Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1247

The senior general sends out, will certainly cause sanguinary rule. Since he lands on the island, any pirate who seems like good, that is instantaneous Insta-kill. These anything super new person, the Rank 5 pirate group, comes up hit being split up, regardless on them many people, are not the matches of Island Country navy senior general. Navy senior general blade emperor too one!” When the turtle king saw the when clothes of navy senior general and dress up he knows that what was. The strongest strength of navy, Senior general. Yo yo yo, but also knows me, you die does not treat unjustly.” Saying of blade emperor too appreciation. At this time turtle Wang behind several hundred people, on ship also 2,000-3,000 people, but he still lacks self-confidence. Boss, fears him to do, our these many people.” Vice- Captain that the turtle pirate rolls goes forward to say. Right, our these many people , he although is the navy senior general, but I do not believe him to be able our these many people what kind.” The self-confidence of turtle king restored immediately. The person who the flash, these turtle pirates roll took the weapon, prepares to fight at any time with the Island Country navy senior generals, they think that own here person of these many, the chaotic (spear|gun) can hit the dead knife emperor too one. Person?” The blade emperor too shows a faint smile, afterward in the monster blade village in right hand cuts directly forward. Ka! Giant blade glow projects. Inner Strength manifestation. However too be formidable more than ordinary Inner Strength manifestation, the blade glow delimited deep ten centimeters seam the ground, shot at the person who the opposite turtle pirate has rolled directly, all these occurred in the electric light flint. Bang! The flash, more than 20 people thoroughly were dismembered by the blade glow, do not have one completely, but the surrounding person is also collapses to fly, distance near mouth spits the blood, distance light also temporarily lost the combat capability. A move. The navy senior generals have used one move merely, made more than 100 people lose the combat capability temporarily.

Anything!” Sees such scene, turtle king immediately one startled, he has not thought that strength unexpectedly of navy senior general is so strong, merely one move makes him lose so seriously: to open fire, gives me to open fire.” The turtle king only implored chaotic (spear|gun) to kill this navy senior general at this time. But at this moment. Bang! Also is the blade glow projects from a blade emperor too hand together, the blade glow hit once more in the crowd, was about 100 people lost the battle efficiency instantaneously. Bang! Bang! Also some people fired the (spear|gun). But the blade emperor too one actually same place was vanishing. Puff! Puff! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells transmit from the crowd, horizontally everywhere flies is the heads, breaks the arm wait / etc.. Frightened! Suddenly frightened has fully occupied the turtle king at heart, he has not thought navy senior general unexpectedly can strong to this degree, how does not dare saying that he is also in the Earth Grade strength of intermediate stage to Earth Grade late stage, may be this strength also insufficiently looks in navy senior general blade emperor too front unexpectedly. Hateful, hateful, runs away, embarks.” Turtle Wang Jimang shouts. „To run away? I have killed you.” The blade emperor too has met to the turtle king flushes away, a blade cuts directly, in the monster blade village as if sent out devil general whooshing, blade unexpectedly has made the sound of whooshing, thus it can be seen, the might of this blade was much big. Boss!” Person who a turtle pirate rolls kept off before the body of turtle king directly, his body was disappeared by the monster blade village in instantaneously. Brother!” The turtle king shouts one, but he has not stopped the footsteps, but continues to escape. In blade emperor too , the person who the surrounding these turtle pirates roll completely not awfully same has fired into him.

Snort! Courts death!” In a monster blade village in blade emperor too hand cuts, extinguishes these people directly kills, although the surrounding person are many, but nobody can block the blade emperor too one any one strikes. The Island Country navy five senior generals, each have the most unique strength. Blade emperor too blade skill unparalleled. Also because of his formidable blade skill, the sea area that therefore he controls so will be peaceful, the how formidable enemies do not want to cause trouble in his domain, the senior general usually little gets rid, once will get rid to create the ruinous attack to these pirates. Ah! Pitiful yell sound unceasing transmitting, the turtle king had not turned head. Run away! He only wants to run away now, he has never thought will come across this crisis, the match was really too formidable, that blade made him feel that a moment ago death, a monster blade in blade emperor too hand, probably was one living the monster was the same. Make him scared. 800-900 people, are less than five minutes, complete death, only then less than ten people returned to their warship, other people all died, moreover loathsome appearance very miserable. Sets sail, walks!” The first matter that the turtle king embarks is orders his ship quickly to leave here, but they have not gone out of the far time, heard the following loudly bang. Bang! Bang! The explosive sound transmits from behind together. What happened?” Turtle king shocking shouting. Boss, is not good, is the navy senior general, he a moment ago a blade an intermediate vessel from the middle breaking out, the brother on that ship all dies now.” Under a famous artisan reported. What? His unexpectedly pursued, firing off, ordered all brother firing off.” Turtle Wang Jiaoji shouting. The harbor has carried on the war.

Crackle of gunfire unceasing transmitting, the ships of communication hide by far. Bang! Bang! Also the explosive sound passed on together, this turtle king does not need others to report that also knows what happened, definitely was the medium ships is killed, at this moment the turtle king was completely silly. Strong! His first time sees such strong person. Before he had also heard various countries' navy senior generals are Expert, but he has not seen after all, he thinks that was only says the head, added a good name for these senior generals, but he knows that now he has made a mistake, these navy senior generals truly were not affable. Boss , the medium ships were killed.” Under a famous artisan shouts. Runs away! All people obey orders, run away, does not hit, after sea inside, he absolutely was not our matches.” Turtle Wang Dasheng shouts, since his words conclusion, on the ship has informed several other ships in the flag indicator. Suddenly, turtle pirate rolls all ships to open runs away. But has not waited for them to cheer up time, a speed boat pursued from behind directly, this speed boat and normal speed boat have very big difference, this is just like the disparity of ordinary motorcycle among with BMW motorcycles to be the same. This speed boat is quick, moreover very steady, above the speed boat is standing a person, that is the Island Country navy senior general, the blade emperor too one. Bang! Speed boat unexpectedly hit on own initiative on their steamship: Leads me to look for Xia Tian, I forgive you not dead.”