Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1258

The one-eyed king knows one cannot block Xia Tian. On after Xia Tian that ship, looked at a one-eyed king they: Three days, if three days later cannot see me, that walks.” We can wait your.” One-eyed Wang said. Xia Tian has not spoken, he is one not the person who is good at leaving. Closes all external use radars, all launchers, prepare to set sail, the goal vortex sea area, saw that the tail kills to me.” One-eyed king very solemn saying, Xia Tian handled his matter, this group of people must be the Xia Tian damage control, greeted the return of Xia Tian there. Among this, they must guarantee one were not tracked, will otherwise bring in very big trouble. Another of vortex sea area the tide sea area that is known as the fairy not distinguishes. There wave is very big, weather will frequently also change, the previous second possibly is the glorious weather, but the next second will turn into the rainstorm thunder and lightning, previous second of uneventfulness, but the next second will probably turn into the sea breeze to howl. This sea area absolutely some people will usually not come, but here actually gathered several thousand ships now. These people come for the buried treasure. Without the order, does not have the law. Here is Expert is Venerable, who nobody manages you are, the back has any backer, so long as you dare to block their ways, that opens fire, they think that the first islands that fires into the buried treasure to be, naturally also some wanted to fish in troubled waters, person of taking advantage. Bang! Behind Xia Tian medium ships hit directly on the Xia Tian ship. Brothers, on this ship the person are few, kills off them, opens snatches.” The enormous and powerful over a hundred people have drawn in the ship net directly, then fires into Xia Tian this ship.

But these people rush to 50% times, the body started to ice up fast, afterward fell in the sea. Dares to have my idea.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, Sword Light projects together, this Sword Light and blade emperor too one that cuts very similarly, similarly Sword Light chops together, afterward that ship splits from the middle directly. Bang! The ships were broken out by a Xia Tian sword, on the ship starts to ice up fast, the entire ship frozen was lived. Heaven Absolute Wake. Can simulate all skills Heaven Absolute Wake. Xia Tian had burnt in the left hand a moment ago 10,000 compounded drugs, afterward divided this blade, now he burns most inferior was the Rank 2 above compounded drug, the might has compared was powerful before. He simulated a blade emperor too blade a moment ago, the might is truly strong. This move good.” Although copes with the Expert function not to be big, but copes with this type of steamship or one group of strength low people, this move of effect was good, moreover Xia Tian makes this move of effect compared with the might that blade emperor too I cause big. Because in the Xia Tian hand has a day of cold sword. The day cold sword when meets the water, the might is bigger. If blade emperor too chops this blade, that most also breaks out the ship, but Xia Tian can actually achieve the ship that will break out frozen to live. Here water surface appeared changed, Xia Tian all will open hurriedly full speed, he knows that feared on this sea area to have the big accident, therefore he must a bit faster leave here, rushed to next. Xia Tian this layman looked, these pirate and various countries' navy has not looked how possibly, their all started to accelerate. Keeps off me dead!” Xia Tian adheres to stick cohere with Inner Strength on the throat, afterward gives a loud shout, the surrounding area the ships within five nautical miles can hear his sound, cannot hear in the marine normal person speech, others with flag indicator or electric wave exchange, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has sent out the so big voice directly.

Other ships also refuse to admit being inferior, they turned on the marine special-purpose exponential horn, studied Xia Tian. Keeps off me dead. These words flash turned into the most popular words. But Xia Tian and not only said that saw that the front ship has blocked his way, the day cold sword in his left hand chops instantaneously, the sword glow has cut together, directly front that ship breaking out. The surrounding several ships saw that such scene has all been scared, resigned a position to the Xia Tian ship hurriedly. After opening for probably ten minutes. Xia Tian gives a loud shout once more, afterward the surrounding ships all around the middle cut off by him, he has not dared to wait again, because he saw the following Tsunami, very big Tsunami, he must leave a bit faster leaves this sea area, otherwise must die without doubt. Bang! Bang! Bang! A ship then ship poured in Pacific Ocean. After the Xia Tian ship full speed straight line went forward for about five minutes, he discovered that here water surface became tranquil, he turned head to look the time of discovered that most little had several hundred ships to destroy in a moment ago that Tsunami, naturally some mutually had also been attacked the smashing, Xia Tian did to sink five. that moment also was really the unusual bad risk, one step lived, one step died, the quick step people lived were leaving the Tsunami region, but was slow a step person also dead in the Tsunami. The manpower will never be possible and nature contends. Ka! When Xia Tian thinks the security, above the sky the thunder and lightning chops suddenly together, that ship of his side was divided directly crushes, ship the person on larger part directly was all divided. Thunder and lightning.

Ka ka ka! Lowering that the thunder and lightning keeps, some divided on the water surface, some directly divided on the ship. Hateful, but must run away.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he has arrived at the ship directly once more full speed. Keeps off me dead. Also is this huge sound, here person produced to this sound probably frightened, therefore nearby several pirate ships gave Xia Tian to make way the path, but was not all people buys the Xia Tian account, here was very many ships, they wanted to move the direction of ship are very difficult, moved may hit with the ship that other aspects turned around very much together. At this time keeps off in front of Xia Tian is seven levels of pirate groups. Seven levels of pirates rolled in Pacific Ocean are the known pirate roll, they think that in the sea was also a little influence, they looked at a Xia Tian ship, had a person, moreover was an intermediate vessel of modification, this type of ship besides speed quick, without any merit, the striking power was not strong. In surroundings these people already some people looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, but they are thinking the multi- incident is inferior to few incident, therefore is not willing to provoke Xia Tian, if Xia Tian is really any ruthless role. But this seven levels of pirates roll differently, they think that they are in Pacific Ocean, so long as does not bump into eight levels of pirate groups, nine levels of pirates roll or various countries' navies and these scattered influences, that is all right. Xia Tian obviously is not one in these people. Brat, since you court death, I deliver you to go to sea to feed the fish, firing off.” Captain that seven levels of pirates roll ordered directly.