Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1254

Saw that these five people all people in time room were all shocked. The Island Country unexpectedly five senior generals are uneven. Such scene is hundred years rare meets simply, usually the senior general gets rid sufficing is difficult to meet, today five senior general unexpectedly appeared together, this made people feel shocking. Five senior general appearances vary, has the characteristics, the weapon that they use completely is also different. Five people stand there as if is a fort are the same, nobody can pass there. Five senior generals, unexpectedly is the Island Country five senior generals, five senior general unexpectedly came together, this simply was too inconceivable!” „A senior general so was fierce, five senior generals together, this radically is the invincible combination.” I must attack that General Island Country a moment ago probably, can they launch the endless retaliation to me.” Surroundings these people all panic-stricken looks at the Island Country five senior generals, they really very much feared now that one-eyed king and the others were also becomes anxious, Xia Tian coped with a senior general so to be difficult a moment ago. Now here presented four, how this also hits. Old blade, you now also were really too distressed.” (Spear|Gun) emperor rill lazily saying. Snort!” Blade emperor too cold snort said. Opposite that is wanted Xia Tian, has defeated including you, it seems like it is not truly simple.” Axe emperor Sasaki said these words time, five senior generals all looked to Xia Tian. Xia Tian! The surrounding person also heard this name. Those present are also some honored and popular big figure, when they hear Xia Tian this name, immediately starts to inquire that this Xia Tian is any background, they on have been guessing before the Xia Tian status, hears his name now, immediately some people start to inquire where he was sacred.

I thought that did you still remember that person list? Xia Tian is not above that person list second.” Immediately some people said that after hearing this sound, the crowd burst with joy immediately. Person list! That is world all Expert have heard the thing, so long as it is said is the person who is in the person list, 20 years later, they will become in this world the strongest person. The person list second, that represents in world all talents to arrange the second person. The person understood finally, why he can with the navy senior generals to the war. But now these people also understood, reason that five senior generals the gathering here, is copes with Xia Tian, a beforehand blade emperor one was not good to cope enough. Now presented such four Expert. Now gets rid, that is five senior generals gets rid inevitably together. Although a blade emperor too body has the wound, but the bone has also joined, just ate restored the compounded drug, has been able to carry on to fight. The five senior general this time imposing manners are strong, their goals have one, that is Xia Tian. All brothers obey orders, standing by.” The one-eyed king gives a loud shout, here they came over a hundred people, these over a hundred people may be different from other over a hundred people, these hundred people of majority are figure of Captain vice- Captain rank eight levels and seven levels of pirates roll. Beforehand these person and these hundred people completely are not a scale. Draws back, this is between I and them the matter.” Xia Tian put out a hand to block one-eyed king and the others. Brother, we are not the people of fearing death, must live lives together, must die dies together.” One-eyed Wang said. Must live lives together, must die dies together.” The following person shouts together.

Whoops yo, is really loyal, I could not have looked at scene like this, since you that want dead, I help you, delivered you dead together.” Axe emperor Sasaki said. Draws back, deals with their five fellows also to be far from the life and death.” Xia Tian very tranquil saying. Good, so long as has matter in our momentarily metropolis.” One-eyed Wang said that the people have drawn back. „Does hit five?” Very axe emperor Sasaki disdains looked at Xia Tian one. „A stinking insect steps on, five stinking insects also step on, does not spend any Kungfu.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Since this fought inevitably, then Xia Tian also planned to start the combustion compounded drug, although his compounded drug has been not much left, but enough he fought several tough battles, so long as he can kill these five navy senior generals, then on value. If the Island Country five navy senior generals died, that Island Country sea military style department definitely will present the careless mistake, when the time comes naturally had the classes of many spy to mix in Island Country . Moreover the new senior general was not good to elect. Navy senior general who wants to train a powerful strength, they do not know that must spend many thoughts. Bang! At this moment, the right arm of Xia Tian presented a blood hole. Hit.” (Spear|Gun) emperor rill very optional saying, his (spear|gun) did not have the path to say a moment ago, moreover leaves the speed of (spear|gun) and acts moving clouds and flowing water, without any flaw, after Xia Tian I was also hit, discovered. (spear|gun) emperor Tadashi Ogawa aimed at his arm intentionally, therefore has only punctured the arm. Famous (spear|gun). Xia Tian understands, in (spear|gun) emperor rill hand takes certainly is a famous (spear|gun), even in the (spear|gun) compared with Quicksand (spear|gun) god hand is also better, because Xia Tian has not discovered his movement, the path that but his bullet shoots should unable to escape from the Xia Tian sensation, but Xia Tian unexpectedly does not have the sensation including the bullet now. Which this time hits?” The muzzle of (spear|gun) emperor rill back and forth gesticulates on Xia Tian: Then on face-smacking, your long is young the time to lead compared with me, therefore I plan to ruin your this charming face.”

The X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. A (spear|gun) was too sudden, Xia Tian has not responded that this Xia Tian does not want to be hit by the opposite party. Bang! Transmits with a gunshot. Hit.” The (spear|gun) emperor rill said. Has not hit axe emperor Sasaki to say. Hasn't hit?” The (spear|gun) emperor rill has stood the body, he usually is a lazily appearance, now hears own (spear|gun) not to hit the opposite party, immediately some surprised slightly. A moment ago while your to open fire, he ultra-fast leaves that position at speed, but he ultra-fast returned to that position at speed, all these were too quick, therefore is unable to see with the naked eye.” Axe emperor Sasaki answered. Heard the axe emperor Sasaki's words, Xia Tian has taken a look at him, Xia Tian had burnt on the both feet a moment ago 10,000 compounded drugs, afterward used the Eight Trigrams step to leave that position, simultaneously used to flicker the body technique to return to that position. Regardless of he uses the Eight Trigrams step to flicker the body technique, so long as is the long-term usage, that has the cooling time, only then these two carriages simultaneously use to make this effect. On this skill? Do not waste my time, on together.” Xia Tian single-handed direction opposite five people said.