Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1265

After Xia Tian directs eight Qi Dashe, outside waterfall opened finally, sees the waterfall opened the time, outside person went crazy same clashes toward, but they just flushed to anchor. Because they saw most lets their inconceivable one. Island Country that secret aircraft carrier unexpectedly cut off around the middle. The aircraft carrier above live person does not have. But Taiwan in that legend does not have, Xia Tian that before came was also missing. This can only have an explanation. That was Xia Tian has killed this aircraft carrier, then brought the buried treasure to escape from other exit / to speak, but actually Xia Tian was how kills this aircraft carrier? Some this people remembered the Xia Tian sword to divide the navy battleship time at that time the scene. Finally here person drew this conclusion. He has certainly ruined the Island Country aircraft carrier, then brought the buried treasure to run away from another exit / to speak, at the back of here sea area was the vortex sea area, he ran certainly away to there, we must overtake him, that many treasures cannot have sole possession of by him.” Immediately some people shout. The Island Country five senior generals and these military officer soldiers completely were shocked. They have not thought that Island Country aircraft carrier unexpectedly such has destroyed, Island Country has spent the innumerable wealth and resources for the construction this aircraft carrier of secret, but actually ends up to turn out finally so is out, such was given to destroy by Xia Tian. The Island Country five senior generals do not dare to hide the truth from this matter, their direct utilization strongest electric wave, has fed in Island Country this news. Received this news Island Country high level to collapse completely. Island Country spends that many painstaking care the secret to make such an aircraft carrier, but its unexpectedly was also destroyed in the hand of Xia Tian, they have not thought is small Xia Tian unexpectedly continuous has caused that many losses to them.

Does not hesitate at all costs, kills Xia Tian, he is the Island Country biggest enemy, I want the entire Island Country people to bear a grudge him.” Island Country fell into thoroughly crazily, they do not have to think own solemn great nation unexpectedly will be made by less than a 20 years old of boy so distressedly, they must launch the crazy retaliation. Does not hesitate the retaliations at all costs. This time Island Country did not have the senior general to make a decision, they must gather here all military strength to destroy Xia Tian. If Xia Tian lives is leaving from here, that Island Country reputation was nothing left, moreover from now henceforth, the Island Country marine power by big reduction, before the Island Country aircraft carrier is not dared to hang the national flag of oneself country. That aircraft carrier is only the hidden place is used to frighten the generation of ganef. But now, the aircraft carrier also destroyed. Army attacks, goes to vortex sea area, must cut to kill Xia Tian.” Island Country navy five senior generals ordered saying that all of them all rushed to the vortex sea area. This time Xia Tian comprehended the first deep meaning of techniques of eight Qi, when he sees the second deep meaning immediately at present one bright, this second deep meaning simply is the murder in the invisible super deep meaning. Had this deep meaning, my strength can grow doubled and re-doubled.” Xia Tian excited saying. Although Xia Tian present Spirit Tool is numerous, what is most useful is [gold/metal] Dao and day cold sword, as for [gold/metal] silkworm glove and gold thread soft armor and so on thing is the need time can use, but peacock plume and other goods dealt with the Earth Grade late stage above person to affect were not quite obvious. Naturally, regarding him, ultimate Spirit Tool, has been mad the mercury function now is very big. Xia Tian has lain down in the vortex day, one day later, his body has projected the water surface, he ran away, he ran away from eight Qi Dashe mouth, lived to clash from the vortex domain.

After Xia Tian clashes, he saw the enormous and powerful over a hundred ships, these ship one-eyed kings they, the one-eyed king they have discovered Xia Tian, when they discover Xia Tian, the joy on the face not being able to cover up. The ship started directly. Brother, you are also living, was really good.” One-eyed Wang Xingfen saying. „It is healthy, was right, first found a place stopping over, the thing all succeeds in obtaining.” Xia Tian said. Good, listens your.” One-eyed Wang said that direct order fleet starts, their goals are the bases of one-eyed king. But they just started out several nautical miles to discover the number the endless ships flushed. „It is not good, these people also discovered here.” The complexion of one-eyed king immediately changes. Walks! In the past had a look!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he just obtained the monster king mask, happen to wants to try her might, moreover Xia Tian also plans to try his second deep meaning, he mercury second the deep meaning and air/Qi unified in the vortex, creates a brand-new skill. Technique of also names eight Qi, if not I saw that the inscription place does not think, technique of unexpectedly eight Qi are the emperor thoughts.” Xia Tian saw at that time emperor thoughts these characters time surprisedly has almost not died. The techniques of however eight Qi are only in emperor thoughts part. The inscription person writes there is being taken from the emperor thoughts. In other words the techniques of eight Qi copy from the emperor thoughts, then that person added on himself to create the techniques of eight Qi to the sensibility of some emperor thoughts. „Do you want to court death? Today our Island Country and Xia Tian do not die continuous, if you dare to protect him, I when you are the partners, I will kill you together.” A blade emperor too pair tuba angry shouting.

Snort, has the skill you to come.” The one-eyed king has clarified own strength directly. Since you court death, I help you.” The blade emperor too one shouts loudly. I looked that I first deliver you a regulation.” The Xia Tian facial color stares, afterward his under foot presented seven soul Xiangyun, has fired into blade emperor too their there directly, saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly can mount the clouds and ride the mist, the person was all shocked. Firing off, he came to us.” The blade emperor too shouts. The Island Country five senior generals get together in the bow, afterward the surrounding shell all shot at Xia Tian, but these shell unexpectedly have not hit Xia Tian, in an instant, Xia Tian arrived at the front of Island Country five senior generals. Changed your Island Country five senior generals with my five years of life, the value.” The left hand of Xia Tian has put out a mask, wore directly on own face, afterward his body has shot at the five senior generals of bow directly. Puff! Puff! Puff! Five numbers of people high flies, all these were too quick, quick inconceivable, these five numbers of people are not others, is the Island Country navy five senior generals, before Xia Tian burnt 1 million compounded drugs to suppress the Island Country navy five senior generals reluctantly. Xia Tian had burnt a moment ago five years of life, will send out such terrifying strength, in the instance of combustion life, Xia Tian can the clear feeling own vitality take away part. Then ruins here Island Country all battleships.” Xia Tian has lifted his beautiful same face, puts on him of monster king mask, the whole person had the change, no longer before is, that elegant bearing appearance, is more like a living monster king.