Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1264

Xia Tian saw these four characters time was surprised. This stone is he leaves to take from seal, at that time he looked at one, this stone should unable to destroy a base, therefore he took away. When Xia Tian seeps with Spiritual Force in stone, he discovered one guess really right. That everybody is eight Qi Dashe in legend. It by person seal here. Above records: Eight Qi Dashe is the Island Country god beast, simultaneously it also for one of the calamity Pacific Ocean ominous beasts, therefore some people its seal there, if not get up eight Qi Dashe seal, that nearby all countries with meeting with a disaster. Eight Qi Dashe already by seal more than 2000 years. Before however 1000, it uses bloodlines to run away, it uses her bloodlines to let some human variations, then makes these people find the way to break the seal, because of that time, eight Qi became the gods of Islander envelope, afterward even presented eight Qi clans. Seal his person does not want to meddle the life of average person, he does not have that time and energy, therefore he also flowed out his bloodlines to go to and eight Qi clans contends. Finally eight Qi has still not run away from here. However on this rubble stone actually records a very terrifying matter. That is eight Qi will break the seal in several years, when the time comes suppressed 2000 eight Qi Dashe definitely to launch slaughtering wantonly in the sea, when the time comes was China is impossible to avoid.

Not, this everybody, if runs away, nearby that Pacific Ocean all countries will meet with a disaster.” Xia Tian experienced eight Qi's fierce, it by the seal here, the strength can only use less than 1/10 now. But so, it is not, his heyday that Xia Tian can imagine? In the past seal eight Qi Dashe that person when the second seal eight Qi, has exhausted all painstaking care, he turned into the person who the final bloodlines and eight Qi clans resisted. Actually are this seal eight Qi's people what existence?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings have doubts, is actually who can the seal eight Qi this monsters, eight Qi's strength that formidable, but finally by that person seal here in 2000, moreover can see from the record of that person that person most little lived for more than 1000 years. This absolutely was the person of old monster rank, even if were Heaven Grade Expert does not have that long life. In this world has the immortal to exist really? Xia Tian looks afterward to below. Below writes the techniques of eight Qi is being that person life studies, he hopes that can have a person to learn the techniques of eight Qi, then seal eight Qi Dashe, to prevent its being puzzled chaotic world again. Treasure!” Xia Tian two shine, this is the genuine treasure. Can seal eight Qi Dashe Expert, unexpectedly leave behind the lifetime to study the techniques of eight Qi, this is the genuine most precious object, so long as Xia Tian has learned his techniques of eight Qi, perhaps that Xia Tian can also with eight Qi Dashe this thing resistance. But when he sees technique of main texts eight Qi, his brow wrinkled. Above writes, the techniques of eight Qi are very overbearing Kungfu, once has studied the techniques of eight Qi, that other Kungfu will be disappeared, especially beforehand Inner Strength, above also has certainly written, only if bumps into compared with technique of overbearing Inner Strength eight Qi can stay behind, Xia Tian Inner Strength is Heaven Absolute Wake.

Heaven Absolute Wake is super Kungfu, until now Xia Tian also felt one only opened the Heaven Absolute Wake tip of the iceberg, making him give up Heaven Absolute Wake is really very difficult, but is suspending a such good opportunity at present, he is not cruel enough to give up. Spelled! Xia Tian clenches teeth, he decided that the techniques of cultivation eight Qi, exit also to take about one day from the vortex in any case, actually Xia Tian also wants to have a look at the techniques of this eight Qi to have any fierce place. Xia Tian looks directly to the main text. Lying trough!” After seeing the main text, Xia Tian scolded directly. He in hesitated a moment ago whether the techniques of cultivation eight Qi, but his unexpectedly discovered now that the techniques of eight Qi are Heaven Absolute Wake, Heaven Absolute Wake is just in techniques of eight Qi part. Before Xia Tian only knew Heaven Absolute Wake to be fierce, but always does not know that Heaven Absolute Wake also had anything to affect besides cultivation Inner Strength, afterward he discovered that used Heaven Absolute Wake Inner Strength, he can imitate others' Martial Arts style. Now his unexpectedly obtained ended full page Heaven Absolute Wake. Heaven Absolute Wake that on this records wants compared with Xia Tian that entire, moreover Heaven Absolute Wake solely is not only Inner Strength, it is also mixing many deep meanings, records in this above, the techniques of eight Qi altogether can be divided into nine, each has a deep meaning. Takes Xia Tian present Heaven Absolute Wake to cultivate for is second of techniques of eight Qi, in other words his present Realm can the cultivation two eight Qi deep meanings, this really be the treasure of delivering. Moreover the biggest skills of eight Qi deep meanings are he can the style perfect duplication of opposite party, before the duplication of Xia Tian duplicated using the method of combustion compounded drug. However now Xia Tian through the techniques of eight Qi can in the situation, in not using the combustion compounded drug the style of match duplicating.

This duplication is not the opposite party uses the later duplication, but also duplicates, in other words, while the opposite party uses this move, you can also directly use this move in 0.1 seconds. This was simply invincible. Anyone, once saw that such scene can hoodwink, that this has given a Xia Tian excellent sneak attack opportunity. Really is the day helps me, I am coveted the wolf to take possession now, my unexpectedly also has such luck.” Xia Tian excitedly has almost not died, he currently most adept Unique Skill has three types, the first type is Finger of Consonance, the second type is the day strikes the technique, the third type is to seize dragon, these three Martial Arts have the ability of more step challenge, but is impossible to leap to leap Rank 4 directly directly. Therefore when Xia Tian copes with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, these three abilities have not affected, only if he burns the compounded drug, but he a wee bit compounded drugs did not have now. Restored the compounded drug also to make him consume cleanly. However he had now, the techniques of eight Qi, he can comprehend the different deep meaning, moreover after obtaining the techniques of eight Qi, he was also can the techniques of true start cultivation eight Qi, but likely was not before, can only by sleeping to promote the strength. Had these types of things, in addition the monster king mask, Xia Tian finally had the maintaining life skill, now he most worries a bit faster comprehends eight Qi deep meanings, when he saw the first eight Qi deep meanings almost excitedly dies. Hidden rest/breath technique! Hidden falls oneself all aura bodies to enter the elusive condition, so long as is motionless, nobody will discover you, even if moved, so long as the scope not big and your strength will differ not the big person not to discover you.