Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1255

At this time Xia Tian has sent out the ultimate provocation. Five people rubbish, their five have simultaneously put out their weapon. The blade emperor too one, the (spear|gun) emperor rill, axe emperor Sasaki, flying emperor Tai'e, hammers the emperor vegetation. Their given names are their weapons, separately is the blade, the (spear|gun), the axe, flies, the hammer, these five types, the weapon of flying is the throwing knife, hidden weapon. Kill! Five people also give a loud shout, afterward they have fired into Xia Tian together. Xia Tian right hand, a feather appears in his hands. Before he now is not, that the boy who had the treasure not to dare to take, Spirit Tool regarding him no longer is any rare treasure, moreover he had now has protected oneself treasure the ability. Before he does not dare to take is worried to bring in robbing of Earth Grade Expert. But now. Person who Earth Grade Expert has been able to pinch in his eyes afterward. The peacock plume is a super rare treasure. „It is not good!” When five people see the peacock plume, the complexion simultaneously changes, their bodies start fast retreat, but hammered the emperor is a hammer pounds directly above the ground, the ground flew the innumerable crushed stones. He wants to block the attack of Xia Tian peacock plume with this type of crushed stone. Although this means are very unsophisticated, but is truly effective. Although the peacock plume does not belong to physical attack, but it is not irresistible, for example stone, wall, with water and so on cannot put on. Five people of bodies returned once more same place, but Xia Tian also received the peacock plume, the peacock plume has used to have the limit, moreover now the peacock plume obviously lost has affected, since the opposite party has thought the means of dealing, he launched two, five times were ten times, finally was the same. „Are you warming up? How to go back? With my slogan, 123 times, come one time again.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he seems is sexually harassing the Island Country five navy senior generals to be the same now. Sees his action, nearby person must envy simply.

They hope to stand that person there are they. Attack also such relaxed person who can simultaneously deal with five senior generals, was really too terrifying. Kill! Five people give a loud shout once more, afterward they all kill to Xia Tian, the speed most quickly naturally was the (spear|gun) and throwing knife. Blade ghost! A blade emperor too attack also once more follows. Great axe! Axe emperor Sasaki has divided directly from top to bottom. Horizontal hammer! Hammered great hammer in emperor hand crosswise to pound directly. The coordination of five people are flawless. Their five all have blocked completely Xia Tian all escape routes, regardless of in other words Xia Tian uses any means unable from the converging attack of these five people to run away, suddenly the crisis once more arrives. The person who surroundings these watch the fun is similar to feel one are in the battlefield to be the same. They are more anxious than Xia Tian. Conversely, Xia Tian is very tranquil standing in same place, on the face is the smiling face, he as if has prepared to suffer to death to be the same, without any meaning of moving aside. But at this moment, strange appeared. Has Xia Tian stands in same place moved, but bullet and throwing knife actually when side him changed the flight trajectory automatically, then, other three navy senior generals same international arrives at the Xia Tian front, all hit crookedly. Isn't the accurate aim of navy senior general good?

Naturally not. But their five person unexpectedly simultaneously let slip, not only has not hit Xia Tian, but also misses very big distance probably. Sees such scene, all people were all shocked. This was also too terrifying, Xia Tian stood , in same place anything has not done makes that navy senior general not hit he, this completely was the style of King, but the navy five senior generals turned into these so-called small all of a sudden. Yeah! The accurate aim was too bad.” Xia Tian shook the head to say. Sees Xia Tian the appearance, five senior generals directly have not irritated. Their five people have fired into Xia Tian once more, the attack is still flawless, all a moment ago occurred was too quick, they have not responded, this time they not only need defeat Xia Tian, must do to understand a moment ago the outcome what's the matter. Has Xia Tian still stands in same place moved. But five people once more let slip. Your five too do not make every effort to succeed.” Xia Tian disappointed saying. „It is not right, we will not let slip absolutely, I must hit your time a moment ago immediately, all my accurate aim probably by a strange strength whirling away, that strength have guided other places my attack, this. Is the domain?” The axe emperor Sasaki whole person has opened mouth. His some cannot believe their suspicion. The domain, that is the thing in legend, in this world radically some impossible people are right. But a moment ago that all sorts of signs as if can only explain with the domain two characters. Is impossible, should not be fooled by him, possibly is not the domain, certainly was he has used some method or the treasure.” The blade emperor too one said hurriedly. Heard blade emperor too words, several people of is also calm. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward his left hand flings, the day cold sword appears in his left hand, at the same time, his left hand has burnt once more 1 million compounded drugs. Now the Xia Tian Rank 1 compounded drug has consumed completely, now he burns is the Advanced compounded drugs, energy pure, he does not know that his compounded drug can also insist several times, but he dares definitely to pass outside Heavenly Connection by these remaining compounded drugs hole tribulation is impossible.

Therefore he also not softhearted, has burnt all of a sudden 1 million compounded drugs. Wan sword returns to the birth family! Flash several thousand Sword Light have shot from the Xia Tian surroundings directly, at the same time, body of Xia Tian but actually, when he must fall down, he supported his body with the day cold sword hurriedly, around him these plants and trees started to melt. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath. Under the illumination of sunlight, all people all saw that several thousand cold glow. Presented all people all surprisedly to open the mouth, their whole face inconceivable looks at these cold glow, this has gone beyond the strength category of humanity, several thousand cold glow, actually this needed big Inner Strength to release. Moreover what Martial Arts is this? Has heard from nobody. Just five people of returning to normal mood once more saw inconceivable one, this time likely is the domain, because the surrounding ground started to ice up, but Xia Tian also knees down now, after the surrounding that several thousand sword glow transferred, regarding the body of Xia Tian. Thump! Five people all swallowed saliva: Defense!” At this moment they experienced anything to be called outside the person to have the person, one should always strive for better. Goes!” Drinks with Xia Tian one greatly, several thousand Sword Light continuous has shot at the Island Country navy five senior generals.