Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1260

Bang! The following waters have started out a channel directly, a colossus appears in the front of people. Aircraft carrier! The Island Country aircraft carrier came, what around it is the convoy ship, at this time in the sky everywhere is the airplanes. Sees such scene, Xia Tian also has been shocked, he has not thought that Island Country unexpectedly set out the aircraft carrier, for this buried treasure does set out the aircraft carrier to be worth? Must know that from drives to need to spend a Freshman wealth aircraft carrier. Moreover has any big problem accidentally, that aircraft carrier may submerge here, an aircraft carrier adds on nearby convoy ship, the values of these airplanes have not spent money to calculate. The buried treasure they have not been possible to attain. Simply is the matter of undertaking a thankless task. „Does the Islander head have the package? Here coastal water is dangerous, the buried treasure that for their unexpectedly may not obtain used the navy five senior generals to add on an aircraft carrier, these many battleships.” Xia Tian felt that this group of Islander brains are sick. But at this moment. On the aircraft carrier has heard a huge broadcast sound. „The Island Country navy carries out to strike to kill Island Country top war criminal Xia Tian mission, this mission altogether uses the navy five senior generals, ten vice admirals, 30 major generals, navy 4700, battleship ten, convoy ship 12, aircraft carrier, do not do the person constant speed fast to make way, will otherwise regard as the Xia Tian connivance.” Broadcast on aircraft carrier said. Lying trough!” After listening to this radio, Xia Tian scolded one. He also scolded Islander SB a moment ago, now Islander gives him a pleasant surprise, Islander unexpectedly has sent out such big weaponry to cope with him, has saying that this was really too terrifying. However Xia Tian one wants to be also right, oneself give the losses that Island Country causes not to spend money to weigh, the weapon cache has exploded, the air-defense base has destroyed wait / etc.. Surroundings these people hear these words time, hoodwinked. They have not thought that Island Country uses these many wealth to deal with a Xia Tian person, this breaks the historic record simply, actually this Xia Tian has committed the big crime, Island Country unexpectedly will send out these many people and battleships.

I go, run away.” The first response of Xia Tian runs away! heavenly that many airplanes, aquatic that many battleships, currently have the aircraft carrier, does this hit? Hits is impossible to win. Spelled!” Xia Tian clenches teeth, the left hand has burnt 500,000 compounded drugs. The day strikes! The day strikes! The left hand of Xia Tian flung over a hundred cold glow directly, all cold glow have all shot at a Island Country battleship, was only the flash, the person on that battleship all was killed. Xia Tian goes into the cockpit instantaneously, afterward starts the battleship to flush away to the waterfall directly. The speed is fast. He knows himself, if delays moment, that might be extinguished kills. Therefore he must a bit faster run away. After the ship adjusted the position, Xia Tian the speed added to quickly, inserts along with the day after tomorrow cold sword above the bow, the cold air all frozen lived in the entire bow, in an instant, above the bow has wrapped a cold ice armor. Bang! The ship hit of Xia Tian on a ship of being in the way, that ship was hit to fly directly, after hitting flew, ices armor to break. However day cold sword frozen lived in bow once more. „It is not good, he must run away, firing off.” The blade emperor too gives a loud shout, all fire all bang have approached afterward Xia Tian there. The Xia Tian front is marvelous waterfall. He must fire into that to destroy the super waterfall of ships.

Bang The coastal water all blasted out, but does not have any shell to hit Xia Tian, Xia Tian uses ultimate Spirit Tool, is mad the mercury. Puff! Has passed through, Xia Tian ship unexpectedly has passed through the waterfall. Hateful!” Island Country all military officers simultaneously scolded, they did not have to think one used such formidable force, Xia Tian unexpectedly has also been able to pass through, moreover they do not understand that actually Xia Tian how passed through. A moment ago these ships obviously were directly by the sea embezzling. However now Xia Tian unexpectedly passes through. Immediately some people think was the waterfall might did not have, thought of here, immediately had the ship to rush, the ship that but just rushed was embezzled by the waterfall again. We accept the higher authority to order directly, must eradicate Xia Tian not at any cost.” On the aircraft carrier has transmitted the broadcast, afterward the aircraft carrier has fired into the marvelous waterfall directly, sees the aircraft carrier to rush. Surroundings these people were all shaken. Bang! The aircraft carrier hit after the waterfall, crossed directly. The aircraft carrier also passes, big of aircraft carrier, the gravity is also big, moreover does not know solid many times compared with the ordinary ships, therefore the aircraft carrier has passed through this waterfall directly. Since the aircraft carrier passed, he died.” The blade emperor too said. Surroundings these people also think that Xia Tian died, after crossing this sea area, was the buried treasure site, there was not the sea, but was islands, in that place, how Xia Tian possibly to resist the aircraft carriers and that many navy soldiers. However everybody cares is not the Xia Tian life and death, but is the buried treasure.

Now the Island Country aircraft carrier entered the buried treasure, represented the buried treasure is almost being Island Country, the buried treasure in their hearts was first come , first served, the danger went to by Island Country that many people, many buried treasure evacuated. However they such will not give up, they used energy the untold hardships to go to this place, for the buried treasure, the Island Country aircraft carrier came to be also what kind, here was the only exit / to speak, they planned after and other aircraft carriers came out, took by force the aircraft carrier. Bang! After Xia Tian has crashed in that waters inside, he discovered that he arrived at another world to be the same probably, here water surface was tranquil, the front was an island, the treasure. The entire island is the treasure, endless of golden number, various types of valuables and money weapons pile to become Shan. Bang! When the Xia Tian appreciation buried treasure, the following waters have heard an explosive sound, afterward this explosive sound transmits, Xia Tian saw the aircraft carrier, Island Country that aircraft carrier flushed, at this time the soldier on aircraft carrier all flushed from below. Suddenly all fires all hit on the body of Xia Tian. Dead end! The present all regarding Xia Tian are the dead ends, because here was too narrow, moreover is spacious, the large number of elderly persons of opposite party, even if the Xia Tian movement good unable to escape again absolutely. „The above order, strikes to kill Xia Tian directly.” On the aircraft carrier has transmitted an order. Meanwhile, all people on aircraft carrier simultaneously to open fire, after their to open fire, all shells all shot at Xia Tian. Thump! Xia Tian swallowed saliva, his left hand gets hold of the air/Qi mercury, now can rescue his on only the angry mercury, but the water surface curls up giant wave at this moment, the wave all has absorbed these fires instantaneously, afterward submarine has broadcast a terrifying sound. Roar!