Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1250

The cadre who two pirates roll all runs to watch Xia Tian and fight of navy senior general. They will not meddle. Because this was Xia Tian requested a moment ago, if they on insisting, that were to the insult of Xia Tian, therefore one-eyed king and the others also all stood in the one side. That is the navy senior generals, this time has perhaps troubled, the Boss is ready, saw that he has dangerous our people too to be blown to pieces the blade emperor with the cannon, regardless of the bodies of his strength many not possibly not dying.” The one-eyed said. One-eyed, your other abilities are I have seen well, however you do not understand in this aspect, regarding our people of this practicing martial art, sometimes this fight is the dignity issue, but is not the life and death.” One-eyed Wang said. The one-eyed was the resourceful general, the one-eyed opens mouth to convince these many seven levels of pirate groups, this first was he biggest skill, but the one-eyed too did not understand the dignity issue of man that had every so often, in the male person eyes, this fight was higher than all. Xia Tian is the Island Country top war criminal. Navy senior general blade emperor too comes to here to kill him. Now they met, that naturally cannot the peaceful settlement, Xia Tian , if the average person, that fear navy senior generals were a normal matter, because the navy senior generals in marine were a terrifying title. But Xia Tian is not affable. Therefore Xia Tian planned that with the blade emperor too comes one positive to war, he had reached an agreement with one-eyed king and the others on the ship, even if he died in battle these people not to permit the help. In the god of death island, is not only then they, noticed that here had to have many people to watch the fun lively, the person who watched the fun was also Captain that various pirates rolled. Today you died, I will go back your head belt, then hung.” Saying of blade emperor too coldly, his sound is joined to his modeling whole person seems is that evil cold. „Before your Islander fights, probably likes act high and mighty.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Big brother, looks quickly, is the blade emperor too one, the Third Brother is dies in his hands.” At this moment side presented hundred people of teams, that 100 saw personally a blade emperor too time does not have any hesitant directly flushed. Courts death!” The blade emperor too has met a blade to cut.

Bang! Giant blade glow has shot at that hundred people of teams. Puff! The flash, 20-30 people of bodies completely were crushed, but the surrounding these people all were also exited by Beng Fei, some are spitting blood, some feeling their bones broke, can stand, only then front that two people. Bang! A blade emperor too blade cuts once more! This front that two people were disappeared directly thoroughly, the person who the following these fall to the ground was also annexed and destroyed by the sword glow, although these impossible to kill all people, these people but who has not died the severe wound could not get up. If nobody saves them, they also similarly must die without doubt. But here who will save them? The pirates are not the people of good intention, say nothing is in this case, who dares to save them now, without doubt is too opposing with the blade emperor. Blade emperor too these two blades periphery these people all will have shaken. Thump! The one-eyed king cannot help but swallowed saliva: He became stronger.” Em, very strong.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls is the unusual heart is also startled. Although a moment ago that team of people the strength was too not strong, but should be also good, strength that most at least seven levels of pirates rolled, but their unexpectedly was given to solve by the blade emperor too 12 blades.

Very strong! A blade emperor too strength periphery all people shaking. All people start not to believe that Xia Tian can win the blade emperor too one, person who especially periphery just came to watch the fun, they think that Xia Tian definitely was the brain has been sick, or was the leg frightens, how otherwise possibly not to run away. A blade emperor too this person radically is not a person. „Is he all right really?” The strength that saying that the one-eyed worries about, blade emperor too shows was too strong, he does not hope that Xia Tian dies here, if Xia Tian died in battle in behind, he naturally cannot think anything, but Xia Tian is he looks, if makes him look at Xia Tian dead with own eyes, that cannot achieve, their one-eyed pirates roll are the loyalty of most saying. Although Xia Tian does not let on them, but he cannot look at Xia Tian dead absolutely. I know that your meaning, relax, I looked the situation is not right, makes everybody get rid together.” One-eyed Wang said in a low voice. Many thanks big brother.” The one-eyed said. Said anything to thank, I know all that you make for the reputation that our one-eyed pirates roll, moreover I felt that I and he are the comparison are also predestined friends, happen to my blind enmity must look for an eastern emperor too report, today should also make to settle.” One-eyed Wang said. I get down to arrange specifically.” The one-eyed said. A blade emperor too this time has not spoken, but is the right hand wields, giant blade air/Qi has shot directly, was that move a moment ago, that destroys completely one move of hundred people of teams, a move all strikes to fly hundred people of teams. Inner Strength manifestation. Formidable blade glow delimited shallow holes the ground, the goal has pointed to Xia Tian, this move of might all people saw a moment ago. At this time they have thought that Xia Tian must die without doubt. This blade might is too big . Moreover the speed so is fast, humanity could not shunt completely, moreover they also saw meaning that Xia Tian has not wanted to move, he stands in same place, before left hand double direction, stretches out.

They think that Xia Tian has been scared. At this moment! Bang! The blade glow and Xia Tian finger hit in together, blade glow thorough disappearance. A so mammoth blade such relaxed by neutralize, probably is the waterdrop falls into the sea to be the same, could not see any clue completely. What?” Surroundings these people all opened mouth, on the face have written all over inconceivable. A blade emperor too blade could be said as the might very big, they also personally saw, that blade almost completely loses the battle efficiency that hundred people of teams hit, but so blade unexpectedly of powerful force was given relaxed neutralize by the Xia Tian two fingers. Quite fierce!” One-eyed king shocking saying, he also really has had an idea now, that is i.e. uncertain Xia Tian to win, because Xia Tian fought time of sea beast a moment ago is the legend. But he had not responded that now responds carefully, he thinks, that sea beast is so big, little said also more than 1000 jin (0.5 kg), but Xia Tian unexpectedly threw the sea level it directly. At this moment, the left hand of Xia Tian double refers to selecting instantaneously, a giant finger empty counterfeit has approached the blade emperor too one. Inner Strength manifestation. Finger of Consonance Second Layer.