Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1253

This navy senior general blade emperor too one is a person comes, those present inside has much has a grudge with him. If blade emperor too First Layer injured, these people were absolutely impossible to let off his. Person who even if no enmity with him also will get rid to severely wounded him, because he is the Island Country navy senior general, killed him to praise to set up ten thousand, became famous in Pacific Ocean thoroughly, was different in other Pacific Ocean and place. Other place the reputation is too resounding, that government first will extinguish kills you, is in Pacific Ocean not so, here any country could not have managed, even if Island Country does not dare to catch these pirates in Pacific Ocean. Pacific Ocean is so big, which do they go to look? But that killed a blade emperor too person, the reputation will have spread over the entire Pacific Ocean, when the time comes goes to his person to be getting more and more, what was main was. An monster blade in eastern emperor too hand and he had used a moment ago blade skill definitely on his body. Who obtains this different thing, after that is representing him, will have with an eastern emperor too same strength, even if the talent is bad, can obtain the slightly bad strength, must know that the eastern emperor too one was one move extinguished over a hundred people of existences, can still mix in Pacific Ocean compared with his weakness that enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water. Now Xia Tian and eastern emperor too one must carry on the final showdown finally. Monster blade imposing manner Heavenly Connection in eastern emperor too hand. Above the Xia Tian left hand is containing very big strength. They have looked at each other one! Death! Quick! The flash, both sides on rushing to each other front, afterward an left hand collision of monster blade and Xia Tian in eastern emperor too hand in one, the formidable impact force have formed the air current, making the surrounding grit curl up.

An eastern emperor the blade might is too big, but Xia Tian has also burnt 300,000 compounded drugs, this Berserk strength the far flier strength has been able to contend, therefore is less than one second, the eastern emperor too one and monster blade in his hand has flown upside down. Bang! An eastern emperor too body hit on a giant stone, the giant stone hit crushes, but the eastern emperor too one was the whole body blood, the bone does not know many roots, if a moment ago were not he is using the Inner Strength guard, that broke to pieces was not the stone, but was his body, moreover here was not the mountain, the stone was that type does not calculate too hardly, if were the stone of Dashanli, that he may on be miserable. At this time Xia Tian stands there, left hand stretches out forward, the imposing manner of whole person very formidable. Quite one generation of Grandmaster styles. You lost!” Xia Tian expression light saying. Won! Xia Tian won. Xia Tian has defeated the Island Country navy senior general. Sees such situation, one-eyed king and the others excitedly has almost not died, their several ran directly to Xia Tian there: Ha Ha, Brother Xia, you may really make me feel the terrifying.” Vents spleen?” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to the one-eyed king. Vents spleen.” One-eyed Wang Xingfen saying, General Island Country hit blindly his eyes in the past, the appearance that time General Island Country was being insufferably arrogant, has not paid attention to him, but his brothers will hit were so miserable, before General Island Country who now oversized will hit did not have that demeanor again. No, I thought that has not vented spleen.” Xia Tian has revealed mystically smiles. Sees the Xia Tian smiling face, one-eyed Wang understands immediately Xia Tian must do, he must certainly make blindly eyes of General Island Country, but kills General Island Country blatantly, this will be will cause the navy to be furious.

Hou Haijun certainly will erupt at the appointed time the never-ending retaliation . Moreover the insect of centipede dies, but is not stiff, although the blade emperor too has defeated now, but he does not have the strength to hit back. Xia Tian lifts the hand. The surroundings immediately become peaceful, because of the vision of present all people all in him and a blade emperor too body, this lifts the hand to represent him to speak, surroundings these people were naturally peaceful. His all, there, who can first kill him, whose the thing is, I will guarantee that he can leave here safely.” Xia Tian calm saying, although his voice is not loud, but those present hear clearly. If before them , the most worry obtains becoming a fugitive after treasure, then all worries do not have now. Because Xia Tian has made the commitment, the person who first kills the Island Country navy senior generals can obtain all treasures, Xia Tian including figure that the Island Country navy senior generals can defeat, has him to protect, who also dares to snatch? Therefore now regarding them most important is who can first kill the Island Country navy senior general, the blade emperor too one. Treasure was my.” At this moment, the person's shadow rushed together directly. Hateful, the necessity snatches, is my.” Also the person rushes to shout. The person who surroundings these watch the fun adds to have several hundred super Expert, several thousand crew, are elite figure that the major pirates roll, although they take individually are not a blade emperor too match, if a blade emperor too heyday, they do not dare on, is a present blade emperor too obvious consumption is big . Moreover the whole body is the wound, the motion is unusual is not convenient. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares like this to me.” The blade emperor too 11 blades chop, will be away from his recent that person dividing directly, but periphery the continuous person flushed. His leg was cut off, the left arm has also been cut off, the rib also broke several, now goes into action to be inconvenient, moreover he absolutely does not have the opportunity to set a broken bone now, otherwise can also reluctant moving. On everybody, he cannot move.” Immediately some people shout.

Heard this person to say time that blade emperor too cannot move, any meteor hammer, throwing knife, pistol and so on long-range weapon brandished directly came, a blade emperor too present was really more and more aggrieved, his body has left behind the wound to be also getting more and more. On together! Kills!” All people have fired into blade emperor together too one. This time, the blade emperor one is impossible to evade this, saw that the blade emperor too one must die under besieging of crowd. Has worked, looked again the old blade must die in this.” Several handymen in buddhist temple insinuated that has approached in the crowd. Bang! The crowd center exploded immediately, over a hundred people have flown upside down, saw such scene, the surrounding person all started fast retreat, they know that definitely had any serious matter. When all people draw back, they discovered that were many four people, besides injured blade emperor too beside also four people, these four people puts on with blade emperor too same clothes. In other words, their several are the Island Country navy senior generals. Five Island Country navy senior generals get together in the god of death island. The blade emperor too one, the (spear|gun) emperor rill, axe emperor Sasaki, flying emperor Tai'e, hammers the emperor vegetation. At this time a blade emperor too arm and leg have joined, their five people stand there, the imposing manner is extraordinary.