Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1242

Do not say is Pacific Ocean, even if in the world, so long as were famous figure knew the person list. Especially first several of person list. That is day after day under strongest a group of people have heard, because they had became the peerless Expert potentials, the person in the peerless Expert ranks are many, but the majority halts in this. Among them was not the Realm disparity, but was Martial Arts or Core Law. At this time on true whose Martial Arts Advanced manifested. Before, whose Realm was high, who was fierce, Earth Grade Expert came up to be greatly complete on Insta-kill Profound Grade, but similarly was in the Earth Grade greatly complete situation, that did not have the Realm disparity. But is some Martial Arts style or the understanding to weapon. These Earth Grade greatly complete people are dozens years of even over a hundred years have not promoted Realm, they are studying more profound Martial Arts and Core Law, in these years and over a hundred years promoted to be greatly complete to Earth Grade on enough these super talents. Therefore they must note this super talent. Xia Tian is the person list second! Therefore hears this name again time, surroundings these talented people so will be surprised. That Island Country Chief very surprised, but Xia Tian the Island Country top war criminal, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will appear here. You are really Xia Tian!” That Island Country Chief panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, before he had heard fierce of Xia Tian, although he also pledged at that time saw Xia Tian will certainly tear to shreds Xia Tian. But when he sees Xia Tian really at that moment, he actually does not dare to begin. Right, therefore you should know your being out.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, he is the Island Country most wanted terrorist, usually these Island Country military officers have not offended him, he will not let off, that say nothing of now this situation.

„Do you want to do? I warned you, by this island we may stop the warship, moreover our soldiers were building up to here, if here what happened, they definitely will cross the harbor to land forcefully.” Island Country Chief said hurriedly that he hopes shakes Xia Tian with own influence, otherwise he does not have the confidence to cope with Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian behind also has Captain and their Expert that under that two eight levels of pirates roll. „Are you are taking your Island Country that crowd of waste armies to clamor with me?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, in front of him the team of people, although the imposing manner is soaring, moreover is the regular army, but their strengths are not too strong, naturally has rolled regarding the ordinary pirate truly suffices. Moreover these people who rolls facing the flying fish pirate time also absolutely will have the superiority, because their people are many. Captain that only if the flying fish pirate rolls like Xia Tian card in a hand that many, otherwise their these people will lose absolutely. I guaranteed, if you dare to move my fine hair, you absolutely do not have one to live are leaving this island.” Island Country Chief started to speak to threaten, he knows that he threatened a Xia Tian person to affect is not definitely big, the person who therefore this time simply rolled that two eight levels of pirates has also taken, he knows the marine these people most said was any so-called loyalty. So long as he one also takes these people, that Xia Tian absolutely will obey. When he is most favorite. Puff! Chest one cold! He feels his chest suddenly coldly one: Quite cold.” Afterward his whole person's consciousness vanished. Humph! Surroundings these people have opened the mouth, a face inconceivable looks at front all these, this simply is too scary, was too terrifying. Is less than ten seconds, these Island Country people all turned into the ice piece.

Died! Their vitalities all vanished. Perhaps they to dying do not have to think one can die is so miserable, Xia Tian copes with this type is a pressure does not have including the person who Earth Grade late stage has not arrived, because he has been able to achieve the Insta-kill strength weak person. In his eyes the strength weak person is below Earth Grade late stage, does not have the person of special card in a hand and method. In others eyes, Earth Grade was considered as on is super Expert, however in the Xia Tian eye, below Earth Grade late stage, almost nobody can block his strikes. Good. Quite fierce.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls cannot help but swallowed saliva, although he had already heard the Xia Tian reputation, but has experienced after with own eyes, he knows that anything is called the terrifying. Ten seconds were less than have solved one team of Island Country navies, moreover this Elite Army. The one-eyed king was also more and more shocking, he had seen a Xia Tian fierce place before, that was the opposite party sea beast time, at that moment he suspected that Xia Tian was also a person, simply was the monster. Is the monstruous talent. At that time he suspected Xia Tian is the strength greatly infinite that person, but he knows that now he has made a mistake, Xia Tian that he saw was just the tip of the iceberg. He finally understood now why Xia Tian became the person list second. Then called the true strength. Walks, you did not say that here also has lively!” Xia Tian looked at a one-eyed Wang to say. Em, truly also treasure display auction, but I worried that Islander will retaliate you.” One-eyed Wang Tixing said.

All right, I do not fear them, does not know that you did fear?” Xia Tian very serious looks to the one-eyed king. Cracks a joke, I am the Captain one-eyed king who eight levels of pirates roll, they dare to come, I twist and break their necks.” The one-eyed king is also an absolute strong person, especially when treats Islander, will treat others him possibly to joke it away, because he will observe the marine custom, that will live is being the top priority. However treats Islander he unable to be calm, his eye was made by Islander blindly. That is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. After one hour, several hundred Island Country navies have caught up, when they come, saw these neat ice pieces, when a hand of military officer bumps into when an ice piece, that ice piece crushes instantaneously. Crash-bang. After ice piece smashing, was blown off by wind directly. What? This what's the matter?” That Island Country military officer has person to catch the passing by the road person in all directions directly, finally he asked finally reason, he knew a name of person. Xia Tian! Hears this name time he has not spoken. Because this name he was too familiar, the Island Country top war criminal, they take Xia Tian not to have the means to the present, because Xia Tian is the China military officer, they killed the person who China went to also dead. Now his unexpectedly heard Xia Tian to leave the China extent of protection. „Above quickly informs, now the present is confusing the trace island, we should take any measure.” That Island Country military officer orders saying that on his face presented an excitement: Xia Tian, this time should nobody protect you, I must be surely Island Country redeem the prestige.”