Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1246

Black Tortoise pirate group. Pacific Ocean one of two big nine levels of pirate groups. The strength is immeasurably deep. At this time is not Captain that the Black Tortoise pirates roll, but is one of cadres the Black Tortoise pirates roll, longleg. Although his both legs seem thin, in fact has actually been full of the endless explosive force, his both legs are harder than the steel and iron, in the entire Pacific Ocean, his strength can being able to stand in line name. Pacific Ocean and outside different, outside , regardless of formidable Expert is not willing to come to Pacific Ocean, because the unknown factor on Pacific Ocean were too many, a strength stronger person fears death on exceed. Therefore the people outside Pacific Ocean almost little know that these Expert on Pacific Ocean are any strengths. On the land, these Expert almost nobody dare to provoke, therefore they have been familiar with have a high and respected position, however in Pacific Ocean different, even if nine levels of pirates rolls must face their unexpected crises. Can obtain the strength and title that nine levels of pirates roll in Pacific Ocean, that represents may not only be the reputation, but also is competent, super strength, only then the true strength can survive in Pacific Ocean. Therefore in that moment that the longleg presents, both sides will stop their movement. Xia Tian careful has sized up longleg one, he discovered that the longleg whole person stands there as if no weakness to be the same, regardless are unable to avoid opposite party that longleg from any angle attack. We walk!” Vice Admiral Island Country waves, he will not go to greet with the longleg, after all he is the navy, the opposite party is a pirate, although the status of longleg in pirate is high, but in his eyes, regardless of what, the pirates is the pirates. Let his vice admiral go with the pirate to greet, he is very difficult to accept. The following these pirates resigned a channel.

The person who surroundings these watch the fun thinks can be a war, therefore they hide very much go far away to look, but saw that now the people of navy removed, they think that was the military officers of navy recognizes instigates. This war has not hit eventually. After all these many people in the words that in this island hits, that this island also will perhaps lose seriously. Longleg gentleman, has not thought that you also came.” One-eyed Wang Gongjing saying. One-eyed king, try not to cause trouble on this island, otherwise the consequence is very serious.” The longleg said that walks toward outside directly, he comes to here to prevent this fight, now fought to finish, he naturally does not need to continue to stay here. The longleg leaves the later corners of the mouth slantingly slightly one: Person list second, interesting.” Meanwhile, on a battleship. Gives me a bit faster, that fellow in confusing trace island, so long as I have solved him, can omit has troubled, why above will unable to master really will use that thing.” The blade emperor too traces oneself hand saying of blade. The blade name in his hand is called in the monster blade village. Row on name in the world. Senior general gentleman, that side just spread the news, the longleg there.” Under a famous artisan reported. Longleg, that is the head No. several combat general who the Black Tortoise pirates roll, if I can kill him together, after that who also dares to offend our Island Country.” The blade emperor too 11 thinks of here excitedly. One is the Island Country top war criminal, one cadre who is nine levels of pirates rolls, if these two people can kill, that Island Country reputation will curl up in Pacific Ocean all of a sudden, later in the Island Country sea area will not have any pirate to dare to visit, his name will directly also go down in history.

Confuses above the trace island. „Are supplies how is it?” Xia Tian asked. Was similar.” One-eyed Wang said. That walks, I want to take a look at the buried treasure of that Pitt king earlier am anything.” Xia Tian said. Good, we.” The one-eyed king nodded. Smelly blind person, do we form a team together how is it? Covers up can also many take care.” The Captain proposition that the flying fish pirate rolls said that he before with the meaning that the one-eyed king cooperates, since Xia Tian appeared, he lived this thoughts. But Xia Tian person list second, is very mystical, moreover Xia Tian had proven his strength with the fact a moment ago. Good, is rare your this smelly fish to cooperate with others.” One-eyed Wang said. Said sends, the enormous and powerful more than 80 ships navigated directly together. Such scene usually very much ugly sees in the sea, others had a medium ships that one startled are very excited, but here most inferior was the intermediate vessels. After Xia Tian they leave, there are many people to land on the island, these people majority are some nova that raises in Pacific Ocean slowly, that turtle pirate group, the beforehand matter they in secret has been watching. When Xia Tian ascends that moment of island, their people have been tracking, afterward saw that Xia Tian they the Island Country navy encloses, they still there secretly rejoiced, so long as has solved Xia Tian this greatly troublesome, they may happy be many. Otherwise, sees Xia Tian, they must around walking.

At that time Xia Tian cut to kill the strength of water monster to give to shake them, but they have not thought that the final longleg can appear, if not the longleg appears, this both sides definitely will carry on an ultimate internecine strife. Hateful, made them play the power and prestige.” Captain depressed saying that the turtle pirate rolls, before saw Captain that the one-eyed pirate rolls has that many people time he has not been feeling well, he altogether looked for 2-3 seven levels of pirate groups, but one-eyed king there unexpectedly had the close 20 seven levels of pirate groups. At that time he felt one-eyed Wang Jiao he cooperated in teasing him, even if were he worked with the one-eyed king, finally surely did not have the right to speak, therefore he had not agreed that time that afterward his vice- Captain and Xia Tian quarrelled, he has not gone to prevent intentionally, to let his vice- captain extinguished the power and prestige that the one-eyed pirate rolled. But he has not thought that Xia Tian has almost killed his vice- Captain. Moreover strength that afterward Xia Tian showed that is also makes him be startled for it heart. „Does Boss, we also walk?” Under a famous artisan asked. First packs the thing, we will cross one to walk, avoid will bump into the person who the one-eyed pirate will roll again.” After supplies and other things that the person who the turtle pirate rolls will purchase tidied up, walks toward the harbor. But they just arrived at the harbor time discovered that the casualty are innumerable, everywhere is the gunsmokes, moreover in the smog has also heard the excited laughter. Which is the well-known pirate? Leave to me.” There transmitted one to drink greatly. Hears this sound time, these people who the turtle pirate rolls have anchored their footsteps: What person?” Well, probably came one to look familiar.” Smog inside person said that afterward he put out any thing to flip probably: Turtle king who eight levels of pirates roll, but also is good, finally came to select to have a liking for the eye goods.”