Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1263

Broke! Xia Tian [gold/metal] blade unexpectedly has broken eight Qi Dashe defense. ! A pitiful yell sends out from eight Qi Dashe mouth, its temporary general idea directly has actually ruined its eye, this is very pitiful matter, perhaps it has a dream cannot think, oneself such slightly for a while did not look up unexpectedly to ruin an own eye directly. It is eight Qi Dashe. One of Pacific Ocean King, it casual wields the tail to ruin an aircraft carrier, it is having such terrifying strength, but it in the ants by oneself eye was actually made blindly an eye. Xia Tian has not thought that can be successful, he only wants to delay next time taking advantage of the might of [gold/metal] blade, but [gold/metal] blade unexpectedly pierced eight Qi Dashe that sincere eyelid directly, punctured blindly eight Qi Dashe eyes. Xia Tian knows that oneself this absolutely is lucky, if eight Qi Dashe is not negligent, oneself these is unable to hit it absolutely, is eight Qi Dashe general idea, therefore Xia Tian can make blindly its eye. Otherwise Xia Tian copes with existence in this legend absolutely not to have the slight stratagem which ensures success. Run away! The first idea of Xia Tian a bit faster runs away, he knows that own time are not much, he must immediately faced with eight Qi Dashe has chased down, moreover meets chases down crazily, eight Qi Dashe will launch from now on certainly the crazy retaliation in the severe pain to him. ! In eight Qi Dashe mouth has sent out a great roar once more, the snake is generally very difficult to exude the roar, but in eight Qi Dashe mouth has actually sent out with the wild animal same howling. Its eye upper reaches blood. The blood keeps flows out from his its eye, after the eye falls blindly, its eye inside blood as if turned into Quan Zhu to be the same. Bang! The crazy bang that eight Qi Dashe tail starts to keep explodes randomly, its this is in using other place aches relieves the pain on eye, was quick it once more to aim at Xia Tian the target.

Retaliation! It must start to retaliate, it must grind Xia Tian thoroughly, meets a cruel death. Bang! Because eight Qi Dashe speed is too fast, on the water surface spread the sound of stir, Xia Tian to was quickest the speed combustion of seven soul Xiangyun, but eight Qi Dashe was quick to pursue. Hateful, you are really also haunted by the ghost.” The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand ejects once more, [gold/metal] Dao the speed is fast. ! golden light flashes dodges. The [gold/metal] blade has shot at eight Qi Dashe directly. Eight Qi Dashe has eaten a [gold/metal] blade has owed, its tail patted directly above the [gold/metal] blade. Puff! [gold/metal] Dao has left behind a scar on its tail once more, but the scar on tail is very small, has not caused the too big damage to eight Qi Dashe, eight Qi Dashe pursues once more forward. „It is not good, [gold/metal] Dao was not big to its function, this way will have more than enough many I directly to be overtaken by it.” In the Xia Tian mind is thinking fast, thinks that can cast off eight Qi Dashe with any means. Eight Qi Dashe body was too big, the human body is also very formidable, if a moment ago were not its general idea, the Xia Tian impossible wound to have resulted in it radically, was impossible on the double hit, although eight Qi Dashe build was big, however his speed was also fast, [gold/metal] Dao the speed can easily was avoided by it, but it just started to disregard the [gold/metal] blade. Therefore can injure above [gold/metal] blade. Was right, it reminded is so big.” The Xia Tian vision looked to a front crevice, there had two hill same giant stones, the middle had a rivers channel, Xia Tian has fired into there directly, when he rushed to there the day cold sword inserted in the water directly, the water surface of his place visited started to ice up fast. Bang!

When eight Qi Dashe passed by here directly by two hills blocking, moreover his front water has iced up. Bang! Eight Qi Dashe tail starts to pound in all directions randomly, that two hills and ice less than 20 seconds already thorough was pounded to crush, has saying that eight Qi Dashe striking power also is really formidable, that two hill height about two zhang (3.33 m), but quick directly pounding to have put down by eight Qi Dashe, the water surface that ices up all was also broken. Although has 20 seconds. But these 20 seconds have given the Xia Tian very abundant escaping time. ! Eight Qi Dashe overtakes once more, Xia Tian and between distance eight Qi Dashe was getting more and more near. Quick, again quickly, front was the vortex sea area, so long as entered there me to escape eight Qi Dashe chasing down.” Xia Tian knows that the vortex and waterfall are eight Qi Dashe seal edges, it does not dare to pass through there, so long as in other words Xia Tian enters the vortex sea area, he has living hope. He does not want to fight with eight Qi Dashe, even if obtained the treasure of monster king mask going against heaven's will he also absolutely is not eight Qi Dashe match, because eight Qi Dashe has gone beyond the human Expert category. The hill can raze, this strength may be called invincible. ! Eight Qi Dashe pursued once more, its speed is fast, the it and Xia Tian distance between were near, again two seconds, eight Qi Dashe can overtake Xia Tian. Paternal grandmother, spelled.” A Xia Tian body revolution, seven soul Xiangyun continue to escape, but he is also the left fist directly rumbles! At this time! Eight Qi Dashe also directly pursued, an eight Qi Dashe tail has pounded. Monster Wang Shenquan!

The Xia Tian left fist makes directly. Bang! The fist and eight Qi of Dashe Xia Tian tail direct hit in one, the body of Xia Tian flew, the instance that is flying, he received seven soul Xiangyun: Big fellow, said goodbye.” Reacting force. Xia Tian the move is reacting force, his strength definitely is unable to compare with eight Qi Dashe, when already knows that eight Qi Dashe the tail definitely will pull out him flies, the strength that therefore he taking advantage of flying has fired into the vortex directly. Monster king mask is really the good thing, if not it, I that fist and eight Qi Dashe collided a moment ago is bringing death simply, although now the arm is also very painful, but was good to preserve a life.” After Xia Tian has crashed in vortex sea area inside, his right hand has gotten hold of the air/Qi mercury. He had already prepared, vortex sea area most fearful is the vortex, but the vortex is the air current creates, now Xia Tian protects own body using the air/Qi mercury, that sea area does not have what fearfully. His body directly was led by the vortex of sea area, he has not revolted, because the air current of vortex place could not injure him. Regarding others, vortex sea area was the death area, but regarding having me of air current bead, this place ratio travelled by boat is comfortable, moreover it will send out this sea area me directly.” Xia Tian too thanks the corrupt wolf now, if not the air/Qi mercury that the corrupt wolf sends, he perhaps dies now. How the manpower possibly contends with the nature. Idled the safe, Xia Tian is putting out that stone that had been suitable for a moment ago, Spiritual Force just permeated the stone, he saw four characters. The techniques of eight Qi.