moment ago time covers up, because the Xia Tian status was really too special. Person list second! China Advanced military officer. This is all of them knows.