Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1259

Captain that seven levels of pirates roll does not have the general idea, he understands, the person who this dares to present alone, is very likely Expert. However in the sea, is Expert is also what kind of? Under this bad condition, if the ship were attacked and sunk, that perhaps any Expert is unable to survive. Therefore he decides directly to ship firing off of Xia Tian. Rumbling! A series of crackles of gunfire transmit. The day strikes unparalleled! The Xia Tian left hand flings, cold glow and shell hit in one, the shell frozen were lived directly, when the shell hits after the Xia Tian ship, can only be a Freshman bullet. Has not exploded. What?” Sees such scene, that seven levels of pirates rolled and surrounding person are all shocked. Shell unexpectedly has not exploded, this also too legend. But then they saw more inconceivable one, sees only two Sword Light to project, afterward Sword Light pounds above steamship that directly, in seven levels of pirates have rolled. Bang! The ship blasted out immediately, on ship that several Expert jump instantaneously to nearby ship, several seconds, that steamship vanished turned into two halves thoroughly, moreover on ship armor also thorough frozen. Runs away!” After the captain who that seven levels of pirates roll returned to oneself ship, orders to say directly. Frightened, his present at heart whether there is side sense of fear. Xia Tian the struck to scare periphery your people, they have not thought that some people of unexpectedly can break out a steamship all of a sudden, such scene was really too terrifying, Xia Tian first struck the steamship a moment ago breaks out half, second Sword Light followed afterward. Breaks out the steamship directly.

Has saying that the resistance of steamship hits ability compared with the resistance of medium ships hit ability strong many. This time also nobody dares to provoke Xia Tian again. The Xia Tian ship starts to open access in the nearby. Afterward Xia Tian experienced sea breeze region, the school of fish region wait / etc.. In brief he it can be said that experienced various disasters, before the enormous and powerful several thousand ships, rushed to finally here is also less than 500, one-third ships destroyed in the beforehand place, was put outside, was finding the way to come. Xia Tian they, although entered here, but they have also faced a more difficult issue, Grand Falls, their front have a Grand Falls, is known as the marvelous waterfall, this waterfall unusual terrifying, the ship wanted to rush a moment ago, but was patted by the waterfall directly crushes, a steamship has not believed in evil doctrines, drove past, but was broken finally also to pieces to the racket by the marvelous waterfall.. Terror! This time marvelous waterfall is terrorist. Crossed the marvelous waterfall is the buried treasure place, they see the waterfall at present, but could not pass, this made them more and more depressed, before that many disasters passed, but unexpectedly keeps off outside of this waterfall now. If they cannot go, all efforts before that all were in vain. They were take that big effort to come. Hateful, why this is, like this, only will miss why one step to go.” In legend marvelous waterfall when the water level rises stops, one month will have one time, is this must make us wait here on for one month? Here absolutely does not have the fresh water, one month has not died here.” Everybody should not be discouraged, we have inspected, now the water level started to rise slightly, today the dark night should stop.” After hearing that person of words, the person who the surroundings were discouraged restored the fighting spirit immediately. But now rushes to here person is not affable, moreover in these people the majority each other has a grudge, for example the Island Country navy five senior generals on a large-scale battleship, the surroundings have many convoy ships.

Their several are healing from a wound above, but they also saw Xia Tian. Really is the enemies often cross each other's path, attacks and sinks him to me.” The blade emperor too 11 thinks that Xia Tian to own shame is the unusual anger, currently he finally has the opportunity to retaliate Xia Tian. The enormous and powerful battleship comes to Xia Tian here directly. „It is not good.” The Xia Tian complexion changes, he knows the situation, or is good, although he has already thought will bump into the Island Country navy, but he has not thought that unexpectedly such quickly has bumped into, but the opposite party the battleship, in the steamships with these pirate hands is completely different. The defensive power or the striking power did not know many times. !! The missile has shot directly, this Xia Tian has not revolted, but jumped directly to nearby ship, his unexpectedly from the sky flew, sees such scene, the surrounding person was all shocked. Their unexpectedly saw really the person is flying. Bang! Xia Tian beforehand ship already by scrap. What? His unexpectedly is flying, is he really Heaven Grade Expert? Before he has used the domain, now his unexpectedly is still flying, this obviously is the ability that Heaven Grade Expert can have.” Axe emperor Sasaki's surprised saying. No matter he is any Expert, here is the sea, so long as attacks and sinks his ship, then killed him with the torpedo.” Saying of blade emperor too resenting, hears blade emperor too words, several people nodded. Even if they do not dare to face the attack of warship. ! The missile shoots at the ships that Xia Tian has stopped over once more, afterward the Island Country warship has shot at that medium ships once more. The Xia Tian slight stay, has not fired into next directly.

The person of that ship has not waited to respond, had been exploded by the missile has crushed, sees such scene, the surrounding person is about to have scared to death, but Xia Tian just fell on the next ship, the person on that ship thoroughly was crazy. Now the fact puts at present, where Xia Tian toward runs away, where the Island Country missile shoots, these ships also with meeting with a disaster. Rumbling! Ships one after another by Island Country blowing up, this has caused the public indignation. What first arousing public discontent is Xia Tian, second arousing public discontent is the Island Country battleship. Bang! At this moment a missile shoots on ships that in Xia Tian had just stopped over, this ships have not destroyed, but the person complexion on ships changed, they are also the navies, moreover is the navy of America. Before the surrounding person was very angry. Now Island Country navy unexpectedly also the warship of America hitting. Rumbling! The flames of war were lit, this all person muzzles have all aimed at Island Country these warships, they cannot catch Xia Tian, because the body of Xia Tian was too flexible, since they cannot catch Xia Tian, then they must cope with the Island Country warship, otherwise next meeting with a disaster possibly is they. Is less than one minute, the Island Country warship did not have the strength to hit back, started to dodge crazily. But at this moment, in the sky presented the sound of airplane, the following waters also came an everybody. Finally came.” Navy five senior general excited saying of Island Country.