Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1248

If others saw that certainly thinks that the speed boat was insane, because of speed boat was too small, compared with the steamship is anything does not calculate simply that the small speed boat hit the steamship quite therefore to court destruction. But a speed boat of blade emperor too under foot not only does not have the slight damage, instead rushed out small pit the base of steamship, the ship also vibrated. When the turtle king innermost feelings fear , after he heard blade emperor too words, relaxed obviously. Blade emperor too goal unexpectedly is Xia Tian. Also right. The blade emperor too one is Islander, but Xia Tian is the Island Country top war criminal, was cut to kill a Island Country military officer of team a moment ago, naturally has brought in the Island Country navy senior general, now the navy senior generals must retaliate Xia Tian. I, leading you to look, but you must pledge that cannot move me and my person again.” Turtle Wang Zhijie said that after he may be afraid the blade emperor too embarked , the person on his ship all kills. Snort, I am navy senior general.” Saying that the blade emperor too disdains. In his eyes, turtle king probably is a stray cur is the same. Eight levels of pirates roll in others eyes keep aloof, but bumps into the navy senior generals time, appeared insufficiently looked, entire eight levels of pirate groups added on 34 seven levels of pirate groups, more than 2000 elites, finally by scurrying about that everywhere a blade emperor too frightened. Good.” The turtle king knows, oneself no choice, although in sea, but a blade emperor speed boat speed is too too fast . Moreover the goal is small, their cannon are difficult to hit the speed boat. Once blade emperor too kills the ship comes up the time, that will wait for a ship on to will certainly be the rivers of blood at the appointed time, this was on the sea, when the time comes was they also has no place to go. After the speed boat entered the header of steamship, the blade emperor too embarked.

Sees a blade emperor too time, the surrounding these people all hide by far, can hide many hides far, the surrounding area in 78 meters a person does not have, the turtle king was on the face has piled up with the smiling face. Xia Tian also had killed a moment ago his many subordinates, but he looked like saw ancestor's same surface CNC emperor now too one. Senior general gentleman, what need do you have? The liquor, food, wanting any you to tell.” Turtle Wang said. Anything does not need, a bit faster led me to find Xia Tian, if I discovered that you played any trick with me, I will massacre your here all people.” The blade emperor too sat on the chair of bow, afterward cleaned his knife. No matter, so long as he has time, he will scratch his knife. Looks to sit blade emperor too one there, nobody dares to pass, moreover on this ship the hearts of all people hung. Informs, people who does not have the matter gives me to go to the cabin to treat, no one must offend him.” The turtle king present idea of a bit faster found the one-eyed pirate king, then he can get rid of the blade emperor too one to fetter. On ship that the one-eyed pirate rolls, Captain that two seven levels of pirates who Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls and he looks for roll boards the ship that the one-eyed pirate has rolled, on the ship that at this time the one-eyed pirate rolls an important goods person is drinking, these people are over seven levels pirates roll Captain and vice- Captain, these many big figure are drinking together, scene naturally very magnificent. Brother Xia, I respect your one cup, has not thought really your small age unexpectedly has such courage and wisdom and strength.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said that he admires Xia Tian really very much. Xia Tian seems is less than now 20 -year-old, he when this age is an unsuccessful person, but Xia Tian had the imposing manner that this grade of strength and ruled a region by force. His imposing manner is the air/Qi of inherent King seems to be same. Was polite.” Xia Tian is also one person who likes becoming friends with the friend, especially looks like Captain this heroic person who the one-eyed Wang He flying fish pirate rolls, does not need to be worried that in Xia Tian with them together was planned.

Because these people are the people who that type will not betray the brothers. Boss, drew near, the front also distance arrived in the god of death island, we have stepped into some sea areas now.” Under a famous artisan reported that they finally arrived in this sea area. At this time came different influences in all directions, has the military, there is a pirate and so on. Because this time buried treasure is 500 years ago the buried treasure of Pacific Ocean King Pitt king, that has conquered the man in Pacific Ocean. Good, the full speed advance, the online god of death island has a look, it is said the present god of death island had very big change.” One-eyed Wang said. What is god of death island?” Xia Tian asked. God of death island is a very famous island, in the island does not have any plant and biology, in the surrounding five nautical miles waters does not have the plant and fish.” One-eyed Wang answered. Actually most mysterious is if you looked on the airplane downward that you will discover this island is one takes the god of death of sickle to rub the type.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Is so mysterious.” Xia Tian said. Bang! At this moment, not far away of ship transmitted the explosive sound, the explosive sound has exploded the water, the waterdrop was blown to fall by the wind in the decks of Xia Tian their this ship. Fired off.

Some people have fired off to their ships, but has not arrived in the range. Hears the crackle of gunfire time, these people who drunk have all stood. But their here the super teams of more than 80 ships, but some unexpectedly also people dare to start to them, that was not insane had enough confidence person. Boss, is turtle pirate group.” Under a famous artisan reported. Turtle pirate group? Were they insane? Dares to my ship firing off.” The one-eyed king moved toward the bow, other people also all followed: Counterattacks to me.” Boss, the situation is not right, they only fired an artillery, seems is calling us the aback to be the same.” Under the famous artisan said. Sends the flag indicator, if he does not give me an explanation, I attack and sink their turtle pirate group.” Saying of one-eyed king coldly, in the sea, fired off has meant to make war, the firing off distance that although the turtle pirate rolled was insufficient, moreover only fired an artillery, but he must give a one-eyed king confession. Boss, you looked that the speed boat came, the speed is quick, well, what on that person puts on is the military uniform of Island Country navy.” Under a famous artisan said. I have a look!” One-eyed Wang Naguo the telescope looked, when he saw when that person on speed boat shouts hurriedly: Firing off, fires off to me, the sniper prepares to open fire, so long as he enters in the range to fire to me.” Smelly blind person, how?” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls asked. Island Country navy senior general, blade emperor too one.” One-eyed Wang Yan saliva.