Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1245

This time scene has shaken all people. Island Country navy. Here has the navy of blotting out the sky. Most at least 2,000-3,000 celebrities, these many people all encircle here, seems the imposing manner is full, at this time their muzzle has simultaneously aimed at Xia Tian, these many (spear|gun)s, regardless of Xia Tian they are Expert of any rank are impossible to run away. Two! That vice admiral shouts directly. The person who surroundings these watch the fun all hides by far, does not dare to approach here, nearby here turned into the risk area completely, the bullet not long eye, if they are away from is too near, which bullet flies to hit a target they, that may die was miserable. The Xia Tian right hand grasps, the cold light sword appears instantaneously in his hands. Captures the ringleader first, he will plan to stress first of opposite party , will then threaten these people with him. Otherwise these many round of bullets, even if he impossible safe and sound departure, say nothing of behind that several people, Xia Tian do not hope that their several were implicated because. I come to look up for you.” The one-eyed king right hand opened fire to the sky. Bang! Bang! The enormous and powerful crowd flushed from behind, originally one-eyed Wang all had already prepared, he clearly knows that the opposite party can come to look for trouble, how he may sit waiting for death, the person who the entire one-eyed pirate rolls from flushed in all directions. Anything!” Sees such scene, Vice Admiral Island Country the complexion changes, looks like from this population scale, he also is really had a scare, about some scale two who because the ordinary eight levels of pirates roll, but periphery kills over ten thousand people now.

They more than 2000 people, but periphery unexpectedly kills these many people now, this was too terrifying, this influence has been able to compare favorably with nine levels of pirates to roll. You also really like showing off.” Captain helpless shaking the head of the flying fish pirate rolls, he has launched the signal afterward, shortly after his transmitting message, the surrounding ground also rocked, the person who the flying fish pirate rolled also came. This population added already 10,034. The quantity of Island Country navy seems, but one compared with does not have now. Hateful, your this crowd of pirate unexpectedly dare to encircle our navy, are you when our navy nobody.” That Vice Admiral Island Country angry saying, at this time the navy population of this island may be many. But they divide the gang distribution, therefore has not moved together. But once comes across the crisis, they can definitely come the help. You can try to call the person, but I can guarantee, before your person came, all your Island Country navies here will die.” One-eyed Wang Dandan saying, he is the one-eyed king, the eight levels of pirate groups on Pacific Ocean, Expert in Expert. How he possibly lets person to bully. Especially now his under also more than ten seven levels of pirate groups, these pirates roll use for him now. This is over ten thousand people of armies, this scale soon could catch up with the strength that nine levels of pirates roll, although nine levels of pirates roll not by the quantity, but these many people seem the imposing manner are very formidable. One-eyed king these words are not throw a bluff on, however opposite that Vice Admiral Island Country is not affable: „Do brothers, you fear death?” Did not fear!” These Island Country navies shout together. Good, your muzzles to middle that several fellows, even if dies must let them, when is buried along with the dead.” The Island Country vice admiral shouts loudly, imposing manner, is to compete the imposing manner now time.

Whose imposing manner, who can fool the opposite party, naturally could not fool, that is also one dies. Captain that the one-eyed Wang He flying fish pirate rolls was not frightened in a big way, they are Captain that eight levels of pirates roll, do they fear death? Naturally has feared, but must divide the time, now they do not fear death, if now they recognized instigated, after that their subordinate will also instigate that soldier flaming one flaming nest, they will be Captain that eight levels of pirates rolled. Possibly how to recognize instigated. Brothers, the muzzle aims at inside, I look up three integers to carry on the disorder strafe, a living witness does not remain.” The one-eyed king shouts. Has you, my this whole life also value, listened to the words of smelly blind person to me, he looked up three, your to open fire.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls shouts loudly. The surrounding these people have not spoken, because this is the order of their Captain, moreover they know that at this moment was they want to say any one-eyed king they will not agree. One! A moment ago was in that Island Country Zha Shu, now was one's turn one-eyed Wang Chashu, who looked up to count who occupied the situation in the heart. Has saying that in that Island Country a little has also feared the heart, after all his at risk of life finally also can only be middle that several people, he can look, the one-eyed king their several has held the determination that must die. Hateful, if I met skill of that Insta-kill one group of people good.” Xia Tian innermost feelings depressed saying, he can look, now both sides have completed the determination that must die. In other words, they no one will recognize instigated that no one will be fooled. Words that this strong disposition meets the tough head-on with toughness, then can only perish together finally. The one-eyed pirate rolled these person also some start controls that and flying fish pirate rolled to sweat, they know that now is not talked too much, therefore they can only, if one-eyed Wang Han to three times, they will directly start to strafe, revenged for their eldest children directly. Two!

The one-eyed king has been ready that went. Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls also turns toward prepares to get rid at any time, although he has prepared the death, but he must before draw in several pad backs at the point of death. This distance, I seize the probability of king am 60%, almost, should put together.” The Xia Tian right hand in a flash, Movement Technique of under foot has prepared, he is gathering the strength, this, he must achieve strikes to seize. Stops.” At this moment, on a nearby roof has broadcast a sound, hears this sound time, all people all looked up to that person, the appearance of this person was strange, the upper body was short, gets down the height, his leg had one meter about four, a strange appearance, saw his time, the one-eyed king has not looked up. Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls also relaxed own body. Deeping frown of that vice admiral, front person came, that this fight was neutralize. Lays down the (spear|gun)!” The Island Country vice admiral said. Lays down the (spear|gun).” The one-eyed king was also shouting one to the crowd. Rub! That person jumped down from the roof: Such big weaponry, if hits, we no one must be peaceful, today this matter looked in face that in our Black Tortoise pirates roll, ok.”