Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1249

What? Blade emperor too one?” On the Captain face that the flying fish pirate rolls is startled. „Do you still remember two years ago that time?” Captain one-eyed Wang expression very serious saying that the one-eyed pirate rolls. Em, your eye is loses in his hands.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. „More than 30 pirate groups, lose on our two pirate groups finally are smallest, finally I discarded an eye, you have been short of a finger.” The one-eyed king thinks that here is the unusual heart is startled. Although that bloody battle they escaped, but they have also paid the deeply grieved price. Bang! Bang! The cannon is shelling. Boss, is not good, the ordinary cannon is not big to his might, his speed boat speed was too fast.” Rocket launcher, Sniper Rifle prepares.” One-eyed Wang Yansu saying. The speed boat was getting more and more near. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The strafe that these rocket launchers, the mechanism (spear|gun) starts to keep, has blocked blade emperor too footsteps finally, a blade emperor too speed boat starts fast retreat, one-eyed king their here present has more than 8000 people, and uses the people of various types of weapons to achieve more than 1000 people to this direction to open fire, more than 1000 people simultaneously the to open fire scene is the senior general also has to seriously treat. Hateful, this does not hit.” The one-eyed king frowns to say. Useless, does not fear very steals, feared that very keeps thinking.” Xia Tian light saying asked them to stop, such hit, you had many bullets to be insufficient, he has towed you not to have the means with us, gave me Sniper Rifle.” Good, end of mission, dragon, and brings to me.” One-eyed Wang said. The blade emperor too one withdrew the fire area. When Xia Tian attains the dragon, and has sized up carefully: Good (spear|gun).”

Brother Xia, dragon but , and treasure of smelly blind person, he did not hate with give me to have a look, I have been benefitted from association with you light today.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Just started them to be anxious, when they saw Xia Tian that calm appearance, was suddenly relaxed, especially Xia Tian wanted the (spear|gun) time, they think that Xia Tian certainly was the marksmanship very fierce. In childhood has hit the bird in the courtyard with crossbow, does not know that is used to hit the person to be what kind.” Xia Tian took the dragon and to look. Captain and one-eyed that king the flying fish pirate rolls they is a heavy line of face, Xia Tian unexpectedly only have all hit the crossbow. At this moment. Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) makes. Acts moving clouds and flowing water, standard is the same with the textbook, saw that such scene they understood, Xia Tian also is really one with Expert of (spear|gun), but that (spear|gun) that he made a moment ago leaping a sea level fish kills directly. Quick, all these occur was too quick. The one-eyed king had not seen some people can take the (spear|gun) to hit the fish that leapt the water surface at will, what catching probability this is, the fish dive leaves water surface this is not in advance can know that is only flash's matter, it will fall under the backwater, rapidness that too all these have, is less than two seconds, but the aiming speed of sniper beyond two seconds, therefore sniper fishing is a very extraordinary skill. Quite fierce.” At this time by them is the captain and vice- captain the person of rank, has many spearplay Expert, but these Expert saw that now Xia Tian this all was also shocked. As here sound of gunfire stops, a blade emperor too speed boat flushed once more. Bang! A gunshot transmits. dāng! A blade emperor too blade instantaneous sheath, divided to fly the bullet directly. Saw that such scene surrounding person was all shocked.

Expert! Two people are Expert, the speed boat speed so are both quick, Xia Tian unexpectedly can aim, this marksmanship simply was good, but blade emperor too one was a blade chops to fly the bullet, so was quick. Rub! The Xia Tian body leapt sits in the nearby of bow directly, the right hand has flung. Bang! Also is a round of bullet projects, blade emperor too one fast transforms the speed boat about, no matter how he hides, cannot shunt the Xia Tian bullet, although he can break out the bullet, but is getting more and more near along with his distance, the might of bullet is also bigger and bigger. Bang! Bang! At this moment two sounds of gunfire transmit. The blade emperor too has broken out a round of bullet, but on his face has actually left behind a bloodstain, another bullet was scratching his face in the past, although he has shunted this bullet, however the remaining prestige of bullet delimited a bloodstain on his face. Is good does not have the hair because of him, is a bald person, otherwise these definitely made a straight line his hair. Was injured. Senior general unexpectedly was injured.” The person on ship looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. His unexpectedly hit blade emperor too one, although was only the little bloodstain, but this enough has made their surprised, but opposite party Island Country navy senior general, moreover his speed boat speed so was fast. Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) makes once more, this Island Country navy senior general has not made the speed boat move aside, his present goal only then one, that rushes to the Xia Tian front, then kills Xia Tian, although he does not know Xia Tian, but can see this from the semblance and age is Xia Tian. dāng! In the monster blade village was grasped by him in the hand, Xia Tian starts out a (spear|gun), he chops a blade, although the bullet is quick enough, but this type of bullet after is only the ordinary bullet, and dragon is truly good, but could not have injured him.

Was near, he has been away from us to be getting more and more near.” Immediately some people of startled saying. Approach shores!” Xia Tian light saying. Bang! Although the blade emperor too one can block the Xia Tian bullet, but he has blocked the Xia Tian bullet each time, the speed will be delayed, the speed of speed boat will also be delayed. Such pursues, walks. After five minutes. The ship approach shored. The speed boat also pursued. Snort! Doesn't run?” Blade emperor too cold snort said that anything is called overbearingly, a blade emperor too this is called overbearingly, his all alone dares to pursue two eight levels of pirate groups to add on the alliance that about 20 seven levels of pirate groups compose. Similarly, boldness because of one's skill. He dares to pursue also because just his strength suffices, he has self-confidently by a person of strength facing more than 8000 people. Naturally, having made him kill more than 8000 people, that is impossible, but in ten thousand armed forces is accepted after passing an examination the skill of severed head he has, his goal is Xia Tian, moreover Captain that he must roll these two eight levels of pirates has killed, making them know that gives shelter to the fate of Island Country war criminal. Has to plant comes ashore to hit with me.” Xia Tian does not want in this dozen, otherwise by him and a blade emperor too strength, here ship may probably meet with a disaster. Where elects, you will die.” A blade emperor too tip of the toe directly has fired into the ashore.