Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1266

The Island Country five senior generals died. Saw that this time all people were all shocked. A Xia Tian unexpectedly move on Insta-kill Island Country navy five senior generals. This simply was too terrifying. Island Country navy five senior general each may be the strong strengths, was Xia Tian unexpectedly one move on Insta-kill these five terrifying fellows. This, all people were shaken. Regardless of where the man of old-style fan device walks is cow B sparkles, Xia Tian obviously is this person. He is the man of that old-style fan device. Before some people have seen Xia Tian and fights between Island Country five senior generals, that time fight was intense, Xia Tian coped with five senior generals also to abandon that many Kungfu, is now, Xia Tian unexpectedly flash on Insta-kill Island Country navy five senior generals. Before him, hasn't used fully? This suspicion made the surrounding these people shock, in their eyes, the Xia Tian image became is instantaneously big. Captain that a move of Insta-kill nameless navy senior general, such strength perhaps nine levels of pirates roll cannot achieve, but Xia Tian has achieved, at this time all people have remembered his name. Xia Tian! Before also some people suspected that actually the aircraft carrier cut off by him, now these people do not have any anxiety, the strength that because Xia Tian showed was too terrifying, they heard that before Xia Tian was the Island Country top war criminal. Without doubt became that after this two matter Xia Tian Islander most hated. The Xia Tian right hand wields, all took in the five senior general things of own small cauldron directly, afterward his vision looked to the fleets of surrounding these navies, here had Island Country dozens battleships, each battleship did not spend money to weigh. The plan of Xia Tian tries the technique of second deep meanings oneself eight Qi with these battleships.

He will be mad the mercury to grasp in left hand, afterward the Inner Strength fast reassignment in his two, his two stretches out forward, afterward makes an effort to pat in the same place. Feared! Sound that both hands junction said. Bang! At this moment, in front of the Xia Tian two Island Country battleships hit directly in one, the battleship following water flow speed also became quick, the entire current of water as if had the change. After the intense current of water separates two ships, hits again. Bang! Two battleship such, directly hit shatter, the ship starts the water afterward, two Island Country warships such destroyed. Empty-handed destroys the warship. Such scene makes all people shock, today those present saw this inconceivable matter, before was the aircraft carrier is destroyed, afterward was the Island Country navy five senior generals by Insta-kill. Now Xia Tian unexpectedly to an air racket, two warships such has been destroying, what ability is this? Superman? When they are just surprised, both hands of Xia Tian outstretch once more, was that posture a moment ago. Sees this posture, the surrounding these people have all opened the mouth. Because Xia Tian sank that two Island Country battleship lanes with this posture a moment ago, now Xia Tian unexpectedly has shown this posture once more, in other words, will have the Island Country battleship to have bad luck once more. ! Two hands of Xia Tian patted in one, afterward the sound conveyed together, all people all looked to that two Island Country battleships of Xia Tian front, the person will focus in that two battleships in the presence of everyone time. Bang!

That two Island Country battleships hit once more in one, with was exactly the same a moment ago, was two Island Country battleships silent in the sea. This all people have all determined, all were the Xia Tian behaviors. His unexpectedly became such fierce, this was also too terrifying.” One-eyed king and the others surprised saying. Smelly blind person, we looked for a big backer.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls opened the mouth to say. No, he is not a backer, but is the brothers.” One-eyed king very earnest saying. Bang! Then sound together conveys from the sea together, all people all present all has been shocked, that dozens Island Country warship like this was broken to pieces by the Xia Tian racket. At this time all people were all shocked. This war! The Xia Tian famous sound has spread the entire Pacific Ocean, his prestige all of a sudden has even surpassed these nine levels of pirate groups, moreover this time Island Country can be said as the loss is serious, their this time sponsored an aircraft carrier, the navy five senior generals, Lieutenant general, major general dozens, battleship dozens, navy several thousand. But now all ruin in the sea, but achieves all these is Xia Tian. Starting today, reason that the Island Country navy defensive power the large scale sharp decline, before the Island Country sea area did not have the pirate and all influence sneaks is because had that secret aircraft carrier , the Island Country navy five senior generals assumed personal command. Various major and medium the major general will go on patrol. But now all these did not have, lost the Island Country sea areas of these many formidable strengths to turn into loose sands, regardless of any big or medium influence can bully their Island Country. This is also the Xia Tian goal. Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he has not thought that technique of second deep meaning unexpectedly eight Qi such are effective, the so-called second deep meaning is actually the attraction, very formidable attraction.

Attraction type of thing is very mysterious and formidable. Xia Tian also used the attraction to hit two battleships a moment ago in the same place. This move really is also effective, I am not what a pity skilled, moreover this move of limit was too big, requires three seconds of aiming time, if not these battleship simple-minded stopping is motionless there, I absolutely do not have the opportunity.” In the Xia Tian innermost feelings also rejoices. Normal, so long as is the object in exercise, Xia Tian is unable to use the attraction. Three seconds. Although is only three seconds, but fights with the person, three seconds enough had many matters, therefore this attracts the strength independent employment the might not to be big. Island Country that several ships consider are only firing off to Xia Tian, they do not have to move the position, but not has probably air current bead Xia Tian to be hit by these shells radically. Now Xia Tian grasped the wondrous use of air/Qi mercury gradually. Air/Qi the mercury worthily is ultimate Spirit Tool. Xia Tian finally understands now that initially why the great tiger and great hawk are unable to injure to the corrupt wolf, because the air/Qi mercury biggest wondrous use can change the surrounding all air currents, these shells are aim obviously his, but air current actually directly these shells shifting. Not the panting mercury also has the restriction on use. Air/Qi the mercury is uses Spiritual Force to carry on control, Xia Tian Spiritual Force is stronger, the controlling force to the air/Qi mercury is also stronger, Xia Tian Spiritual Force is not lower than Earth Grade greatly complete Expert Spiritual Force. But he when the heyday also merely can only use one hour of air/Qi mercury, this is his limit. Buried treasure, the buried treasure certainly on his body, certainly is because he obtained Pitt king buried treasure, therefore he so will be strong.” At this moment suddenly has the People sound to shout.