Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1262

Xia Tian discovered that this skeleton became has to make perfectly clear to understand, although also has no way to compare with own crystal jade bone, but absolutely compared with these Earth Grade Expert bone Advanced many, this type of thing usually be able to take, when the treasure used. Even if attains the auction, that definitely will also present a super price. However Xia Tian is not the person of that being short of money, he will not do this matter, although front the jade bone is also very useful to him, but Xia Tian is not the bastard, after others died , the only dream will be buried for secure, how Xia Tian will build up his bone. Senior, although we did not know, but I must take away your things, therefore I promise you, making you be buried for secure.” Xia Tian arrives in front of the skeleton to bow, afterward started to dig the pit in front of the skeleton. Quack! Em?” Has dug a moment later, Xia Tian suddenly discovered one dug the thing, he took the later discovery the thing is a box, box above had the character. „Above being predestined friends person, do not bump the final that box, in that box has the violently poisonous thing, so long as you open, even if Heaven Grade Expert can also die a violent death instantaneously, you can dig here to show that you have not sought after my skeleton, wish make me be buried for secure, I here thank you, this box is my treasure, this thing is called the monster king mask, after putting on it, you will change are the monster king, but the life of this thing consumption person, you will use a more formidable strength on to lose many lives, I will have 500 years of life., But five actually only lived finally 50 years old.” My little darling, was good because of me had not sought after the skeleton a moment ago, otherwise I also really died, but in that box violently poisonous unexpectedly can kill by poison Heaven Grade Expert, this was really too terrifying, received together, later was perhaps useful.” After Xia Tian that person of skeleton has buried, he that several important goods took in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, afterward received that Chu bag here buried treasure, this batch of buried treasures he plans to be used to train the one-eyed pirate group, he must make the one-eyed pirate group turn into Pacific Ocean the strongest pirate group, then protects China, making in Pacific Ocean not have any country to dare to China to disrespect. Anything has light and dark both sides, China is only the navy and aircraft carrier, now Xia Tian must train the darkness of China, is the super pirate group, comes the stable China status with them. After all things have all taken away, the Xia Tian vision has placed the front, there is the outlet that he escapes, before the Black Tortoise kings made him run away from that position to let him avoid encirclements of outside these people to kill, but the Black Tortoise kings do not know that here will have eight Qi Dashe. This greatly monster definitely was been a moment ago angry by me, that two big eyeball is staring at me, it should the rain and dew moisten, may favor me, favors me.” Xia Tian also a little regrets to be mad eight Qi Dashe now a moment ago. Perhaps if he deaeration eight Qi Dashe, eight Qi Dashe now has not disregarded him a moment ago intentionally, such has not been staring at him.

But now troubles. Eight Qi Dashe bore a grudge. After the Xia Tian air/Qi ends it, it is staring at Xia Tian in that probably is wants stiffly Xia Tian consumes to be the same. „It is not good, such consumes is not the means that he stops up in that entrance, I want to run away from there am impossible, but must, run away to vortex sea area there as scheduled, but how the biggest problem does not pass through the vortex sea area now, but how to escape from eight Qi Dashe blood-stained mouth.” In the Xia Tian mind is pondering fast, now eight Qi Dashe has stared at him to look, if he wants to run away, that eight Qi Dashe can definitely overtake him instantaneously, by eight Qi Dashe head, pursues Xia Tian to follow on the heels of the child to be the same, Xia Tian runs 20 steps, it moved the body to overtake. Big fellow, our two studies, do you let off my chapter of how is it?” Xia Tian very earnest looks that eight Qi Dashe said. But eight Qi Dashe only gives back to a he cut-throat vision. So should not be mean-spirited, I am not Xu Xian, does not have Ri your wife, you with that big enmity of which my coming.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Now on him has a Baoshan, but cannot bring. Paternal grandmother, was not I just will obtain that thing to start to use.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he put out monster Wang Mianju to look, this thing he just succeeded in obtaining, has not used, but eight Qi Dashe is forcing him to use this thing now. Has spelled, puts on it to run away.” After Xia Tian clenched teeth, wore mask directly on the face, just put on Xia Tian of mask, in feeling own body forcefully had been injected a terrifying strength, his thought was also being towed afterward on the linkage. My little darling, this thing unexpectedly made my aura turn into another person, moreover my thought a little became the evil aura.” Xia Tian just put on the mask to feel the great power that on the mask has transmitted, he does not know actually own present to have anything to change.

However eight Qi Dashe looked that his vision actually changed, becomes greedy. On a snake face unexpectedly presented the expression of humanity, this was too inconceivable, moreover its goal unexpectedly is the monster king mask, eight Qi Dashe was considered as in the Xia Tian eye on is the god is beastly, but its unexpectedly also covets the monster king mask, thus it can be seen the monster king mask absolutely is the super treasure. This time really has not come in vain, so long as I can live exiting, that went to outside Heavenly Connection the hole to have the qualification of maintaining life.” On Xia Tian face one happy, afterward his under foot presented cloud. This cloud has seven colors. Before this thing Xia Tian, has forgotten, but he suddenly thinks now that he also has this thing, seven soul Xiangyun. This thing can fly high the flight, Xia Tian not hesitant, restored the compounded drug also altogether to throw into seven soul Xiangyun the remaining these directly. Run away! Xia Tian started to escape. Before at-large, Xia Tian has picked up the ground together very strange stone, but he has not gone to look, but received. Saw Xia Tian to leave that island, eight Qi Dashe directly flushed, its build was huge, the strength was outstanding, the speed was also quick, eight tails looked like the octopus are the same, but it had is also wanting the terrifying compared with the octopus the speed and strength. Bang!

The surrounding giant stone was hit crushes. Eight Qi Dashe pursued directly, Xia Tian is also simultaneously arrives the speeds of seven soul Xiangyun quickly, may not have eight Qi Dashe speed to be quick. This you entered the stage.” The Xia Tian left hand flings, golden light projects together, has shot at eight Qi Dashe directly. Eight Qi Dashe defensive power is firmer than the rock. ! The [gold/metal] blade shot directly on eight Qi Dashe eyes, eight Qi Dashe closed one's eyes, its eyelid defensive power was also very formidable, it was self-confident to her defensive power, therefore it has not dodged. But at this moment. Puff!! [gold/metal] Dao fell into the flesh and blood.