Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1243

This news has first fed in the Island Country naval headquarters. Marshal, confuses the trace island to spread the news, has discovered top war criminal Xia Tian, the homicide the area south of Yellow River major general.” Under a famous artisan reported. Asked five senior generals to come.” Saying of marshal coldly. The Island Country admiral first passed to above this news, after ten minutes, above passes on an information, after seeing this information, the admirals have opened the mouth. Anything!! Deals with a person, has a need for this.” Admiral very puzzled saying, but he saw the material that then passes on he understood. The quick five senior generals build up completely, recently was just right five senior generals to come back to handle the matter, therefore five senior general complete collections were uneven. First has a look at the materials in your hand!” The admirals said. Five senior generals read material in the hand, the Island Country navy five senior general separately control five big sea areas, their strength each is very formidable, guards a side. Also because of their five, therefore Island Country will have the so formidable navy, and ensure the Island Country sea area was not encroached. These five people separately are the blade emperor too one, the (spear|gun) emperor rill, axe emperor Sasaki, flying emperor Tai'e, hammers the emperor vegetation. These five people all are very famous people. It can be said that is known to everybody to be known to everybody in the coastal water, in their ordinary circumstances will not get rid, once has gotten rid, then regarding the pirates absolutely is a ruinous attack. It is said their strengths can ruin seven levels of pirate groups conveniently, even if eight levels of pirates rolls is also pursued throws the helmet to abandon one's armor. This is the Island Country navy five senior generals.

They five strengths will not compare the China senior general strength to be bad absolutely. Marshal, this is not the material of that war criminal, when however he turned into China Dragon Group represent Leader.” Before the news that blade emperor too very optional saying, they obtain was very long, Xia Tian just becomes the Dragon Group represent Leader time. Present Xia Tian is Dragon Group official vice- Leader. Boy so was young fierce, is really extraordinary, but he gives the loss that we Island Country incurs not to be young.” The (spear|gun) emperor rill has turned upwards one leg on the other. Just received the news, he appeared in confusing the trace island, moreover he has also killed the major general area south of Yellow River, the status in area south of Yellow River I think that I was needless to say anything, if this time matter were not solved, the battle between parties will appear, let alone the opposite party was the Island Country top war criminal, the strength cannot be underestimated, on this time matter paid great attention, you had a look.” The admirals have placed on that news the table. When their several see that news on table. What?” Five people all stare. Ha Ha Ha Ha, was really too interesting.” Hammers emperor vegetation excited laughing saying that he has not thought to such on a boy unexpectedly have used that thing. This matter is the first time, although he is the Island Country top war criminal, but does not need such to drag in lots of people.” Axe emperor Sasaki said. Interesting, was too interesting.” Flying emperor Tai'e shows a faint smile. Was good, I called you to come to solve this matter, happen to the buried treasure in that legend was born, since appeared in our Island Country sea area, you gave me to come back the buried treasure belt.” The admirals said. Saw that the admirals are so earnest, they have stood, they must go to prepare this time matter respectively. Since is admirals personally orders, they naturally cannot belittle.

Confuses in the trace island. These Island Country navies look around for the Xia Tian trail. „The gentleman, will discover him.” The Island Country navy reported. Good, since has discovered that that makes me contribute to a great merit.” In Island Country will say excitedly, but Xia Tian Island Country top war criminal, so long as has solved Xia Tian, he has contributed to the great merit. How this type of pendulum he will miss in present merit. But, in the lima wood gentleman, the blade emperor senior general will make us stand by and wait for orders a moment ago, has not made us attack.” Under a famous artisan said hurriedly. Shuts up to me, how such good opportunity I possibly miss, now here is not only then my lieutenant general, if were snatched this merit by them, after me, could not gain ground before them, you will also be bullied by their people.” In the lima wood took a fast look around on that several people the vision. Hears the words of lima wood lieutenant general, the people of several other oppositions did not speak. Truly so, in the Island Country navy, there is the division of clique, especially in this rank downward, which you will mix in, which influence that is representing. But the status will be related with their back parties, naturally, which person but must look at the navy senior generals toward, the navy senior generals naturally like the ability strong person. The merit that you perform gets bigger and bigger, you have the component in the eyes of senior general on exceed, exceed has the right to speak. This time merit is very big, Xia Tian is the Island Country first war criminal, so long as holds him, that merit naturally is very big, when the time comes he will become the blade emperor senior general under one challenged. Thinks of here, he was more indignant.

Walks, all calls to me nearby person, do not alarm several other lieutenant generals.” In the lima wood will tell, he does not hope the merit was robbed by others. Xia Tian they are loafing at this display auction now, he is disappointed regarding this auction, in the person of goods regarding Pacific Ocean this auction auctions is the most precious object, but regarding Xia Tian is actually not anything, because here sells is only in Pacific Ocean no thing, Xia Tian frequently can see outside firmly. Hey, your several are not Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, as for is so excited.” Xia Tian very speechless saying, this type of thing their unexpectedly so is also excited. Bang! The gate of exposition was shoved open. Xia Tian, you leave to me.” Drinks from the entrance greatly transmits, afterward the enormous and powerful crowd appears in the entrance. The navy, is the Island Country navy. In the room all people all looked at the vision to the entrance place, because of there dense one piece, some people looked to outside from the window that then shouted loudly: Navy, is the Island Country navy, the population cannot look up.” Meanwhile. A Hidden Sect most secret place, there has this super Expert, this super Expert was not this world, but he actually outside the hole for Heavenly Connection opened to come here. Present he received all expressions, stood in front of a dark gate: „Does master, what have to tell?”